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우리의 문체 매뉴얼은 위키트래들에 일관적인 모습과 느낌을 주는 주먹구구식 규칙과 지침의 집합이다. 이들 규칙의 대부분은 예외를 지닌다. 그러나 좋은 참고문헌을 모아두면 집합적으로 작동한다. 특정 상황에 대해 매우 부적절하지 않다면, 규칙을 따르는 것이 최선이다.

The Manual is broken up into different pages so that this one doesn't get overloaded with extraneous text. It makes it easier to find and update individual rules or concepts if they're on their own pages. Finally, it's easier for smarty-pantses to link to the particular rule being broken from talk pages for articles.

If all this stuff makes your head swim, and you don't want to bother with it, by all means plunge forward and just start sharing your knowledge. Other Wikitravellers will come through and bring your contributions more in line with the style guide.

If you have a question about the specifics of the Manual, or want to see it changed/amended/clarified, use the talk page for the section in question. A list of issues currently being discussed can be found here.

구조적 문체[편집]

This section of the Manual is for rules about the structure of Wikitravel as a whole.

문체 포멧팅[편집]

이들 규칙들은 개별 문건의 배치와 관련된다. 즉, 그들은 우리가 원래의 정보를 얻고 여행자에의해 쉽게 사용될 포멧으로 두는가 하는것이다.

문건 배치:

컨텐트 포멧팅:

  • Section headers - formatting guidelines for the section headers
  • Avoid HTML - avoiding HTML formatting
  • Information boxes - when, how and when not to use information boxes
  • Geocoding - adding latitude and longitude to destination articles
  • Wiki markup - How to use the special Mediawiki markup to present information



기록 문체[편집]

This set of rules describes how to write words, sentences, and paragraphs.

같이 보기[편집]