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In breve
Capitale Des Moines
Governo Stato USA
Valuta Dollaro USA (USD)
Superficie 145,743 km2
Abitanti 3,090,416 (2013)
Lingua ufficiale Inglese; Spagnolo e Tedesco parlati in alcune zone
Elettricità 120V/60Hz
Presa Americana

L'Iowa, è uno stato americano della regione del Midwest. Fu elevato al rango di stato nel 1846 divenendo la 29^ stella della bandiera. Gli abitanti hanno modi amichevoli, sono amanti della buona cucina. Lo stato è a carattere prevalentemente agricolo con vasti campi di granturco e soia oltre a fattorie specializzate nell'allevamento dei suini. Poche le aree urbane fra cui primeggia quella di Des Moines.

Regioni[Modifica sezione]

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Lingue parlate[Modifica sezione]

You'll find Midwestern English to be quite easy to understand. Native Iowans will not usually speak with an accent. If someone does, they are most likely not from the area.

Come arrivare[Modifica sezione]

La maggior parte dei viaggiatori entra nello Iowa tramite l'autostrada interstatale n° 80 che però ha poco da offrire al visitatore scorrendo su un territorio completamente piatto e a dir poco monotono

Come spostarsi[Modifica sezione]

Most people get around Iowa by car. Certain, more rural parts of Iowa -- like much of the Midwest -- is laid out on a grid pattern. Drive on any of the state's outer highways, and you will quickly come to realize that there is an intersection at every mile. This makes figuring out where you are and getting from there to where you need to be a relatively simple undertaking.

Travellers unaccustomed to ice and snow may have trouble driving in Iowa winters -- plan ahead if you need to travel during the colder parts of the year.

Da vedere[Modifica sezione]

Attività ricreative[Modifica sezione]

  • RAGBRAI (the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa). Cycling enthusiasts from across the nation descend on the state for this road bike event. Riders start in a different town each year. They take seven days to cross the state, dipping their wheels in the Missouri River on one side and the Mississippi River on the other.

Cibi[Modifica sezione]

Iowans still consider themselves the "breadbasket of the world," and their cuisine reflects this. Get ready for pork chops, corn-on-the-cob, hot dishes, and more just-plain-good Midwestern cooking than you can possibly eat in a lifetime. Most rural towns have a fast-food restaurant or two if you absolutely have to have McDonald's, but the best places to eat are often found by chatting with the locals. Note that there are many fast food places in more urban parts of the state.

Towns with strong ethnic identities sometimes have restaurants devoted to a particular country's cuisine. Iowa has a substantial Latino population, and there are many family-run Mexican restaurants which generally have quite good food.

Iowa City is known for its wide variety of ethnic cuisine and finer dining. The Motley Cow restaurant is highly recommended.

Bevande[Modifica sezione]

Before Prohibition, Iowa had a healthy wine industry, which is growing once again. There are vineyards scattered throughout the state, each producing their own wines.

Bustling college towns of Ames and Iowa City provide the most avid nightlife in the state. Scores of young adults pack local bars and clubs Thursday through Saturday nights.

Sicurezza personale[Modifica sezione]

The rural parts of Iowa are quite safe, to such an extent that many people don't bother to lock their car doors. This is not a good plan in more metropolitan areas, however. You will find that most Iowans are friendly, warm, and happy to help you if you have trouble.

Iowa does have many tornadoes, though rarely severe. Check the Tornado safety page if you are visiting Iowa.

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