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We have found the following bugs in the system

There is a bug reporting system on shared:Technical requests. I'll try to copy what you have here to there, but in the future please add bugs there. --Evan 2006. október 22., 11:00 (EDT)
OK, we will do so. - Bujatt 2006. október 22., 19:50 (CEST)

Open bugs[szerkesztés]

Translation bugs[szerkesztés]

Technical bugs[szerkesztés]

  • in Firefox, if the URL name contains a special character (f.e. Ázsia), Wikitravel changes that special character to a questioon mark, (so it will redirect to "?zsia"). I don't think the problem lies in Firefox, because I don't have this in Wikipedia. But it doesn't seem to work either in other languages. For instance, if you type in Firefox:ânia, it doesn't match the right page. I don't have this bug in Internet Explor. I'll check if there is any talk about this topic in other languages of Wikitravel (i.e. in French or German, where this can be a serious problem, too.) --Strapontin 2006. október 8., 14:54 (EDT)
    • This occurs when the browser sends the URL address different from UTF-8.In Firefox on the about:config page you should change the network.standard-url.encode-utf8 parameter to true, so you can avoid it. --Tgr 2006. október 8., 17:02 (EDT)
    • shared:Tech:URL encoding for Firefox is wrong. --Evan 2006. október 22., 11:07 (EDT)
  • Doesn't notify about new messages. --Tgr 2006. október 8., 17:18 (EDT)
    • Yes it does. When you get new messages, a red blinky light goes on near your user talk page link. --Evan 2006. október 22., 11:00 (EDT)
  • Why CC-by-sa-1.0 and not a newer version, (like 2.5)? Or can't we change at the Hungarian version? - Serinde 2006. október 10., 02:20 (EDT)
    • The problem with 1.0 is that it can't be changed to a newer one (latter CC licenses can be "updated"), so it won't be compatible with GFDL. (afaik CC 3.0 will be!). But if different license we can't take material from English Wikitravel. Pity... --Tgr 2006. október 10., 06:49 (EDT)
      • Correct. The hu: CC license and the later licenses aren't materially different. Probably when the 3.0 licenses come out, we'll try to do a sitewide license upgrade, but for now it doesn't seem worth the pain. --2006. október 22., 11:07 (EDT)
  • az szándékos, hogy a Wikipédia linkek a nyelvi linkek közé akarnak bekerülni? --Tgr 2006. október 10., 07:16 (EDT)
    • I need a translation for this, please. --Evan 2006. október 22., 18:36 (CEST)
      • Why is that Wikipedia links show up among the inter-language links? --Tgr 2006. október 10., 07:16 (EDT)
        • Thanks. It shows up over there because an encyclopedia page on the same subject is a different way of looking at the same place. Similarly, links to the Open Directory web link collection are another different way of looking at the same subject. We group these into a separate section, "other links", on most Wikitravel versions. If you don't want to do that on hu:, let me know, and I can make Wikipedia links not work that way here. Alternately, you can use WP links like that, and when you want a page to exist in the page, just use [[:Wikipedia:Foo]] instead. --Evan 2006. október 23., 03:48 (CEST)
  • In the top right corner of the page, when I am not logged in, there are false links which when clicked always tell me to login. I'd prefer to have it as it is in Wikipedia, so when you are not logged in, there is only a single log in link. Péter 2006. október 10., 11:50 (EDT)
  • There is a bug in Explorer. When I click on a page whose namespace contains a special character („Speciális”), then it takes me to an empty page with stupid title (for my user page: Speciális:Mypage). I have to change the right characters in the URL line to reach that page. (in WP, they had this problem at e-mail validation, don't know how they solved it.) can you fix this? Alensha 2006. október 21., 11:43 (EDT)

Fixed bugs[szerkesztés]

  • <unwatchpage> conflict
    • Fixed - Bujatt 2006. október 13., 20:11 (EDT)
  • Baloldali menüben a külső linkek (pl. WikiPedia) feletti felirat nem jól jelenik meg: & lt;othersites& gt; - Bujatt 2006. október 12., 17:07 (EDT)
    • Ez megoldva. --Strapontin 2006. október 13., 18:27 (EDT)
  • date should be in Hungarian format?
    • yes, it should use the Hungarian timezone (CET). now it shows 3.30 altough it is already 9.30 - Alensha 2006. október 21., 15:35 (EDT)
    • shared:Tech:Set timezone for hu to Hungarian time. --Evan 2006. október 22., 11:07 (EDT) Note: this should be fixed now. Logged-in users may need to re-set their time offset preferences, or dates will look wrong. --Evan 2006. október 22., 18:10 (CEST)

  • The "Raw signatures (without automatic link)" option can't be turned on. --Tgr 2006. október 8., 17:27 (EDT)
  • 150px 150px
    On the left image the article has no talk_page, after clicking on the red (so non-existent) talk page link I see what is on the right. Dorgan 2006. október 21., 15:23 (EDT)
    • Have you tried refreshing the cache? I had the same trouble, but then ctrl-F5 saved me. :) Alensha 2006. október 21., 15:32 (EDT)
  • There are no charts. Dorgan 2006. október 24., 18:08 (CEST)
    • I'm not sure what this means. What kind of charts? --Evan 2006. október 24., 22:40 (CEST)
      • For example: User:Dorgan/Táblázat I think it isn't a chart. There are no lines. It's working in the hungarian Wikipedia. What do you think? Dorgan 2006. október 24., 22:47 (CEST)
        • Oh. Tables. I think that's because there's some custom CSS [1] that makes the "wikitable" class work. --Evan 2006. október 24., 22:59 (CEST)