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According to the Wikitravel script policy, scripts have to be approved by the Wikitravel administrators. To create a script that runs against Wikitravel, post the name and reason for the script beneath the line below.

Explain why we need the script, why it can't be done by hand, and what the script will do. If 2 administrators voice their support for the script within 7 days, and none oppose it in that period, the script can be run.

Scripts that have passed through this process can be found in Wikitravel:Goedgekeurde scripts.

NOTE: you must apply for approval on each language version of Wikitravel. Approval on this page only allows you to run a bot on Wikitravel in english.

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Hello! VolkovBot (contributions) is operated by Volkov, sysop @, it's active on many wikimedia projects, and now I hope it will be helpful for wikitravel as well. It's supposed to be run periodically to maintain interwiki links across different language versions. Please approve for a bot bit to avoid clogging recent changes. Thanks. --Volkov 20 aug 2009 04:54 (EDT)

agree to run bot, don't forget to integrate the conditonal test 'YES' or 'NO', you can put it on YES yourself--Canshun 1 sep 2009 05:12 (EDT)