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많은 위키여행자들 -- 결코 전부는 아님! --은 숙련된 인터넷 사용자로 그들의 프라이버시를 높이 산다. 다음의 정책은 위키여행자들의 필요성과 위키트래벌 커뮤니티의 필요성과 대체로 균형맞추려 한다.

  1. 위키여행자 사용자 정보는 결코 어떠한 사유로도 판매되어서는 않된다. Your user information will not be sold to marketing companies or other groups who want to bother you. Wikitravellers get enough unsolicited bulk email as it is; we're not going to go out of our way to get more.
  2. 다른 위키여행자들에의해 이메일을 받을 수있다. Each user page contains a link to email the user. Your email address will not be exposed to other users, but they will be able to send you email through the Web form. Additionally, if you email another user, your email address will be used in the From field; sending email through Wikitravel is not anonymous. You can disable email from other users on your preferences page.
  3. 다른 사용자에게서 이메일을 받기를 거절하면 위키트래벌 관리자에의해 이메일을 받을수있다. In extreme circumstances, Wikitravel administrators may contact you directly through email. This would be only for extraordinary situations.
  4. 위키트래벌 관리자로부터 대규모 이메일을 받을 수 있다. On very rare occasions, it may be necessary for Wikitravel administrators to send out a mass email to all Wikitravel users. Again, this would be for extraordinary situations -- such as spectacular changes in copyright policy -- and will not be used for marketing, promotions, or other "newsletter" types of mailing. Normal announcements and news will go in the Logbook.
  5. 위키여행자 사용자 정보는 필요에 따라 법관 또는 법원의 명령에 따라 이전될 수 있다. In general, your Wikitravel identity will not be protected in case of legal investigation. Wikitravel is not some kind of digital snitch service, and we won't go out of our way to rat you out to the authorities, but we do need to protect the community first.
  6. IP 주소가 기록될 수 있다. The MediaWiki software used by Wikitravel logs the IP address of anonymous users. This is mostly to give those users some identity, but in case of legal hassle, IP address log information will be turned over to courts or law enforcement officials.
  7. "실명""이 귀속을 위해서 사용될 것이다. At the bottom of each page is an attribution block showing who worked on the page. This is a feature; we're giving you credit for the work that you do. You don't have to provide a real name to Wikitravel if you don't want; just don't fill out the "real name" field when signing up, or in the preferences list.
  8. 사용자이름 또는 IP 주소가 변경과 관련되어 있다. When you create and edit an article, your username will be associated with that change. This is required by our copyleft; we need to have some identifier to attribute your work to.
  9. 사용자 페이지가 출판되면 카피레프트가 작동한다. Your user page is released under the same copyleft license as any other part of Wikitravel. Don't put personal information there that you would feel uncomfortable having appear on other Web sites, in books, projected onto the sides of buildings, or whatever.
  10. 토론면이 출판되면 카피레프트가 작동한다. Similarly, your comments on talk pages are also copyleft, and subject to the same rules for distribution as any other page.