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Part of Wikitravel's partnership with World66 is increased links between the two sites.

Destination mapping[bewerken]

To add a link to a World66 guide, add a link of the form [[World66:Path to guide on World66]]

Example: [[World66:asia/northeastasia/china/hongkong]]

World66 uses different naming conventions and geografische hiërarchie, so there may not always be an exact match.

The link will not appear in the main text of the article page on Wikitravel, but will instead show up automatically in the section "Other sites/languages" in the left-side navigation box.

Add a World66 link to the very end of an article, to keep the article uncluttered. Avoid adding more than one World66 link; currently we can only have one World66 link per page.


World66 links should appear after any links to other taalversies van Wikitravel, and after links to Wikipedia and to Open Directory.

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