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Zarnesti is in Brasov.

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Situated at the foot of Piatra Craiului Massif, Zărneşti town, attested in 1367, has become in recent years a major tourist landmark on the map of Romania and also Europe. Among the first ecotourism destinations of Romania, Zărneşti opens its doors towards the jewel of the Romanian Carpathians, a castle of limestone and dense forests, Piatra Craiului Massif that attracts mountaineers on its alpine, spectacular trails, on the dream path of gorges and ravines, caves and narrow valleys, offering wild and natural scenery with its bright white ridge. Meeting along the path the stars of the site, “Garofita Pietrei Craiului” (Dianthus callizonus), a unique flower in the world, or the agile chamois, are unforgettable moments for tourists. Being a mountain and ecotourism lover, you can discover here complex activities. They are hiking, with various degrees of difficulty along the mountain trails, mountain biking along the trails and forest roads that go across scattered villages, horseback riding, photo tours, and observation of flora and fauna, hiking to follow footprints of large carnivores and observe their natural behaviour, mountaineering and climbing, or ski touring. Visiting local craftsmen who keep the tradition of woodworking, wool or milk processing, or participating in agro-pastoral activities, are unique moments for any tourist. In halting places in Zarnesti, locals welcome guests happily with rich meals made of fresh local products. Only here you can attend the oldest mountain running competition in the country, Piatra Craiului Marathon, or visit the unique brown bears Reserve in the world.

Get in[edit]

By car[edit]

  • From Brasov (30 km) by Cristian - Rasnov - Zarnesti
  • From Bucharest (168 km) by Ploiesti - Sinaia – Predeal - Paraul Rece - Rasnov - Zarnesti
  • From Baia Mare by Recea - Satulung - Somcuta - Buciumi - Valea Chioarului – Mesteacăn - Bizusa Băi - Ileanda – Dăbâceni - Bârsău Mare - Capalna – Beclean - Galatii Bistritei – Teaca Lunga - Reghin - Sangiorgiu of Mures - Sighisoara – Vanatori - Bunesti - Rupea - Măieruş – Halchiu - Coldea - Vulcan - Zarnesti
  • From Cluj Napoca by Feleacu – Sănduleşti - Highway Transilvania - village Luna Hadareni – Cucerdea – Târnăveni - Botorca – Blăjel - Medias - Moşna – Făgăraş - Zarnesti
  • From Sibiu by Făgăraş - Zarnesti
  • From Predeal by Rasnov – Zărneşti.
  • Bus Timetable [3]

By train[edit]

  • The railway - the siding Brasov - Zarnesti (27 km).
  • The link between Brasov and Zarnesti is on DN 73 to Rasnov and on the road 73A from Rasnov to Zarnesti (28km).
  • Train Timetable [4]

Airline access[edit]

  • Brasov-Ghimbav International
  • Bucuresti Henri Coanda International Airport

Get around[edit]

  • The easiest way is walking, the tourist attractions in the center are pretty next to each other, have a walk in the historic city center.
  • You can take a taxi also, there are several companies such as Tur Taxi: 02688250155/ 0744505880/ 0727515880, Pro Taxi: 0753337881, CBR Taxi: 0742223111, Day Taxi: 0758902464, plus country code +40.
  • Try a horse carriage, a horse sleigh in the winter, or try Hitch-hiking to get access to Zarnesti- Plaiul Foii touristic area.
  • Stop at the Tourist Information Center in the centre of the town for more info about travelling in and around Zarnesti area (12A, Dr.Tiberiu Sparchez Str., Zarnesti, Brasov, 505800, near to the Post Office).

See[edit][add listing]

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Zarnestilor Gorges.jpg
Schitul de la Coltul Chiliilor, Zarnesti, Plaiul Foii.jpg
Zarnesti- historical center.jpg
  • Piatra Craiului National Park. Piatra Craiului, a spectacular massif, offers the visitors unique landscapes, being also home to a variety of habitats and protected species. The biodiversity is represented by forests, endemic species such as “Dianthus Callizonus” and diverse fauna: insects, birds, mammals (chamois, brown bear, wolf, lynx). The most attractive area is the limestone ridge, 20 km long with altitudes over 2000m ("La Om" Peak- 2238m). Among the 42 visiting routes, the one from
  • Zărneştilor Gorges, a 4 km long canyon with high walls up to 200 m, attracts most of the tourists and is accessible all year round.
  • Libearty Bear Sanctuary. It is the largest reserve of brown bears in the world, representing the biggest project of animal welfare in Europe. Here on 70 hectares have shelter approx. 100 brown bears rescued from captivity.
  • Colțul Chiliilor Hermitage. It is the oldest religious establishment in Zărnești (1421), being composed by a chapel decorated as a cave and a whole monastic assembly, rebuilt in the 9th decade of the twentieth century, on the place of the one destroyed in 1718 by the Austrian imperial authorities.
  • Sfântul Nicolae Church. The oldest church in town, a monument of Romanian medieval art, is founded by ruler Neagoe Basarab (1515) and extended its current form in 1810, the chapel houses an exhibition of religious objects, icons and religious books from XVII and XVIII century.
  • Piatra Craiului National Park Visiting Centre. Opened in 2016, the Visitor Center is an exhibition space that combines information trails in the park, based on interactive techniques, three-dimensional layouts and exhibits related to the area's biodiversity. With touch screens, visitors can see the landscapes of Piatra Craiului and find out all the necessary information about the flora and wild animals that live here, but also about the rocks that are combined in the massif. Visitors can also make a virtual tour of the tourist trails, everything with a simple hand movement. An artificial stall has been set up in the visitor's center to allow visitors to see what they look like on the inside, but also an artificial cave where there are bats and other insects living in this environment. The wild animals can be admired on the route that runs through the visitor center. These can not only be seen but also heard, which brings a spectacular element and is certainly a great attraction for the little ones. The interior of the center is designed to simulate the idea of rocks as much as possible, so visitors will feel right on the mountain. In addition, the special effects of thunder, lightning or chirping of the birds will bring the visitor even closer to the beauty of Piatra Craiului Mountains. The center also has a Piatra Craiului 3D layout and a walkway that tourists can climb to admire from above as if they were on the mountain at high. Also on the walkway can be projected pictures from Piatra Craiului, geological information and habitat, but also tourist routes. Everything is with a touch screen command. Practically the visitor can design what map he wants to see and they can virtually admire the entire Piatra Craiului massif. Contact: +40268223165 Address: 150, Topliţei Street, Zarnesti, Brasov
  • The Historical Centre. It preserves the heritage buildings of architectural patrimony, historical monuments built in the nineteenth century. The Communal House (1867- current Cultural Center), the Court (1886) and the Confessional School (1875).
  • Naşterea Maicii Domnului Church. Built in 1791, the church is distinguished by its well-balanced proportions and its original mural painting preserved until today.
  • Intrarea Maicii Domnului în Biserică Church. Founded in 1779, the church was an artistic achievement of that time, its architecture complying with Transylvanian places of worship from the XVIII century.
  • Zărneștean” House – Ethnographic Museum. The house accommodates in a residential building from the nineteenth century, a rich collection of traditional objects, household items, traditional furniture, fabrics and carpets specifics from the Zărnești area.
  • National Art Camp Museum. The museum is arranged in the national art camp "Fekete Gabor", is a sale-exhibition space with modern and traditional artworks exhibited both outdoors and indoors, also offering free art courses. Daily program: 9:00 - 20:00

Do[edit][add listing]

Zarnesti is the starting point for many trips into the Piatra Craiului National Park, and also to Plaiul Foii.

  • Hiking. Piatra Craiului, a spectacular massive, offers visitors unique scenery, sheltering a multitude of protected habitats and species. Biodiversity is represented by forests, pastures and alpine meadows, endemic species - "Garofița Pietrei Craiului" (Dianthus callizonus), and various fauna: insects, birds, mammals (chamois, brown bear or wolf). The most attractive area is the calcareous ridge, 22 km long. with altitudes over 2000m (At Om-2238m.). Of the 42 tracks visitors, most of them as a starting point the town of Zarnesti, which is the most important city for access to the north side of the massif. From the southwestern part of the city starts the forest road that runs through the Gorge, Valea Cheii, and Valea Vlăduşca, allowing access to the eastern slope of the massif.
  • Cycling/ Mountain Biking. The 11 marked cycling trails cover the entire National Park and have three difficulty levels: easy, medium and difficult. Travel through forest roads and trails interconnecting the most beautiful places to visit, woodland and meadows, villages Măgura and Peștera, taking place on asphalt only small distances, therefore recommending the use of mountain bikes (MTB). The description of cycling routes from Zărneşti - Piatra Craiului ecotourism destination can be found [5]. Also tourists can find a map of the cycling routes near to the Tourist Information In Zarnesti and also all around the National Park, the map of the cycling routes can be bought also from the Visiting Center of Piatra Craiului National Park (20 lei each).
  • Horse Riding. Horse riding, a sport that begins to grow strongly, can be practiced in several equestrian centers, from where horses and equipment can be rented. For tourists interested in this activity, the centers offer horseback riding, carriage and sleigh rides in winter, in the neighborhood, or in Măgura and Peștera villages.
  • Climbing and Mountaineering. Considered extreme sports, climbing and mountaineering can be safely practiced on classic climbing routes with varying degrees of difficulty. The most famous trails are in the Zărneşti Gorge, named : "Marilena" and "Gemenii" with difficulty degree 4B, and "Marinelor", "Guriţă" and "Fisurile de Aur" with grade 5A. The spectacular Diane Towers offer two routes: grade 4A "Traseul Frontal" and 5B "Floare de Colț". Other routes can be practiced on the wall of ""Ciorânga Mare".
  • Ski Touring. For adrenaline lovers we recommend practicing this type of skiing, which conquers more and more followers. As a demanding sport, downhill slopes require a good skiing experience. Special equipment is required. Ski Touring offers the opportunity to explore the valleys and slopes winter visited summer, which this season has a different face.
  • Paragliding. What can be more spectacular than a paragliding flight over the Piatra Craiului massif? The spirit of adventure and adrenaline will be required in full, but the flight will be incredible sensation providing absolute freedom. The place of take-off is the Măgurii Saddle, the flights here being very long over the Piatra Craiului massif. Motoparapanta is extremely comfortable for those who seek first flight and is less dependent on weather conditions. Recreational flights with motoparapanta in Zărneşti-Piatra Craiului ecotourism destination are made from Aerodromul Piatra Craiului - Zarnesti.
  • Wildlife Watching. Far from the urban agglomeration, in the full silence of the forest, tourists have the chance to listen to the nature, wild animal noises, and even safely watch the dangerous ones from specially arranged shelters. The forests of Piatra Craiului are the ideal habitat of the great carnivores, such as bears, wolfs, deers, and on the rocky areas, where is the land of the black goats (chamois). The rich ornithofauna, represented by 111 species identified in the area of Piatra Craiului National Park, is an ideal resource for bird watching lovers.

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Visitors can buy postcards (with Zarnesti- Piatra Craiului destination), hiking guides and maps from the Tourist Information Center in Zarnesti, also stickers, hiking and cycling maps from the Piatra Craiului National Park- Visiting Center.
  • Zarnesti has a sunday market with fresh fruit and vegetables, local cheese, honey, wine, arts and crafts.
  • Zarnesti has 3 supermarkets: Lidl Supermarket, Penny Market and Mega Image Supermarket.
  • Tourists can buy modern art (sculptures, paintings, icons on glass) from the National Art Camp Museum- Contact: Artist Fekete Gabor, +40771470650, Address: 19, Branului Street, Zarnesti, Brasov

Eat[edit][add listing]



Location: 9, Ciucas str., Zarnesti Contact: +40268 222 980


Location: 6, Mitropolit I. Metianu Str., Zarnesti Contact: +40371038838


Location: 26, Mitropolit I. Metianu Str., Zarnesti 0721164220


ALocation: 1 Decembrie str., Zarnesti Contact: +40771 298 998

  • MARIDOR – CORP A- ****

Link: Location: Street Branului, is located on DN - 73 at the entrance to Bran - from Brasov It has 180 seats. Phone: +40 368.004.279 Email: [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected]


Location: Street Branulu, no. 170, Zarnesti, Brasov County. It has 60 seats. Phone: +40 268.220.618 +40 740.495.818


WOLF***. It has 18 seats. WOLF2 ****. It has 90 seats. Link: Location: Street Bran, no. 36BIS,. Zarnesti, jud. Brasov Phone / Fax +40 268.237.013


Link: Location: Plaiul Foii, Zarnesti, Brasov County. It has 126 seats. Phone: +40 744.985.904 +40 723.035.702 Email: [email protected]


Link: Location: Plaiul Foii, Zarnesti, Brasov County. It has 60 seats Phone: +40 720.100.830 Email: [email protected]

Bistro and Pubs


Location: no.14, Dr.Tiberiu Sparchez Street, Zarnesti, Brasov Opening hours: Monday: 12.00- 21.30 Tuesday- Friday: 09.30- 21.30 Sunday: 09.30-21.30 Speciality of the house: Pizza Jimmy, Paula Salad Facebook page:


Location: No.14, Ciucas Street, Zarnesti, Brasov Contact: +40722840744 Opening hours: 9.00 am- 12.00 am Facebook page:

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Jimmy's Corner Bistro, no.14, Dr.Tiberiu Sparchez Street, Zarnesti, Brasov, [1]. Monday: 12.00- 21.30 Tuesday- Friday: 09.30- 21.30 Sunday: 09.30-21.30. Speciality of the house: Pizza Jimmy, Paula Salad  edit
  • The Music Pub, No.14, Ciucas Street, Zarnesti, Brasov, +40722840744, [2]. 9.00 am- 12.00 am.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]


For travel information in Zarnesti area you can contact:

  • The Tourist Information and Promotion Center

Contact: +40 368-003376 Address: 12A, Dr.Tiberiu Sparchez St,Zarnesti, Brasov Email: [email protected]; [email protected], Web:

  • The visiting Center of Piatra Craiului National Park-

Contact: +40268223165 Address: 150, Topliţei Street, Zarnesti, Brasov Email: [email protected] Web:

  • The post office is on Dr. Tiberiu Sparchez street.

Get out[edit]

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