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Dodane 83 bajty, 23:10, 10 lip 2006
::::*I don't know why either, but the main thing about a go-between is dropping by EN or possibly the Shared version and giving us a report on progress like how many users, how many articles, any problems, or anything else. -- [[Osoba:Sapphire|Sapphire]] 19:28, 6 lip 2006 (EDT)
:::::*Now we haven't a lot of articles and user that I think sometimes I write a information about pl.wikitravel. But it will be write in bad english ;) [[Osoba:Adam Dziura|Adam Dziura]] 14:12, 10 lip 2006 (EDT)
:::Don't worry your English is much better than Evan's or my Polish. :) - Sapphire
::I don't know that this response is enough :) Thanks for nominations ;) [[Osoba:Adam Dziura|Adam Dziura]] 09:24, 6 lip 2006 (EDT)
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