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Da Wikitravel.

Thank you for your acknowledgements. You know, I try as hard I can to expand the Italian Wikitravel with the purpose of defending the worldwide reputation of my small country. In fact I find more enjoyable to contribute articles in the English Wikitravel but it is still a hard task for me while translating from English is easiest.

  • Let me know if you are planning a visit in Rome. In many ways Rome is an awful city but keep in mind Paola B&B for cheap & enjoyable staying.

Bye! Gobbler 10:35, 9 Lug 2006 (EDT)

I'm very excited about the way the Italian Wikitravel is shaping up. I think your small country's reputation is doing pretty well... not just here, but also in the World Cup! B-) I would love to visit Roma, as I've only been once in my life, and then only for a few hours (embarassing...). Unfortunately, most of my travel time these days is for Wikitravel business and conferences. I'll be at Wikisym 2006 in Odense, but I don't think we'll get a chance to get down to Rome this time. Maybe I can convince my social director to let us go to Italy soon... --Evan 11:54, 9 Lug 2006 (EDT)

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Hi! I'm Archeologo: don't worry about your editing my user page. I've understood what you would do! ;o) (I'm apologised because of my bad English!) Archeologo 20:26, 9 Lug 2006 (EDT)

Administrator[Modifica sezione]

[it] First, excuse me for my english not very well. I'm onorated for this carica and spero di poter svolgere bene questa mansione. Thanks, Broc

Administrator[Modifica sezione]

Hi! I'm Archeologo, an user of Italian Wikitravel: first of all, I'm sorry for my bad English. But I have a question for you: according to me and Gobbler, it seems to be necessary an election of new administrator for our project. Dennis (DaniloP) and Broc are too absent for the real problems of Wikitravel. Recently a lot of vandalisms have interested some of our pages, and we need a person that could resolve this kind of problem, and more. What do you think about? Thanks for your attention. Archeologo 13:07, 27 set 2006 (EDT) Gobbler

Sounds great to me. Do you want to have an election? --Evan 11:37, 28 set 2006 (EDT)

Election[Modifica sezione]

Hi! Thank you for adding me as an administrator. I'm proud to work together with you and to all the others: I hope to work to the best also as administrator! Unfortunately we're not so much, but I wish to increase more and more! Greetings, --Archeologo 13:01, 30 ott 2006 (CET)

Sei un idiota[Modifica sezione]

Vedo che stai mettendo ordine, eh? Vediamo un po'... Non ti sei per caso acorto che anche io, che sono un amministratore molto più importante di te, stavo incasinando le pagine? Se non te ne sei accorto allora sbatti un po' la testa così magari quel cazzo di cervello si ripristina. Gobbler 18:56, 3 mar 2007 (CET)

This was AWESOME. I was totally fooIed. --Evan 19:17, 3 mar 2007 (CET)
Evan, I believe somebody should take a strong action. I cannot understand the situation : my best guess is that somebdy else is using the Gobbler log - I had perfectly normal exchange of messages with him till, guess, March 1st. I believe that this pseudo-Gobbler has blocked Archeologo. So Archeologo, now relogged as Travelbubble (so I believe, but this was a necessary move) has no longer the admin status, meaning that there is only one active admin, and this is a vandal. Suggestions? --Ub 00:50, 7 mar 2007 (CET)
Well, first, as Rmx pointed out, the vandal had the account gee oh bee bee eye ee arr, so it's relatively benign. Gobbler himself seems to be active again, which is good news, because he's an excellent admin. But one person can't carry a wiki of this size by themselves -- we need some more admins on it: .--Evan 05:32, 8 mar 2007 (CET)

Hello Evan I've copied my reply from another discussion, i'm not sure what the story is with this Archeologo & co and what has really gone on. Anyway if you check my modification history you will see that I have good intentions and would like sometime in the future to be considered to become an admin.

In discussion; Rumors say that you are Archeologo relogged as Travelbubble. Is it true? If true, this seems a little bit odd Gobbler 15:34, 8 mar 2007 (CET)

I've got no idea who Archeologo is!!! Just to explain myself I'm a british guy living here in Italy. When i started out adding hotel details to the wiki project I have always added a link to the hotels offical website, I agree early on I added the hotel description taken from the meta description of the hotel's site, after seeing that info was deleted by Utente:Gobbler (probably rightly so!) & reading the wiki guidelines better I now am careful to rewrite any descriptions in a neutral way or even not putting them at all. I'm am slowly correcting all the cities in regard to the above question. Also, I've have been accused of favoring my entries and deleting other user ones, can i point out that I've have usually deleted links to third party intermediary sites and only ever changed the order of accommodation in alphabetical order which i think is fair. Please if someone can advise if this is ok. If my explaination is satisfactory please can the other Admin's ask Utente:Gobbler to unblock my ipaddress Lastly I would like to offer my continued assistance in making Wikitravel a great resourse.

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Hi! How are you? I'm Archeologo, come back after some fullworked weeks. So, I created this bot, and I would work here with its. I know you are a burocrate: can you tag my bot? Thanks. archeologo 12:19, 11 lug 2007 (CEST)