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Uva is a province in Sri Lanka.

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The train journey from Colombo to Badulla keeps about 9 hours. Trains run along the Mahaweli River Valley among green mountains, offering splendid wiews on the highlands, tea crops and countless waterfalls.

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Monuments[Modifica sezione]

  • Buduruwagala Rock Carvings Five kilometres south of Wellawaya, on the road to Tissa there are seven statues carved out of a rock. The tallest one, depicting the Buddha, is 50 feet tall. Buduruwagala means "stone images of the Buddha"
  • The Maligawila Buddha statue carved out of stone, stands in a blessing posture. It is 37 feet and 10 inches tall. The spot is close to Buttala village.

Parks[Modifica sezione]

  • The Uda Walawe National Park was established in 1972 to protect the Walawe reservoir. Wildlife includes elephants, crocodiles, jackals, buffalo etc.
  • The Maduru Oya National Park 300 k.m. away from Colombo in the dry zone. The fascinating Veddas tribes, members of any of the aboriginal people of Sri Lanka, are still living in the Park.

Waterfalls[Modifica sezione]

  • Dunhinda Falls 3 k.m. from Badulla town
  • Manawela Falls 12 k.m. from Welimada
  • Diyaluma Falls It is 220m (570ft) in height and very close to the A-4 road between Koslanda and Wellawaya.

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Bandarawela Town[Modifica sezione]

Hotels[Modifica sezione]

  • Bandarawela Hotel - Rooms 36
  • Orient Hotel - Tel. 2252561/2 - Rooms 36
  • Queens Hotel - Rooms 90

Guest Houses[Modifica sezione]

  • Himalie Guest House Badulla Road, Bindunuwewa - Tel.057-2362.
  • Ideal Resort Welimada Road - Tel. 057-22476 - Rooms:8.
  • Rose Villa Off Poonagalla Road - Tel. 057-22329 - Rooms: 3.

Badulla Town[Modifica sezione]

Guest Houses[Modifica sezione]

  • Badulla New Tourist Inn 122, Dunhinda Falls Road Badulla - Tel. 055-23423 - Rooms: 30.
  • Dunhinda Falls Inn 35/11 1/1, Bandaranaike Mw - Tel. 055-22406,23028 - Rooms: 20.
  • Eagle's Nest 159, Lower Street - Tel. 055-22841 - Rooms: 13.
  • River Side Holiday Inn 27, Lower King Street - Tel. 055-22090 - Rooms: 6

Haputale Town[Modifica sezione]

Haputale Homepage:

Guest Houses[Modifica sezione]

  • High Cliffe 15, Station Road - Tel. 057-68096 Rooms:6

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