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Da Wikitravel.

Ciao. Benvenuto in Wikitravel italiana. Luciodem 08:26, 2 set 2006 (EDT)

Ciao. Bravissimo per aver tradotto Teramo in portoghese. Sono stato in Portogallo in luglio. Sono stato a Barcellona e altri paesi vicini. Conosci anche il giapponese? Qual è la tua lingua madre? Luciodem 10:05, 3 set 2006 (EDT)

Sharing Wikitravel[Modifica sezione]

Thanks for your suggestions!
I already created an account in Wikitravel Shared. Sharing pictures with the rest of wikitravelers is a great idea. I'm enthousiastic about Gobbler

Link policy[Modifica sezione]

Hi Texugo - thanks for the help in this italian venture. I noted you deleted a link in the article Lussemburgo. Well, there were many reasons, and btw it was in the wrong location. But, for example, I am inserting links to the hotels in Milano, and I intend to insert a link to the site of a club of foreign-speakers, of importance for aliens parachuted in Milan. I am not sure, but the link you deleted seems to be of the same kind. Do you mean this is not wikitravel-legal (:o))? --Ub 21:20, 22 mag 2007 (CEST)

Mmmmm.... nobody in Milan is using the zones in terms of districts. I had just mentioned the zones to be propedeutical to the following radial concept - in reality, if somebody asks where I do live, I would rather answer Porta Vercellina, and not Zona 6 (or is it 7?). So, no use of saying where are the movie theatres of Zona 7 since nobody would understand. Actually, my idea was to reorganize the hotels - and just the hotels - in a different way, still to be defined in detail, and the classificaton in zones was a sort of WIP just to give a raw info for the starters. In other words, I will presumably revert to a different organization. And I understand that mentioning the site of the hotels is kosher, which was my main question.--Ub 22:47, 23 mag 2007 (CEST)

Done[Modifica sezione]

Your request has been utterly satisfied. Gobbler

Not really nice[Modifica sezione]

Texugo, I tried to start a discussion with you. In my wiki experience (mainly in wikipedia) relocating a message is considered a real breech of the wikiquette. And I did not appreciate. Honest, in all the time I spent in wikitravel I did neve had a serious argument - actually, no argument at all. Neither I had many constructive dicussions, but I am inclined to believe that the problem is one due to the young age of /it. Well, if the first discussion is one resulting in rudeness, just continue alone. No discussion, no dissent - perfect, right? --Ub 22:59, 6 giu 2007 (CEST)

Hmm... I think we have a misunderstanding here. I did not in any way intend to be rude, so I don't know exactly what offended you. If you are talking about our discussion about hotel price sections in Milano, what I was saying is this:
  • You are suggesting changes which would affect every article in the Italian Wikitravel. I don't know about Wikipedia, but one of Wikitravel's goals is to have every article organized in a consistant model. (Milano wouldn't be the only article with your proposed changes-- we'd have to amend the model and change every other article as well.)
  • These changes would also make the Italian Wikitravel's organization scheme different from every other language version. (This would make it harder to translate this section to and from Italian.)
  • Any change this big should be discussed by everyone at length on a public discussion page like the Bar dei viaggiatori. (People are not so likely to find and join this discussion on the Milano talk page).
  • You could try to start a movement on Shared to get support for a top-down change on every language version, but this kind of thing has been discussed before, in many languages, and nobody has changed the three-tier organization yet. (It would be an uphill battle.)

That's all. I don't think your ideas are bad at all, I just think implementing them may prove to be problematic. I apologize if something sounded rude! Also I don't understand what you mean about "relocating a message". (Did I move something of yours?) Texugo 07:13, 7 giu 2007 (CEST) P.S. - I'm still waiting for your Milano district organization idea... Texugo 07:13, 7 giu 2007 (CEST)