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Zagłębie Dąbrowskie rivers water trails

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Zagłębie Dąbrowskie rivers water trails

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Zagłębie Dąbrowskie's gained its natural values. There're many rivers and streams to explore.



Bobrek's a river crossing Sosnowiec districts of Kazimierz Górniczy or Ostrowy Górnicze, it starts to flow in Strzemieszyce, Dąbrowa Górnicza

  • place near Szałasowizna district in Strzemieszyce-Kazimierz Górniczy-cross with Rów Mortimerowski stream-Porąbka district-Niwka district-Three Emperors Corner
  • Difficulty: The river's wild and fast, the trail isn't much long but rather destined for more experienced kayak lovers.Some parts of the river can be narrow.

safety Rów Mortimerowski was a coal mine waste place. As the coal mine doesn't work nowadays and the water in Rów is much clearer, just protect yourself by wearing one use mask or anti-smog one while crossing this place


The river is located in beautiful nature place located among forests

  • Hutki-Kanki-Skałbania-Kuźnica Błędowska
  • Difficulty: Totally wild river, somehow shallow, crossing forest areas, only for people with bigger experience. You can join crossing the river with Biała Przemsza.

safety. The biggest hazards're fallen trees.


Not many people don't know Pogoria's also a small river crossing all around Pogoria lakes.

  • Version 1
  • Łęknice (near Zakładowa street)-crossing along Pogoria III-meadows-crossing along Zielona Park-crossing Zielona district-Ksawera(Będzin)- city beach in Będzin
  • Difficulty: This part of the river's quite narrow, there're many bridges with narrow crossing (You can check their location on the maps), you need to move your kayak. Trail for very experienced only! It also requires earlier planning.
  • Version 2
  • Birch forest near Pogoria III main beach-Crossing meadows near Zielona Park-Zielona Park
  • Difficulty: There're less bridges but it also makes the trail difficult and some points you have to move your kayak.

safety. The river's quite shallow, you'd better cross it after rainy days.


Historic river bordering Silesia from Zagłębie Dąbrowskie.

  • Wojkowice (Żychcice-near Emilii Plater street)-Wojkowice-Czeladź-Czeladź (city center)- Czeladź (parks)- Sosnowiec (Tysiąclecia Park)-crossing Near Stawiki and Hubertus ponds-Nowososnowiecka street (crossing with Czarna Przemsza)
  • Difficulty: The trail's quite easy, it also can be good for families.

safety. There're no bigger hazards.

Practical info and accommodation[edit]

  • Kayak rentals are available in Zielona Park and Sławków only.
  • If you're going to cross Biała Przemsza, Centuria or Bobrek. The best way's to find an accommodation in Sławków or Strzemieszyce
  • If you want to cross Czarna Przemsza or Brynica, just chose Będzin, especially objects located in Łagisza district.