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[en] Hi, Vlad!

Hi, Vlad. I'm writing this on the off chance that you read or understand English. I just wanted to say thanks for the work you've done on Romanian Wikitravel. This is the first (!) non-English version of Wikitravel, but it's suffering from neglect. Thanks for taking the time to watch over it.

We don't currently have someone formally responsible for this site, but if you'd like to be that person, let me know. --EvanProdromou 9 Jan 2006 16:43 (EST)

User interface

So I've twiddled the bits to let you edit the user interface stuff through Special:Allmessages. Let me know when you feel comfortable with it, and I'll export out to the LanguageRo.php file again. --EvanProdromou 31 Jan 2006 20:51 (EST) 31 Jan 2006 20:51 (EST)

Another question

There's a new mailing list for Romanian Wikitravellers available here: http://wikitravel.org/mailman/listinfo/wikitravel-ro. Yes, I realize that there's not much of a community going here yet, but I figure a mailing list might help. Would you consider helping to administer the list? I can deal with the basic stuff (spam, viruses) but there may be people who ask questions in Romanian that I won't be able to answer. Considering that there are... uh... ZERO members of the list right now, it shouldn't be a very tough job. --EvanProdromou 1 Feb 2006 20:14 (EST) 1 Feb 2006 20:13 (EST)

[en] Moving Wikitravel multilingual discussion to shared:

I wanted to say, first of all, how much I appreciate your work on Wikitravel ro:. Thanks for keeping this wiki going.

We want to stimulate some growth on the non-English Wikitravel versions; one way I want to do this is put the different versions on equal footing with English. The idea is for technical issues (bug reports, feature requests, announcements) and language coordination (language expeditions, go-between reports) we'll have the discussions on shared: rather than en:.

Discussion about this right now is on en:Wikitravel talk:Technical infrastructure policy and en:Wikitravel talk:Language version policy; it would be great to hear from you on the matter. --EvanProdromou 6 July 2006 19:01 (EEST)

Hi Vlad

Hi Vlad,

I saw you had a question about my edits. Is there something in particular you wanted to know? I'm not sure what the edits were all about on the main page. I vaguely remember running into some kind of problem, but can't recall what exactly the problem was. Feel free to revert any problems I've caused. Also, the spam blacklist is to simply prevent spamming of the Romanian Wikitravel. If you have any further questions you may want to leave a message for me here - en:User_talk:Sapphire, because right now I'm checking every Wikitravel for vandalism. -- Sapphire 6 octombrie 2006 01:31 (EEST)

I'm also an admin on the German Wikitravel (but I don't speak German) and one day I noticed a spammer was spamming the English, German Wikitravels and Wikitravel Shared. I then checked every other language version and he had also begun to spam the Romanian and Italian Wikitravels too. I knew the English Wikitravel had this spam protection list - en:Wikitravel:Local spam blacklist so I tried creating one on Wikitravel Shared and the German Wikitravel. When I realized it worked I added the list to every other Wikitravel so no one would have to do too much work reverting the edits of a spammer. -- Sapphire 6 octombrie 2006 20:03 (EEST)

One more salut

Hello, Vlad (Tepes? :-) ). Thanks for the warm welcome. It's good to see you're keeping a close eye on vandalism and spam around here too. I'd love to have the time to learn some Romanian and actually help writing Romanian Wikitravel, I think you guys have great potential. -- Rmx 15 decembrie 2006 22:38 (EET)

[en] Scheduled downtime

Wikitravel's web and database servers will be offline for approximately two hours on Friday, 9 February 2007. We're moving the servers to a new co-location facility with better network bandwidth. This should improve the access for most Wikitravellers.

Status of the Wikitravel servers will be kept up-to-date on http://twitter.com/wikitravel and on irc://irc.freenode.net/wikitravel .

I've updated MediaWiki:Sitenotice, but I'd appreciate it if you could translate it into Romanian. Thanks, --Evan 8 februarie 2007 15:44 (EET)

Broken Romanian

I've been writing down some small bits of info in "Rmx-Română", but I have no clue if that stuff is actually correct. Please don't hesitate to correct me whenever something is not right. Mulțumesc! -- Rmx 4 martie 2007 19:41 (EET)

Do you know any useful automatic translator from English, French, Spanish or Portuguese into Romanian? I plan to learn some Romanian basics on the second half of 2007, but until then such a tool would be very useful. Thanks. -- Rmx 30 martie 2007 03:43 (EEST)

Schimbări recente

Could you please update MediaWiki:Recentchangestext to include the new Catalan and Finnish pages? Just add [[ca:Especial:Recentchanges]] and [[fi:Toiminnot:Recentchanges]] to the list. Multumesc. -- Rmx 5 martie 2007 15:56 (EET)

I wonder if you wouldn't mind doing this once more to put the links in alphabetical order? Mulţumesc! Texugo 6 aprilie 2007 14:57 (EEST)

Hi there

Sorry for the English, but... Hi, I'm Bryan! Thanks for your work on this version of Wikitravel. I am an administrator on the Portuguese, Spanish, and Catalan versions, and although my Romanian is very basic, (presently studying), I hope I can help the Romanian version start really growing again. So far I have mostly just been implanting the IsIn template, and I created a Date template (You can see an example on the Algeria page.) I agree with Rmx that to really get this going we need to get some good article templates. As these are things that will quickly be copied into many, many articles, we need to be sure we have a good template before we can start-- obviously you don't want two guys who don't speak good Romanian to do everything. I would appreciate it if you could have a look at my comments on the subject in Hanul călătorilor. Once we get article templates done, I think we can make the Romanian version grow in a big way. Thanks for you help! Texugo 6 aprilie 2007 14:57 (EEST)

Ok. If you think the "De + ..." is bad, then hmmmmmm... The old template wasn't used in THAT many articles-- I don't think it will take long to replace them, so let's start from scratch! If you can make a totally fresh template for a metropolis, I think Rmx and I can use that to make most of the rest of the location templates. Use whichever verb tense you think is appropriate, using the same tense for each title if possible. It doesn't have to be a literal translation, but try to make it as direct as you can. The titles should be as short, as simple, and as consistent as possible. Remember that the titles are a little weird in English too, on purpose. Please read the short bit here if you have time: Why do all the sections have such weird names? We don't want the titles to be the same as what you would find in a commercial guide you buy at the bookstore... Anyway... Do you think you have time to do that? It would really help out a lot!
Also, you are currently the only active admin on this language version. I would be glad to help out, so if you want to nominate me as an admin as well, I'll gladly accept. I seem to have a lot more time on my hands than you, perhaps. Thanks again for your help! Texugo 7 aprilie 2007 11:58 (EEST)

New Article Templates

I translated several new templates. Please have a look at hanul călătorilor and let me know what you think. Texugo 10 aprilie 2007 15:56 (EEST)

Hmm... well, actually we could look at it another way-- in English the command form is the same as the base dictionary form, so what if we use that?: A inţelege ; A întra ; A vorbi ; A Învăţa ; A lucra ; A cumpăra etc... Would that make more sense? I'm really anxious to get this going, but obviously I'm not going to run with it until I get at least one native speaker's approval. Unfortunately you are currently the only regular native-speaking contributor on this site.
Also, I will go ahead and nominate myself for admin. I didn't realize the nominations page hadn't even been created yet! If you would take two seconds of your time to express your support for me on the Traveller's Pub page, I would really appreciate it. Texugo 10 aprilie 2007 19:13 (EEST)
OK. Thank you for your changes. I think we are almost there, but a few things remain:
  • The section that reads Faceţi faţă is meant to be the Cope section, which is pretty weird in English too. This section contains things like public libraries and laundromats. Previous articles here used Viaţa de zi cu zi, and indeed, the Spanish and Portuguese versions say something similar (Cotidiano, etc.). If Faceţi faţă makes absolutely no sense, then I think perhaps Viaţa de zi cu zi is acceptable, although sometimes it misleads people to write a paragraph about the daily lives of the locals. (I think it would be even better if we could get away with just Zi cu zi-- the shorter the better.)
  • I think there is a problem with the titles using Unde. For example, the section that now reads Unde mâncaţi should include not only where to eat, but also what to eat (i.e. local dishes/specialties, local products), and sometimes even how to eat (i.e. Don't pass food with your chopsticks or leave them sticking out of your rice while eating in Japan). Unde cumpăraţi will sometimes include not only where to buy but also what to buy (local products, etc.), and how (currency, haggling, common scams, etc.). Similarly, the section that says Unde dormiţi often doesn't include any places, but rather an explanation of unique lodging types or a generalization of lodging prices. The others have similar problems. I was trying to avoid changing them to nouns like aliment or locuință because I thought maybe that would be the same as commercial travel guides. Then again, I've never looked at a commercial travel guide in Romanian, but it's just more Wikitravel-like if we can keep them as verbs somehow.
  • The talk section is meant to have information about languages and dialects spoken in the country or region and occasionally a few useful phrases if it is a small language not likely to have its own language article. I don't think we want to use Ghid de conversaţie here since we already have a whole separate article type for that, and because it might encourage people to make a phrasebook on the spot. Again I've been trying to avoid turning things into nouns when possible. Is Vorbiţi really that strange?
  • Can we use Contact instead of Contacte? This section is more about keeping in contact with friends and family, not really a list of contacts.
  • Regarding the three price levels in the Eat and Sleep sections: Obviously Ieftin/Moderat/Scump is okay, but if we can find something a little less standard it would be better, I think. Can we use Econom instead of Ieftin? Also, Scump can sound a little needlessly expensive, while Splurge means to spend extra money on something very nice, to give yourself a treat. Isn't there a word like that in Romanian?
  • Respectaţi următoarele reguli is pretty long and a little off the point. The Respect is not really about rules but more about showing respect to the locals, not accidentally disrespecting them because of cultural differences, etc. It could be customs that should be followed or behaviors to avoid, how to blend in, etc. Is simply Respectaţi completely impossible?
Really, I guess my only concerns are that our title are short and that they are unique, not just like other guides. Texugo 12 aprilie 2007 03:16 (EEST)
Ok. I keep trying new things-- we're bound to find something we both like eventually! Please tell me what you think about the current version. I think it's at least very consistent: Ciot oraş mare. Thanks again for your help. Texugo 13 aprilie 2007 11:44 (EEST)
Ok. I have substituted Informaţii de fond and Plecare. Acoperire was a mistake and I have replaced it with Siguranţă. Now maybe we are almost there? What is so weird about "Mâncare" and "Băutură"? I just wanted to say "Food" and "Drinks". Or "Eating" and "Drinking" (nouns). What do you suggest? Are you okay with the current model besides those two? Remember that the titles in the English version are not what most native speakers would choose either. Texugo 14 aprilie 2007 07:55 (EEST)

Legat de Christchurch

Salut Vlad. Poti sa imi spui de ce ai sters cele scrise de mine in pagina despre Christchurch[1]? Daca ai simpla curiozitate de a citi pagina in engleza despre acelasi oras ai sa vezi ca am urmat acelasi sablon, nici nu fac reclama mascata, si deci consider ca nu merita stearsa contributia mea. Cred ca poti sa rescrii randurile mele. De asemenea nu crea o pagina de utilizator cu IP-ul meu, ci pur si simplu daca vrei sa-mi lasi un mesaj lasa-mi-l pe pagina de discutie pentru orasul Christchurch.

Bureaucrat nomination

Hi Vlad, I've nominated you for Bureaucrat for this language version, we would like to have a community member in this position for each version of our site. Would you let us know if you accept at shared:Wikitravel_Shared:Administrator_nominations#Romanian... Thanks! Cacahuate 24 octombrie 2008 00:16 (EEST)

Thank you, Vlad!

Hello Vlad! How are you? My name is Alex and I'm an admin on ENG Wikitravel. I have noticed that you are an active admin on RO Wikitravel with a great contribution! First of all, I would love to thank you for taking care of the site over the past years, you did a great job! Currently, we are trying to put the life back to all the language versions of the site. We are looking for motivated contributors who can help us make the RO Wikitravel "alive" again and grow the community inside it. It is clear to me that having a person like you on the board is crucial for us to succeed and make RO Wikitravel active. Please let me know if Wikitravel family can count on you? We are also very open to any suggestions what we could do to improve the RO site. Looking forward to your answer! Mulțumesc! IBAlex 25 octombrie 2012 19:59 (EEST)

A bit of further clarification: the removal of Bureaucrat privileges is we hope temporary. The only removals of admin privileges have been from anyone who is inactive no edits for 3 months or more) or those who explicitly retired from WT by stating they were no longer going to edit here, on their Talk page. All others retain admin privileges, and we're very happy to have our active admin communities on each of our 20+ language sites. Hopefully you and the others can inject new life into this Romanian version! Let me know if you need anything,--IBobi 3 noiembrie 2012 01:57 (EET)