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Centrum (Frankrijk)[bewerken]

I suggest this article be moved to Centrum (Frankrijk) or Centre-Val de Loire. Centre is not the name of the region, it simply describes the central region of the country. Texugo 22 mei 2007 07:20 (EDT)

Lijkt me geen goed plan. Deze pagina is gekopieerd van de Franse pagina waar dezelfde naamgeving wordt gehanteerd. Het lijkt me wel een regio. Maar misschien dat onze Belgische vrienden die deze pagina hebben gebakken wat licht op de duisternis kunnen schijnen en uitleggen dat dit de juiste naamgeving is. {3 Wise Men 22 mei 2007 07:39 (EDT)}
I agree that it is a region BUT, in French centre means centrum-- it's not a name, it's a description. That's why the French page title has (France) after it-- it's not the center of the world, just the center of that country. After all, the French version also has Centre (Thaïlande) and is bound to have other articles with the same name as well. It's the same as calling a region Northeast or South: you should just translate the word and put the country name in parenthesis. Texugo 22 mei 2007 17:57 (EDT)

Centre is indeed a French word and not a Dutch word. And as we don't translate New York into Nieuw York we don't really feel like translating this name in a Dutch word. The French call it Centre [1] and we respect and use that (unique, foreign) name. That, I think, is slightly different than making geographical regions as South, West etc to divide a large area. Oddly enough perhaps to you, by using the French spelling, Nederlands en Vlaams speaking people will automatically know this is a French destination. As one can see there is still a lot of work to be done on these pages of the Dutch site and all the help is appreciated. What isn't really appreciated is that, - no matter how impressive their work on other sites - people who don't communicate here in Dutch are editing content or telling what we should call the articles. If you still feel you know best go ahead and edit more content and articles, but I'm not going to spend any more time on this issue. {3 Wise Men 23 mei 2007 00:51 (EDT)}
I feel that your attitude is quite rude and unwelcoming. If I been doing anything but making a suggestion, I would've moved the page myself, but I didn't do that. Please learn to express your opinion without turning unfriendly. Texugo 23 mei 2007 01:21 (EDT)
No unfriendliness intended whatsoever. Just Dutch directness ;-) All the luck {3 Wise Men}