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Nha Trang

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Nha Trang

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La baia di Nha trang

Nha Trang è la più famosa località balneare del Vietnam. Se vi piacciono le immersioni subacquee con il respiratore o con la mascherina allora Nha Trang è il posto che fa per voi.

Da sapere[Modifica sezione]

Il porto di Nha Trang

A Nha Trang sono state trovate tracce di insediamenti umani che risalgono ad epoca Cham. In epoca coloniale i Francesi, attratti dalla bellezza della baia e dalle spiagge di sabbia bianca, vi costruirono ville per vacanze. Più tardi anche i militari americani erano soliti trascorrere brevi periodi di licenza a Nha Trang.

Oggi la maggior parte delle infrastrutture turistiche di Nha Trang sono situate nella parte sud, a Biet Thu.

Tran Phu corrisponde invece al centro cittadino con un lungomare ornato di palme che termina ad una spiaggia lunga 6 km.

Come arrivare[Modifica sezione]

In aereo[Modifica sezione]

L'aeroporto di Cam Ranh Airport (CRX), costruito nel 2004 sul luogo di una vecchia base militare americana, sta a 30 km dal centro ed è servito da voli domestici per Saigon e Hanoi. Le tariffe di una corsa in taxi fino al centro non dovrebbero costare più di 170,000 dong. Molti alberghi dispongono di un servizio navetta da/per l'aeroporto.

In treno[Modifica sezione]

Nha Trang è sulla linea ferroviaria Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). La stazione è vicino la cattedrale, a nord del centro cittadino. If you want a soft-sleeper (the highest class available on Vietnamese trains), book your train ticket directly at the train station as far in advance as you are able. Having a private travel agent book this ticket will quite often result in you paying the agent for a soft-sleeper — the agent will book a hard-sleeper and you will not know until you board the train and it is too late to make changes. This is one of the most common scams in Vietnam!

By bus[Modifica sezione]

Most open tour buses arrive from Ho Chi Minh City in the south (8 hours) and Hoi An to the north (10 hours). They drop their passengers in the main tourist area around Bien Thu, while the public bus station is at 58, 23 Thang 10, about a 10 minute walk west of the center.

Come spostarsi[Modifica sezione]

Cyclo per le strade di Nha Trang

Nha Trang has a reliable and easy to navigate public bus system, where the ticket fare does not exceed 2000 dong for a ride on a modern, air-conditioned bus with Vietnamese music. You will find buses nr. 3 and 2 the most useful, since they pass through the southern quarters. Alternatively, you'll find the usual selection of taxis, cyclos and motorbikes.

There is no destination in Nha Trang that justifies a fare higher than 20,000 dong/person.

Da vedere[Modifica sezione]

Torri di epoca Cham (VII - XII sec d.C.)

Isole[Modifica sezione]

Tour operators offer boat tours to the surrounding islands for around $7USD, that usually include such funny things as a on-board fruit buffet or the "swimming bar", where you float in a circular swimming aid and try your hardest to get drunk. There are more serious approaches to it, so shop around for the flavor you want it to have. There is a cablecar across the harbour to Vinpearl island.

Altri luoghi interessanti[Modifica sezione]

  • The Alexandre Yersin Museum, northern end of Tran Phu, on the grounds of the Pasteur institute. Mon-Fri 7-11.15am & 2-4.30pm, Sat 2-4.30pm; admission 26,000 dong. Has a small but very informative display about the life and adventures of the man who discovered the germ that causes the black plague and established Dalat as a hillside-retreat.
  • Dam Market a huge market, has anything from food to false nike t-shirts.
  • Po Nagar Cham Towers (admission 10500 Dong), four well preserved hindu temples built by the Cham people.
  • Long Son Pagoda with the large sitting buddha and the large reclining buddha.
  • Hon Chong Promontory, some picturesque rocks and a beach in the north of Nha Trang.
  • Fishing harbour, between the city and Hon Chong Promontory, just get onto the bridge and watch the fishing boats below.

Do[Modifica sezione][add listing]

  • Scuba diving and snorkeling are offered by several outfitters. A morning on the boat, snorkeling over the reef, is about US$12, while you can do the diving trip for about US$30.

Although prices can be cheap for diving in Vietnam, don't get dazzled by the low cost — make sure the dive operator has the proper safety equipment and insurance.

  • Rainbow Divers [3] offer high standards of safety and professional service. There are daily dives and courses for all levels.
  • Blue Diving Club [4] is another PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center.

Work[Modifica sezione]

  • Travel to Teach [5] works with a project teaching English and computer use to the kids that sleep on the beach. Crazy Kim's Bar (see below) is the headquarters for the project.

Buy[Modifica sezione][add listing]

Eat[Modifica sezione][add listing]

Nha Trang has plenty of 10,000 dong street stalls, but it also has a plenty of tasty international fare - at delightfully local prices.

Budget[Modifica sezione]

On Nguyen Thi Minh Khai just west of Hung Vuong there is a soft ice cream shop not to be missed. A mere 2000 dong gets you a small cone.

Mid-range[Modifica sezione]

  • El Coyote, 76 Hung Vuong St., 84.58.526320. Serves Tex-Mex and French food, and booze from the bar next door. It's slightly over-priced — figure on 90,000 - 105,000 for a full meal with a drink or two — but if you've been craving some enchiladas, it's worth it.  edit
  • Hai Vy, Along the main road next to the beach. A big restaurant serving Vietnamese and seafood cuisine. The portions are quite big, so it's advisable to order dishes sparingly and top up later. 25000-50000 dong.  edit

Splurge[Modifica sezione]

There isn't a lot in the way of upscale dining in Nha Trang — most of the restaurants cater to the beach crowd. If you're determined to splash out, head to an expensive hotel along Tran Phu and see what they're offering.

Drink[Modifica sezione][add listing]

Most clubs are on Biet Thu.

  • Crazy Kim's Bar is run by a woman who is an anti-pedophilia activist, providing a future for street children to keep them from being sold to the western sex-tourists.
  • Sailing Club is a slightly posh establishment on the beach front south of the intersection with Biet Thu, sporting a dancefloor and 12 (twelve) speakers to pump up the jam. Lean back in your bamboo-chair on a starry tropical night on the big terrace and sip your favorite poison, if you were lucky enough to catch a seat.
  • Pete's Bia Hoi. A quaint but cheap bia hoi (draft beer) joint located 2 blocks back from the Nha Trang Sailing Club and has excellent beer at "very cheap, very Vietnam" prices. 2 litres of ice cold San Miguel are available for 2000vnd, however smaller measurements are also available at equally priced offerings. He also has a small menu of snacks available at a reasonable price, his deep fried cauliflower and deep fried mushrooms are very good.

Sleep[Modifica sezione][add listing]

Accommodation is abundant in Nha Trang. Most hotels catering for foreigners are in the area around Biet Thu, but be sure to walk north into the side lanes if you want to cut down on prices and avoid the noisy traffic.

Budget[Modifica sezione]

You should be able to find a decent clean room with fan for ~USD 8, with air-con ~USD 12.

  • Ha Tram Hotel, 64B/5 Tran Phu, 058.3521819, [1]. Newest hotel in mini hotel alley (opened 2011), close to beach and main tourist area in quiet and safe location. All rooms have air-con, en-suite with hot water, cable TV, wifi and fridge. Hotel has 15 rooms on 6 floors and has an elevator. US$10-15.  edit
  • Happy House Hotel, 64/13 Tran Phu, 058.3522.175. L'hotel e'vicino alla spigga ed a molti ristoranti. Tutte le camere hanno aria condizionnata e TV satellitare, mini bar e wifi. L'hotel e molto pulito a differenxa di altri hotel.L'hotel ha stanze con 5 letti e dotato di ascensore. Al onesto prezzo da 8 a 15 USA dollar  edit
  • Hoàng Châu Hotel, 6 Tôn Dản, T 058-524066 is a small place in a quiet dead-end street off Nguyen Thi Minh Khai. Rooms are US$8 with air-con, local TV, hot shower.
  • Thanh Duy Hotel, 30C Hoang Hoa Tham, T 058-527878, is a fairly new place a bit off the beaten path. Rooms may be had for as little as US$5 after some negotiation and are equipped with air-con, TV, toilet and shower. There is a fabulous maisonette room (501) with grand views of the city at night, though not of the seashore. The open tour bus stops here.
  • Quang Minh Hotel. Newly-constructed, a three-minute walk from the beach and offers rooms from $6/night, including satellite TV, hot water and refrigerator.
  • Perfume Grass Inn Friendly staff who will book everything for you, including the morning half day snorkelling trip for USD12 per pax, and the whole day trip to the 4 islands for USD6. Pretty reasonable prices, as the prices offered by the agencies are around the same, what's more, you can check out early for the whole day trip, and leave your luggage at the hotel. After the trip, you can use their shower to freshen yourself up for perhaps the overnight bus/train trip to the next location. Free internet and nice breakfast too. Airconditioned, hot water, with refrigerator and satelite TV. Rooms from around USD10/night for 2 people.
  • Viet Hai Hotel, 13B2 Hoang Hoa Tham St, 058.3.523.684, [6]. Mini hotel close to beach, central market, train station and cinema. All rooms have air-con, en-suite, cable TV, fridge and wifi. Price range from US$6-12.

Mid-range[Modifica sezione]

  • Bao Dai Villa. The private villa of Vietnam's last emperor, Bao Dai. The villa is a little way from "downtown" Nha Trang and is somewhat secluded. Regular rooms go for about US$30 and large suites go for US$75. Enjoy one of the best views and best food from the Bao Dai Restaurant which overlooks the ocean.

Splurge[Modifica sezione]

For expensive accommodations, check along Tran Phu, or try an island resort. (See below).

Contact[Modifica sezione]

Internet access can be found in many hotels and through cheap internet cafes all over town. The farther away from Bien Thu, the cheaper the rates — 6000 dong/hour is the going rate at most places, although even cheaper can be found.

Stay safe[Modifica sezione]

Thefts on the beaches of Nha Trang are sadly very common. Never leave your bag unguarded. Be aware of girl gangs at night. They are acting as if they are prostitutes. In fact, they steal your money.

Cope[Modifica sezione]

Get out[Modifica sezione]

There are several other beaches in the vicinity of Nha Trang. About 30 km north of Nha Trang, just when past the village of Ninh Hoa, a peninsula juts out into the South Chinese Sea, and on its northern coast rides its tinier brother, Hon Khoi. Several resorts are located on the eastern beach of Hon Khoi, where you find palm-trees, white sand and turquoise waters. To get there, follow the highway north past the turnoff to Dac Lac Province/Buon Ma Thuot. Then look out for a sign reading "Doc Let-Resort", close to a filling station. A taxi will take 2 persons for about 200,000 dong, while a Xe Om should not be more expensive than 100,000 dong. Or catch a through-bus plying highway Nr.1 and jump off at the turn off. There will always be some motorbike-drivers waiting to take you. Whatever place you choose to go, be sure to reserve a bungalow in advance.

  • Doc Let Beach Resort, sign-posted; Tel. 058-849663, Fax 849506. The best known place and closest to the mainland. Though it started out as a traveller's secret, it quickly became a destination for domestic tourists, who basically flood the place during weekends and holidays. There is some socialist charm to the not so "white palm beach turquoise waters"-like architecture of the place, but it's definitely not the old Robinson-feeling you might be craving.
  • Jungle Beach 091-3429144,[email protected] is reportedly slightly more upmarket, with prices being US$15 per person, even if you sleep on the beach. Run by a Canadian-Vietnamese couple, food's included, and it's the most remote of the resorts here.
  • Paradise Resort, Nha Nhi Thien Duong, follow the signs from Doc Let-Resort through Dong Hai-village, 0084-58-670480 (, fax: 0084-58-670479), [2]. Run by an elderly gentleman and his Vietnamese family. Bungalows are US$16-18 (US$11-14 for a single person), depending on how close they are to the beach. Meals are included, and prices for drinks are reasonable. Water, fruits, coffee and tea are free..  edit

Istantanee da Nha Trang