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Da Wikitravel.

Hi, Ulissi. I'm glad to see you're working on Wikitravel it:. It's great to have native English speakers working on the new language versions in the early stages. If there's anything I can do to help you out, let me know. --Evan 19:43, 11 Lug 2006 (EDT)

Share your images?[Modifica sezione]

Hey there. I wonder if you would do us all the favor of, instead of uploading your new images to the it: version, uploading them to | Wikitravel Shared. That way we can access them from all language versions. If you had time to go back and do that for some of the images you've already put here, that would be fantastic! Keep up the good work! I'll get around to translating more of your docent articles into Portuguese, eventually, eventually! Texugo 02:49, 27 set 2006 (EDT)

One other thought too-- when you make a new article, you can check in the Shared version and see if there are any useful images already in there. There are already, for example, flag images for all 50 US states and all Canadian states, maps for every province in Italy and Japan, etc. Texugo 02:52, 27 set 2006 (EDT)

Will do. Ulissi

Pennsville[Modifica sezione]

Hi! Ok, what do you mean for "change" the template {{citta straniera}}? If you want to insert some details about the city (area, coordinates, number of citizers, altitude, etc.), you have to write that details on every line (for example: Pennsville is in United States, than you write "Stati Uniti" near stato=, and then you'll watch this on the saved page). For every problem, I'll be there! I wish to be understood... I suppose speaking English is better for you! Bye. Archeologo

The template does not fit well to the United States. Also, it is necessary to make some of the fields optional in my opinion (some towns do not have a stemma/seal. I reviewed {{citta straniera}} but was unable to get it to work. Grazie in anticipo! Ulissi

I think I have the answer. The format ""Geobox" used on Wikipedia seems flexible and I believe will work fine? Va bene? Ulissi

  • Grazie per l'apprezzamento. Mi piacerebbe vedere qualche foto di Pennsville e delle altre località del New Jersey su cui stai lavorando. Suppongo che tu ne abbia molte. Ciao e buon lavoro Gobbler