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Saluton kaj bonvenon, Jonathaneo! -- 18:53, 13. Jan 2007 (EST)


Welcome message :-)

Hi, thank you for your welcome. Well no, I don't speak Esperanto but I read it fairly well. What I am trying to do is adding information about holiday possibilities on the Amalfi Coast to the various wikis. Actually I am collecting the addresses of the various hotels etc. in the various cities on the coast and I will try create some kind of layout for me that helps to pass the same info from one wiki to the other without necessarily needing to know the various languages. Therefore it could be that I will ask you some keywords that than can be applied to the various wikitravel versions just by using a certain kind of template/link. It is something I am trying out - if it works, we will be able to create information once and then transfer it easily to all other projects. I hope this sounds interesting to you :-) Have a great day and best wishes from the Amalfi Coast! --SabineCretella 09:16, 19. Jun 2007 (EDT)