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Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun

Hi, my name is Sabine Cretella. I am German and speak Italian and English - I read French and Spanish quite well as well as some other languages that are near to those I learnt.

I am the initiator of together with Gerard Meijssen and I started the Neapolitan Wikipedia where I am a Bureaucrat. Furtermore I started to work quite at the beginning on the Italian Wiktionary where I am a Bureaucrat as well. I am an admin on various other wikis of the Wikimedia Foundation and outside.

My job in this period is quite a mixed one ;-) I am a translator in a first place (even if I very much select what I translate nowadays). Besides that I am Community and Integration Manager for Open Progress and Community Development Director on Yellowikis.

As for Wikitravel I did some editing on the German version time ago - mainly on Maiori, the city where I live. Now what I try to do is combine and link the various projects among each other and therefore I will start to add the addresses of hotels here on the Spanish Wikitravel as well. My aim always was to make the Amalfi Coast better known. Not being able to write Spanish I will be able to only contribute with certain stuff like photos, addresses etc. and links to the other projects and from the other projects here. Eventually you can help me to build some basic sentences about the various cities so that linking here makes more sense. So I hope in a good co-operation among all these various projects. Step by step I will also subscribe to the other langauge versions.