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Wikitravel is a project to create a free, complete, up-to-date and reliable world-wide travel guide. So far we have 28,629 destination guides and other articles written and edited by Wikitravellers from around the globe. Check out the Help page to see how you can edit any page right now.

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Destination of the month:

Bourbon Street, French Quarter, looking west towards Canal Street

New Orleans

New Orleans is the largest city (some 480,000 in the city, 1 million in the metropolitan area) in Louisiana, USA, as well as the state's top visitor destination. The city has a reputation for historical roots, hot and muggy weather, good food, good music, and over-the-top debauchery. Mardi Gras, the weeks-long party synonymous with New Orleans, is going on now, and ends on 8 February 2005.

Travel News

State of Emergency Declared in Nepal:

1 February 2005

On Feb 1st 2005, King Gyanendra dismissed the government and declared a state of emergency. International flights are being allowed to land in Kathmandu (after a temporary suspension), but telephone and internet connections have been cut. Foreign tourists are not a target in this internal dispute. (more...)

Egypt Announces Price Rises for Tourist Entry to Monuments:

21 January 2005

Reports from Egypt reveal that the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities has raised all ticket prices for tourist admission to the country's vast array of ancient and medieval monuments. Above-inflation price hikes, effective immediately, range between 40% to 175%, with the average increase standing around 75%. (more...)

Turkey Introduces New Currency:

1 January 2005

Turkey has introduced the New Turkish lira [code TRY] [1] as a replacement currency for the old Turkish lira - the new currency is marked YTL (Yeni Türk Lirası) is equivalent to 1 million of the old. The old currency will be valid until the end of the year (2005). (more...)

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4 February 2005: Wikitravel reaches a total of 5000 articles across all 5 language editions.

6 January 2005: Wikitravel is referred to obliquely in a Slashdot article on Wikipedia.

10 December 2004: The English Wikitravel reaches 3000 articles with Horyuji, an ancient temple town in Japan.

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