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Zhangmu called Tajuegabu in ancient time, in Tibetan means ‘a nearby port’, is an important extension branch of the tea horse road. It’s east, south and west are bordered on Nepal, the height is 2300 m, 736 km from Lhasa, 120 km from Kathmandu.

  • Geography: Walking southwest along China-Nepal road after leaving the capital of Tingri, Xieger, passing by Gangga walking 30 km more, you are in Selamu. You can see Mt. Everest in another direction on the way. Zhangmu has a moderate climate, low height, the flowers are in full bloom in four seasons makes up a beautiful scenery, with the special geography, it’s very potential to develop tourism. After the China-Nepal road (a part of 318 national road.) opened to traffic in 1965, the communication of economic between China and Nepal is more and more frequently, the tourist and merchandise became more and more. It has already been the main tunnel of many foreign tourism team and expedition into China. The port of Zhangmu is 13 km from friendship which is the border of China and Nepal, from there, the distance to the capital of Nepal—Kathmandu is less than 90 km. The branch of Qinghai-Tibet railway will reach here from Lhasa.
  • Hotel: There are Zhangmu hotel and some family national feature hotels which are deeply loved by foreign and native tourist in Zhangmu.

Zhangmu is 2300 m over the sea level, a mountain city built along with the winding mountain road, the modern buildings and ancient wooden cross wonderful scenery, Mixed with Chinese, Tibetan and Nepal.

  • Traffic: There is no long-distance bus, but a lot of trucks driving to Lhasa and Shigatse. Most tourist chartered cars here, or thumb a lift. Some cars sending foreign tourist out of the town will empty back, it’s easy to take a lift. The fee to chartered a Toyota jeep from Lhasa to Zhangmu is 300~400 yuan.
  • Food: The local restaurant is very expensive, however, others such as Nepal restaurant, Tibetan restaurant even Muslim restaurant have a reasonable price and taste good. You can get a full meal in a Nepal restaurant only spent less than 20 yuan.