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Zagatala (Zaqatala) is a city in Sheki Rayonu in northwest Azerbaijan.


Zakatala is located in north-west Azerbaijan on the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. It is at an altitude of 600 meters. It is located 450 km (280 mi) from the capital Baku. The population of Zakatala city is 25,000 people. Zakatala is a multinational region with 26 different ethnic groups including: Avar, Zakur, Lesgi, Kumuck, Yengloid, Ingloid, Russian, Georgians, etc. Zakatala city is divided into two parts by the Tala River, Zaka and Tala.


Zakatala was established in the 17th century by its namesake Zakeria. Before that, there was only a government by the name of the Jar-Balakan Community, which was established by the Avar. This community fell to the influence of the Mongolians, Persians, and finally after the establishment of the city of Zakatala, the Russians. In the 18th century, the Russian Army, under the leadership of General Sisianov, attacked Zakatala. The locals from the Jar-Balakan Community resisted General Sisianov's army heroically. Finally, General Sisianov fortified the city of Zakatala against the Jar-Balakan Community. At this time, Dagestan’s ruler, Sheik Shamil sent a cohort of soldiers with the purpose of liberating the people of Zakatala, but despite their efforts the Jar-Balakan Community was defeated on the banks of the Alazan Rive. Thus, Zakatala fell to the influence of the Russian Empire. After the October Revolution and the declaration of the First Republic of Azerbaijan in 1918, Zakatala was made the regional center for the northwest region until 1920. During the Soviet period, Zakatala industrialized with tobacco, wool, brick, hazelnut, wine, and dairy factories. Communal farms were established in Zakatala as well and the railroad was laid to Zakatala. Upon independence in 1991, many mosques, 2 educational institute, and several schools were opened in Zakatala.


  • Spring: Especially rainy, with much of the annual 120 cm falling during this time.
  • Summer: The temperature ranges from 30-35 C and the mountains are verdant.
  • Fall: The tree leaves brown and it rains.
  • Winter: The mountains are covered with with an average of 50-60 cm of snow.

Get in[edit]

Ortachala Central Bus Station, Tbilisi, Georgia, there is a mini-bus leaving twice a day (08:30 and 17:00, GEL12, information current as of Dec. 31, 2018). There is a very high probability there will be no buses to Zaqatala on January 1 and 2 and the ticket booth attendant has no way of confirming whether the buses will show.

Get around[edit]


Taxis are 1 AZN for a trip anywhere in the city of Zaqatala. Just state the location and the driver will take you there. To go to a village, be prepared to pay 5-10 AZN.


Minibuses cost .2 AZN and there are two routes in Zaqatala city. #1 Gagarin Street-Bus station, #2 Galaduzu-Bus station. Pay upon exiting the bus.


While Zaqatala is a natural tourist destination with its verdant mountains, friendly people, and liberal atmosphere, English is not widely spoken, so it would be wise to either bring an Azeri phrasebook and/or brush up on your Azeri, Russian, or Turkish before arriving.

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Parks and Monuments[edit]

Zaqatala is blessed with beautiful nature in this region. The town of Zaqatala is surrounded by mountains. There are 2 parks in the town. One of them is new. This new park is named after academic Zarifa Aliyeva. The other one is named after Haydar Aliyev. This park is not new, but it is very beautiful and large. There are many green trees in here. This is very important for us because they produce oxygen for the people of Zaqatala. It must be protected.

  • Heydar Eliyev Park, (up past the central square. Walk up the stairs and take a right, after walking 50 meters there will be the park.). This central park is quite nice during the summer, and it has a couple tea houses and benches where you can kick back and relax. It also has a restaurant, one museum, and an amusement park. The cost of the amusement rides are .2 AZN per ride. free.  edit
  • Dada Gorgud Square, City Center (right in the city center). This central square dedicated to the Caucasian Mother Goose, Dada Gorgud. In the square there are 800 year old Eastern Plane Trees as well as tea houses that both males and females can frequent without trouble. The tea costs .6 AZN for just tea, and 1 AZN for tea, sweets, and lemon.  edit
  • Ancient Chapel, (behind Dada Gorgud Square). Behind the city square there is an old chapel. Despite the lack of upkeep, it is still a beautiful structure. free admission.  edit
  • Chingis Tower, Jar Village (Take a taxi to Jar Village). ===Museums and Galleries=== * <see name="Haydar Aliyev Museum" alt="" address="Zaqatala Heydar Eliyev Park" directions="" phone="" email="" fax="" hours="9 AM-6 PM daily" price="Free" url="">A museum dedicated to the first president of independent Azerbaijan. The museum is full of pictures, books, and statues dedicated to the man.  edit
  • Zaqatala Regional Museum, Heydar Eliyev Street. In the center by the post office.. 10 AM-1 PM, 2 PM-5 PM daily. A museum highlighting the unique culture, people, and activities of Zaqatala region. 1 AZN.  edit

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Do[edit][add listing]

  • Zaqatala Olympic Complex (Sports Complex), Peace Street (Near Heydar Eliyev Park). 10 AM- 5 PM. This is a sports complex that has a pool, basketball, volleyball, football courts and a boxing area. Admission costs 5 AZN per day.  edit


Day Trips

  • Driving from Zaqatala up through the Katecy River to Qabid valley, then across the two mountains to the waterfall over the Katech river. There are camping places across from the Baku road. Total length, 38 km.
  • Driving from Zaqatala, up the Mishlesh river across Julusu mountain pass through the Tala river to the Tala mountain. Total length 13 km.
  • Driving from Zaqatala, Batyomkir tower, 17th century church, and Tala mountain, then through the Tala river to Mishlesh mountain. Total length 15 km.
  • 3 day touring plan; from Zaqatala, Masec mountain pass to Cabir valley through the Catec river to the waterfall, and camping site. Then up the Silpan river across the Hamra mountain, then to Chir tower, and to the camping place in Jar. Finally, go to Shamil mountain, Kebalaba village and drive back to Zaqatala city.

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Eat[edit][add listing]

Zagatala has a very nice cuisine and several restaurants. In addition to the listed restaurants, there is a restaurant in each hotel in Zaqatala.

Regional Specialities[edit]

  • Suhulu-noodles with dried meat in soup
  • Gutab/keta-kurd, meat, or greens placed between two tortillas
  • Girs-Noodles with meat placed inside it in soup
  • Walnut pilaf-pilaf with walnuts on it
  • Zaqatala hazelnuts-Zaqatala is famous for its hazelnuts. You can buy them by the kilo in various stores. There is a factory on the western outskirts of the city of Zaqatala.


  • Bereket Turkish Restaurant, Heydar Eliyev Avenue near the bus station. Good food. The only Turkish food in Zaqatala. Open 11 AM-9 PM. 2-6 AZN.  edit
  • Shamliq Restaurant(Naiq Bulaq), Near the bus station. Good food and a nice place to drink beer in the afternoon. Open 10 AM-9 PM. 2-6 AZN.  edit
  • Gagash Restaurant, Near Hotel Turgud by the old bazaar. Tasty Georgian Khengel. Open 9 AM-11 PM. 2-5 AZN.  edit
  • Naib Bulaq, 5 KM outside of Zaqatala city on the Baku road. Tasty foods: kabab, basdirma, qutab/keta and etc. Open 11 AM-9 PM. 2-5 AZN.  edit

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  • Hotel Turgud, Near the old Bazaar, Nizami street. (Walk from the center East for 300 meters crossing a bridge and take a right.), 0174-562-29. 10 AZN for 2 people. (413750.80,463819.30) edit
  • Hotel Zaqatala, Heydar Eliyev prospect, near the central mosque. (Walk from bus station towards the central mosque. The hotel Zaqatala will be on the right side of the road.), 0174-57-09. 20 AZN for 2 people.  edit
  • Hotel Isoil, F Emirov Street. (Walk from the bus station west 400 meters. The Hotel Isoil will be on the right side of the road). 35-40 AZN for 1 room.  edit
  • Gala Motel, In Heydar Eliyev Park in the Gala Duzu Hotel. (Walk from the center north, climb the steps by the center square, walk past the pink school, and go into the park. From the park entrance, walk north until you see a big building.), 0174--. 15 AZN for 2 people.  edit
  • Lezzet Restaurant and Resort, Upper Jar Village. (Take a taxi from the bus station to Jar Village.), 0174-552-51. 40 AZN and up for 1 cottage. If you're driving, ask for directions from Zaqatala town for Jar village. Accommodation is very basic: the rooms get very cold at night, there might be no hot water. But, the service is very good, everyone is really friendly and the food is delicious..  edit

Get out[edit]

Visit some of the nearby scenic villages:

Bus Times The number for the Zaqatala bus station is:944505025121

  • Zaqatala-Qax: 8:00, 8:30, 9:30, 10:05, 11:00, 11:40, 12:20, 13:15, 14:00, 15:30, 17:00.
  • Zaqatala-Baku: 9:00, 9:30, 10:10, 11:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00
  • Zaqatala-Barda: 7:45, 13:00
  • Zaqatala-Gance: 8:15, 8:45, 10:15, 11:00, 15:00
  • Zaqatala-Mingachevir: 14:00
  • Zaqatala-Yevlax: 12:15, 16:00

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