Népművészeti Múzeum Samothraki

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Népművészeti Múzeum Samothraki

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The Folklore Museum of Samothrace opened in 1985. In May 1999 changed its structure and was enriched with new findings. Nowadays the ground and first floors present to the visitors view various exhibits, for example:

  • different items such as “Kechagias” equipment
  • agricultural tools
  • various tools for thread procession and traditional looms together with all their equipment
  • local costumes
  • coffers and decorative plates which were brought to the island from the coasts of Asia Minor
  • collections of weavers with woolen rugs
  • cotton bed sheets
  • cotton silk and silk which were processed in Samothrace
  • the woodcut icon stand made in the beginning of 20th century, with rare icons of the last century which come from the island churches