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[en] Don't copy external text[modifier]

Stop hand.png Stop copying text from external websites or any other copyrighted sources unless you are the copyright holder or you have explicit permission. You should see a warning "N’UTILISEZ PAS DE TRAVAUX SOUS COPYRIGHT SANS AUTORISATION EXPRESSE !" when you post. --Episteme 23 août 2008 à 18:49 (EDT)

I copied text from my own website

  • Most of this edit seems to have been copied from other websites (including MSN Encarta), which is apparently copyright violation.
  • If you are the owner of, it is advisable to prove it (for example, put up a notice on the site that the site owner is contributing to French Wikitravel). Then I'll be ready to withdraw the request for deletion of Image:Beachbusua.jpg. --Episteme 24 août 2008 à 15:06 (EDT)

As I am in the bush in Ghana, I am using a GPRS network, so no easy to modify my website. You can send me an e-mail to [email protected] (you can check on the website that it is Busua Inn e-mail box)and I shall reply.

As I have confirmed that you are the site owner, I have withdrawn the request for deletion of Image:Beachbusua.jpg. Thank you for your patience. --Episteme 11 septembre 2008 à 00:12 (EDT)