Gattilusi vár romjai

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Gattilusi vár romjai

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The ruins of the Byzantine castle at the edge of the cliff, a remnant of the rule of the Genoese Gattilusi family (1430 AD), is the top must see of Chora. This position was probably already fortified around the end of the 10th century AD when the inhabitants withdrew from Paleopoli to the interior, but for some reason there was the need of a new fort to house the new Greek-Genoese guard.

The castle is built on a huge rock of cubical shape and the only way is from the east, through the village. Three towers and a part of Wall with the Gate is what survived. The first of the towers is circular and possibly it was part of the older fortification of the 10th century. The second tower is square and has on it the emblems of both the Gattilusi family and the Paleologos dynasty, and the year 1433. In fact the year is written in the byzantine way, as 6941, calculated since "the Creation of the World". Between the two towers there was of course a Wall, but today there is an old building housing the Police Station.

The view from the Castle is magnificent. You can see all the town of Chora, to the north the beach and the sea near Paleopoli and to the west the sea in front of Kamariotissa.