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Hello from en:Warsaw![Modifica sezione]

In breve
Nazione Polonia
Regione Masovia
Provincia Masovia
Abitanti 1,692,900 (2004)
Superficie 516.9 km²
Altitudine 78 ÷ 115 m s.l.m.
CAP 00-xxx ÷ 04-xxx
Targa WA, WB, WD, WE, WF, WH, WI, WJ, WK, WN, WT, WU, WW, WX, WY
Prefisso +48 22
Festa patronale 21 aprile
Sito web Sito del Comune

I wanted to tell you that the Warsaw article in the English Wikitravel has recently been much improved and could be of use if you had the time to translate at least a part of it. There is also a nice collection of images and maps of the city at Wikitravel shared Category:Warsaw.

Feel free to write me if you think I can be of any help. 21:32, 20 Ago 2006 (EDT) en:User:CandleWithHare

PS I've filled the infobox but when I try to save it an error appears, so I'll just put it here for now. Maybe I'm doing something wrong because I don't know Italian. Hope I am helpful; if not, please remove it.