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Na razie nie jest to jeszcze poprawnie stworzona strona - podyskutuj o tej stronie w Pubie podróżnika - nie zgłaszaj jeszcze żadnych kandydatur

Co administrator powinien:

  • powinien służyć radą i pomocą nowym użytkownikom (powinien wiedzieć jak poprawnie edytować artykuły)
  • powinien dbać o porządek w artykułach

Czego nie powinien:

  • nie powinien być konfliktowy
  • na wikitravel nie blokujemy użytkowników, nie blokujemy stron (to wymaga jeszcze dyskusji)

Obecni Administratorzy[edytuj]

Jedynym aktywnym polskim adminem jest Drozdp .

Ponadto administratorami polskiej Wikitravel są:

Zgłoszenia na administratorów[edytuj]

Po 14 dniach dyskusji osoba otrzyma prawa administratora jeżeli:

  • zgłoszenie zostanie zaakceptowane przez społeczność polskiej wersji Wikitravel
  • jeżeli użytkownik będzie chętny do pracy administracyjnej (niekoniecznie przyjemnej)
  • nie będzie umotywowanych sprzeciwów


Przyjęte zgłoszenia[edytuj]

Użytkownik:Adam Dziura[edytuj]

  • Adam Dziura. [en] He's been fairly active on Wikitravel PL and has translated some of the MediaWiki templates. I do, however, have several questions before I give my full support. Thanks. -- Sapphire 03:41, 5 lip 2006 (EDT)
    • Do you understand that Wikitravel strives not to protect pages or articles, except the most important pages like copyright text or some MediaWiki templates?
    • Do you understand that we don't want to delete an article, unless it is a violation of our goals and non-goals and that we would rather fix the article?
    • Do you understand our goals and non-goals? (Please elaborate).
    • Does the sale of Wikitravel to Internet Brands on April 20, 2006 create any issues with you?
    • Can you handle the tasks of an administrator?
    • Would you be willing to be the go-between for the English Wikitravel community and keep us updated on PL Wikitravel's progress and issues?
  • Ad.1. I understand. But i think that good think is protect or delete Wikitravel:Forum. This page is spamming by bot.
  • I think you're right this page should probably be deleted, because its only a redirect and the only person that uses it is that spam bot. We only protect the most important pages that could disrupt the website if someone edited the page. -- Sapphire 19:27, 6 lip 2006 (EDT)
  • Ad.2. But in article is only one word (like spam?). I understand that article write a user who not know a wiki syntax we going to fix.
  • Well if someone creates an article Kliec (Kielce, right?) and the only content is "LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL." Since the article is a valid destination instead of deleting the article someone should inserting the Polish city template. -- Sapphire 19:28, 6 lip 2006 (EDT)
  • OK. But polish templates is not good (in my opinion). Adam Dziura 14:12, 10 lip 2006 (EDT)
  • Ad.3. Yes, I understand. But I don't know what I should to elaborate ;) Hmm...
  • Ad.4. I read now about it in Wikipedia:en:Wikitravel, and [1]. I think that I write in Wikitravel until in this site doesn't adverstistment (but is not a important now).
  • Would you be able to or willing to write and work on PL Wikitravel after advertisiments start to appear on Wikitravel? There have been a lot of people who have stopped contributing to Wikitravel, because they feel cheated, but nothing has really changed except a company will make money off the work you help write and maintain, but that is okay according to the Creative Commons license. Also, Internet Brands wants our help in deciding the best way to advertise on the website and once we figure out when and where to discuss that we would like your help. This is the biggest concern I have because we want someone who will be willing to still be an administrator even though there are advertisements on the website. The advertisements will be a fact, but again Internet Brands will want the community's help. Do you think that you will still want to be an administrator after the advertisements come? -- Sapphire 19:28, 6 lip 2006 (EDT)
  • Yes. I think that I will write when in Wikitravel when after advertisiments start. :) Adam Dziura 14:12, 10 lip 2006 (EDT)
  • Ad.5. In pl.wikipedia i think that i'm a good admin ;) I know a some technical things (css, mediawiki...)
  • I think that I can be go-between. But I don't know why wikitravel mailing-list and irc-channel is inactive ;) (on Irc I'm Adziura).
  • I don't know why either, but the main thing about a go-between is dropping by EN or possibly the Shared version and giving us a report on progress like how many users, how many articles, any problems, or anything else. -- Sapphire 19:28, 6 lip 2006 (EDT)
  • Now we haven't a lot of articles and user that I think sometimes I write a information about pl.wikitravel. But it will be write in bad english ;) Adam Dziura 14:12, 10 lip 2006 (EDT)
Don't worry your English is much better than Evan's or my Polish. :) - Sapphire
I don't know that this response is enough :) Thanks for nominations ;) Adam Dziura 09:24, 6 lip 2006 (EDT)
  • [en] Support. --Evan 09:28, 5 lip 2006 (EDT)
  • Sup. Michał P. 19:08, 7 lip 2006 (EDT)
  • Support - Drozdp 04:52, 10 lip 2006 (EDT)
  • Support. How do I spell "Thank you" in Polish? -- Sapphire
Thanks :)[edytuj]

Thanks for your confidence/Dziękuje za zaufanie. And sorry that is just now response - my computer was dead. 02:50, 29 lip 2006 (EDT)


I'd like to get two active admins on pl: to increase vandalism fighting and whatnot and I think Drozdp would be great option since he's been around for a year(?). He told me he doesn't want to be an admin permanently, but it'd be great to give him some of the privileges even if he later requests to be a "regular" user. -- Sapphire 15:24, 21 mar 2007 (EDT)

Support. Longtime user, very dedicated to the project. --Evan 00:45, 31 mar 2007 (EDT)