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Fuengirola [2] è un municipio della provincia di Malaga ed anche un noto centrobalneare lungo la Costa del Sol

Come arrivare[Modifica sezione]

The main airport is Malaga Internation and just about every airline in Europe run regular flights into it. The cheapest options being the usual Ryanair, Spainair and EasyJet. Once on the ground you have a few options:

In auto[Modifica sezione]

It's a 25 Km from airport. Numerous rental car agents operate from airport. To save your self a few euro go accross the road from the airport rather than renting inside the airport. To be honest this is actually a poor option unless you are only stopping over night. Fuengirola is actually difficult to find on street parking and in summer the traffic is a bit of a challenge for visitors. It is better to get the train or taxi into the city on the first night and then book a rental any day you want to site see.

In taxi[Modifica sezione]

20 minutes by taxi from Malaga airport. Available 24 hours a day. Fare €25– €30 (depending on time & season. The usual rules apply when taking a taxi abroad. Agree the rate in advance, if the driver is being vague mention ask to see the rate card "to help him understand your requirement". All taxi's are required to have one. Ignore the large vans, they will try to charge you €65 or more.

In treno[Modifica sezione]

This will take you 45 minutes by light rail from Malaga airport, Fuengirola is the last stop. You will get the train 2 minutes walk from terminal building, just go out the door at departures and turn to the left. It's well sign posted. The fare is around €3 but make sure you have change, it's self service and there is almost always a ticket inspector.

Come spostarsi[Modifica sezione]

Fuengirola is a city but chances are you will only visit the centre and beach front so you can walk everywhere. The light train is excallant for getting up the coast as is the bus service. Both stations are in the centre of the city, 5 minutes walk from the marina.

In auto[Modifica sezione]

  • Miami Car Hire, Calle Hernan Cortes, 1, (+34) 952 30 24 07 (), [1]. noleggio auto con il miglior rapporto qualità-prezzo  edit

Da vedere[Modifica sezione]

Attività ricreative[Modifica sezione]

Acquisti[Modifica sezione]

  • Super Sol by train station for your shopping and cheap wine.
  • Dunne’s for the luxuries from home for the UK and Irish. Watch out it’s not the cheapest!
  • Venture up to the centre of town from beach front. There is a great selection of shops and it’s not bad price wise. Zara is our favourite but there are a wide range of other shops at good prices.
  • EROSCI (get a taxi, 5 euro from Marina) is a huge shopping centre on the edge of town. If you’re looking for a change it’s worth a look
  • Markets on most days along the Costa. For Fuengirola here are the days and locations. If you are not sure just ask at any shops or taxis where it is: Tuesday in the Market square, Saturday in the Market square and Sunday in the marina

Dove mangiare[Modifica sezione]

  • The Tres Amigo’s is good for lunch and evening meals at a fair price. The Mexican pizza is excallant and very clean. It is also child friendly.
  • Ku Dam, Dutch Restaurant on the waterfront. Head towards the marina right down to the water, pass Linkers bar on your left. Turn right once you reach the marina, you can’t miss it. The hanging Skewers are legendary. Their lunch menu is also good value.
  • Fish Alley is the food quarter of Fuengirola; every possible food type can be got here. Just follow the crowd, on the beach front.
  • The Lemon Tree, You will need the map to find this one but it’s worth it for an intimate and memorable night out. Not cheap but dinner in the Lemon Tree garden is a special treat for couples and groups alike C/ Palangreros 12. Phone 952 47 81 82.
  • The Punjab, C/Hernan Cortes (just up from PYR Hotel). Good for a take away when you want to stay in. The dishes are not as hot as you’d think but nice. Only average for sit down meal.
  • Ying Bing, Chinese restaurant on C/de La Crus. Half way down “Fish Alley” and turn right. Chinese food in general is a little too greasy on the Costa but this place does a good lunch special. Note that lunch specials are always smaller than the same main meal!

Bere[Modifica sezione]

This is very much personal taste and the kind of night you are out for. The clubs are mostly on the beach front and get buzzying around midnight. Most the good bars are actually towards the centre of town.

Dove alloggiare[Modifica sezione]

  • Hostal Italia [3], - Calle de la Cruz, 1 is in the very centre of town, close to the church square and close to the beach (70m), 5 minutes walk from the train station. A traditional hostal of a Fuengirola's family with private garage in the cellar.

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