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Which one Hindi word do you know? Anyway, glad to see you join. उपमन्यु ०८:५०, २१ मार्च २००७ (EDT) I suppoose you can't read Devanagiri, I'm the one known as upamanyuwikitravel on en.

Actually, after searching for the spelling on the internet I'm not sure which language it is. It sounds like kimshoo. My friend hails from Western India and I can't recall which language he was trying to teach me. Do you know the word? I think it means hello or something like that. -- Sapphire १५:५२, २१ मार्च २००७ (EDT)
That would be khem cho and the language Gujarati and your friend would probably be Mr. Patel. khem cho means "How are you?" and the response to that would be Maja ma, meaning "I'm in fun". — रविकिरण् ०२:२९, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT)
Ravi, how did you pick up Gujju? उपमन्यु
By being around Gujjus. There are many in Mumbai. —रविकिरण् १०:४७, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT)
Well, I speak only Hindi and Bengali (my native tongue) , so there you are! उपमन्यु ०५:०३, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT) (Upamanyu)

Hello, could you help with the editing of Special:System messages. I'm a little (no, way too) confused about the thingy below that which says वार्ता (en:talk). And please try and edit some of them, I had made a list of wt-specific vocab at en:User:Upamanyuwikitravel/Sandbox उपमन्यु ०७:०३, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT) (upamanyu)

I'd be happy to, but... I'm not an admin so I can't. Let me do a little bit of investigating.-- Sapphire ०७:१४, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT)
Hmm. I can't even look at the page. I guess the site blocks all non-admins from viewing the interface files. Ask Ravi if he can see the page. -- Sapphire ०७:१६, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT)
I wrote the Hindi eq. for edit at MediaWiki:Edit but the bar above still says "edit" उपमन्यु ०७:२१, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT)
That may be a problem with the cache. If it doesn't display after a couple of hours we'll need to tell Evan. -- Sapphire ०७:२७, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT)
I can't. — रविकिरण् १०:४८, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT) (Ravikiran)

It's ok now. I had edited MediaWiki:Editsection, now I've edited both. Doed it say बदलें on your comp now?

Can an admin make another user an admin? I'll happily give you the privs so that you can help me out. By the way, I edited the shared thingy you told me to.

Yeah, I see it now. So you're heading down the right path. As for making another person an admin the only way to do so is if you are a "bureaucrat", but Evan didn't give you those rights, yet. If you do get those rights to make someone else an admin you'll need to click on "Special pages", scroll down to "User rights" or something like that (I only know what it says in German). -- ~ Sapphire

am doing the nav. bar. so do I need to edit the section left of the | or only the bit right of the |

To add "Wikitravel Shared" you'll need to type "shared-url" to the left of the "|", then add "Wikitravel Shared" to the right. -- Sapphire ०७:४४, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT) Does that make sense? I can give you an example, if needed.

Got it. Have translated the whole navi bar now, and I think it is working now. It was irritating coz I used a visarga (an alphabet which looks almost identical to the colon) after the namespace. I think I've fixed it. Could you just click on the second-from-the-bottom link on the navi bar and check if it's linkin' to an article. Am translating the sec.s on top now, article, history, user page etc.

Yeah, the link (second from the bottom) works for me. -- Sapphire ०७:५४, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT)

Great, wht is the address of the page which I have to edit so that the history bit (to the right of edit) can be changed to the Hindi term.

and how do i edit the navi bar on the bottom-left, the one which says upload a file, sp. pages etc?

I had to do a bit of research and I'm fairly certain it's impossible to edit the "Toolbox". Rather you have to do individual customizations. I.e. Want to change the name of the "What links here" link you have to edit MediaWiki:Whatlinkshere.

In order of top to bottom:

To edit the "history" edit MediaWiki:History_short. -- Sapphire ०८:४०, २२ मार्च २००७ (EDT)

Next conversation[बदलें]

Ya, school trip was great. No internet access though. Problems

  • When you click on the my talk link, the page doesn't show up.
Are you talking about the "मेरी बातें" link? When I click it my talk page shows up, but the blinking dot doesn't go away. -- Sapphire ०२:१२, ८ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)

My blinking dot doesn't go way, but the talk pg doesnt show up either

Hmm. I'll send a note to Evan. -- Sapphire ०२:२३, ८ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)

also in the traveller's pub. Click on the 3rd link in the navibar. Write the note in en, I'll translate it into hi.

Thanx उपमन्यु you there? उपमन्यु

yup. but which mediawikifile do i edit? उपमन्यु


So I've asked Evan but I think he's busy and I put in a tech request, but do you have any idea why we can't save our preferences over here? Strange... - Cacahuate / काकाहूआटे २३:५६, १२ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)

Same here. And the खोज (search) feature isn't working either. And there's the forever blinking red dot to add to that. उपमन्यु ०६:०४, १३ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)

article templates[बदलें]

These may come in handy if you ever start creating articles. If you have the urge, you can usually copy and paste the city/country name from Hindi Wikipedia... - cacahuate / काकाहूआटे ०२:०५, १३ अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)

Nope, MediaWiki:Article is not the right one. उपमन्यु ०८:४८, ३० अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)

Try MediaWiki:nstab-main. -- Sapphire ११:४०, ३० अप्रैल २००७ (EDT)

MediaWiki pages needed[बदलें]

Thanks for the offer of help!

for MediaWiki:Othersites let's go with और स्थल

for MediaWiki:Edittools see सदस्य:Cacahuate/edittools

for MediaWiki:Newarticletext see सदस्य:Cacahuate/Newarticletext

Some of it's not translated yet, but if you could get those up anyway it would be a huge help in creating new articles, especially newarticletext

Thanks again! – cacahuate बातें ००:५७, ७ जून २००७ (EDT)

OK, I think I'm done monkeying around with them, you can create and copy over if you're still awake. The newarticletext page intro will just have to stay English until Upamanyu gets back from vacation, too much to get my head around  :) – cacahuate बातें ०१:४९, ७ जून २००७ (EDT)
Oh yeah, so the listing templates work over here too, so I kept them in the edittools box... but what's it going to take to get them into Hindi? I see that you're using them over on de too, but in English... so I'm guessing it's not so easy to translate? – cacahuate बातें ०१:५६, ७ जून २००७ (EDT)
I'm technically retarded on the listings front. Evan says listings can be translated, but Jani says something about black magic and "parsers" and translations would be horrible. Here's the full discussion- shared:Tech:Localizing_listing_tags_and_attributes. It is possible, however, to translate some things like "Check in" and "Check out" and "Email" without any adverse effects. -- Sapphire ०२:४१, ७ जून २००७ (EDT)

Hey! So newarticletext isn't showing up for some reason  :( Also, can you add the numbers part into edittools? Here it is:


Thanks a lot for your help, much appreciated! – cacahuate बातें ००:३१, ८ जून २००७ (EDT)

Yeah, I don't understand why it's not showing up. I'll file a bug report later, but I'll add the numbers now. By the way, I think you should hound Evan for sysop status because I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't be an admin. -- Sapphire ००:४८, ८ जून २००७ (EDT)
Well, I don't know... he didn't seem so responsive when I left him messages about it... it would definitely help so I could figit around with things and help Upamanyu... but maybe he's worried about tooo many admins. There's already 3 or 4 and we don't even have any other users yet. Maybe you should bug him, he likes you  ;) – cacahuate बातें ०१:५९, ८ जून २००७ (EDT)