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Malpensa: Terminal 1 e Terminal 2[Modifica sezione]

Non capisco perche' non posso modificare la pagina, in ogni caso vi chiedere di SCONSIGLIARE fortemente l'uso del Malpensa Express per chi si deve recare al Terminal 2 in quanto il Malpensa Express arriva al Terminal 1.

Inoltre sarebbe a mio parere molto importante segnalare che andare dal Terminal 1 al Terminal 2 e viceversa richiede circa 20 minuti di attesa del bus e addirittura 15 minuti per un banale viaggio tra due terminal dello stesso aeroporto facendo un giro assurdo! In pratica un turista che non conosce l'aeroporto e deve solo passare da un terminal all'altro rischia di impiegare 40 minuti o più, rischiando di perdere l'aereo.

District articles[Modifica sezione]

I went ahead and divided this article into district articles because the listings for hotels were becoming quite a mess. Let's try to place the specific listings for hotels and restaurants, etc. into the district articles and use the main article for summary/highlights. Texugo 13:10, 23 mag 2007 (CEST)

I answered in your page. let me engineer a different solution, as explained.--Ub 22:50, 23 mag 2007 (CEST)
Ok. I'm sure you know best, since you live there. I just did it that way because that's how all the information was already organized. I think maybe it is best to choose only one organizational scheme: either the zones or the named districts. Having information about both systems is just a bit confusing, I think. I do think there is enough information on this page that you should break it into smaller articles. The way it is now, with a single hotel section broken into a lot of sections is very messy in my opinion. Surely once you add a lot of restaurants in here, you'll have the same problem in the Eat section too, if we don't create article for districts. Texugo 02:17, 24 mag 2007 (CEST)
Also I removed the 4 stelle section header and the note that reads 5 stelle e più, because it is different from all the other articles. I took the Roma article as an model because most articles seem to be organized that way. Texugo 02:25, 24 mag 2007 (CEST)

Stelle e stelline[Modifica sezione]

Credo che questo meriti una discussione. Io avevo distinto economici (1-2 stelle), prezzi medi (3 stelle), 4 stelle, 5 e più stelle. In effetti, è complicato. Ma c'è una bella differenza di prezzo tra un 4 stelle (oggi 150 EUR o giu di li) e il Four Seasons (500 e subbia). Eppure, sarebbero nella stessa categoria. Sai che fregature che si prendono?--Ub 21:40, 4 giu 2007 (CEST)

Sorry I can't respond in Italian as well. We can't section the hotels by stars because that's not how Wikitravel is modeled. If you make star sections here, you'll have to do it for every other article on Wikitravel Italian, and that would make the Italian version different from the other 14 language versions. You are welcome to put price information in the description or even mention the star rating there (if you really feel it is that important), but we don't group the hotels by stars and we don't use symbols **** for them. Texugo 04:17, 5 giu 2007 (CEST)
Yes, I understand. But the fact remains: In the category Luxury costs range between 150- and 500+ EUR per night. So, there is a problem for the archetypal average traveller, and this is NOT what we want, right? On the other hand, the other categories are quite homogeneous, so in Milan I would expect a 60 - 80 EUR for economy, and 100 - 125 for Medium. In other words, there is a bug in the system. Maybe it is local, dunno. but we sould patch it, don't we? So let's discuss. Of course, stars were just a way to create a scheme; I'm sure tehre are much better ones.--Ub 22:29, 5 giu 2007 (CEST)
I don't personally see any problem with the current scheme. Most hotels fall into the Budget or Midrange categories anyway. Also the price ranges not fixed-- they are relative to the location. A luxury hotel in Hanoi and one in Luxembourg are wildly different price ranges. At any rate, the three-level scheme is in place for all language versions of Wikitravel, so certainly all this has been discussed many times before. If you still want to start a discussion about it, you are welcome to post it in the Bar dei viaggiatori or, even better, in the Travellers' pub of the Shared version, but I wouldn't expect a lot of support for such a big change. Texugo 11:06, 6 giu 2007 (CEST)

aggiungere b&b[Modifica sezione]

salve, ma non è più possibile inserire strutture ricettive? Non trovo il link di modifica sezione.