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Ywar Ngan

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Ywar Ngan

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Ywar Ngan is in Eastern Myanmar.


Ywar Ngan is termed as 'Virgin Land' as it has many true natural resources and legendary based attractions. Legand says King Alaung Si thu was wandering with rafts, then waited for his commenders here.In Myanmar Language 'Wait' spell 'Nang Lint', next it changed to 'Ywar Ngan'. Other says when royal white elephant is so thirsty that its strike the ground with its fangs, and the salty water were coming out. Those water are offered to the king and named this village as 'Ywar Ngan'- Salty water pouring out village in Myanmar Language.

Get In[edit]

There are 2 main ways of transportation-on land and on air.By air, take Ygn-Heho by plane, from Heho Airport to Ywar Ngan, takes bus.By land can arrive by three routes. First route is Ygn-Taung gyi (stop at Aung Pan), take expresses-Boss, Shwe Manalar, E-lite, Shwe Taung yoe, Lommani,JJ. From Aung Pan to Ywar Ngan takes bus (2000MMK) for 3 hours-10 AM once, 12PM once a day. By express it takes only 2 hours. Second route is Ygn-Mdy(stop at Watch Tower),from Watch Tower to Ywar Ngan take car 15 seated one is (4000MMK) by Aung Pan Thar, 7AM once,1:30 PM once. Third route is Taung Gyi-Mdy-Ywar Ngan, by Aung Chan Thar it costs (8000MMK),7AM once,3PM once.

Get Around[edit]

Ywar Ngan is one of 16 mid-land regions in Shan State, included in Danu self-administered zone. It has 120 villages including village named 'Ywar Ngan'.Danu Race is majority and few are Taung Yoe, Pa-O, Shan, Palaung, and Bermese races. It is covered by true natural resources as well as legendary based attractions. Various Natural attractions are waterfalls, forest and hills, caves, and crops planted lands. To true to nature, Mya Tha Beik legendary Blue Pond, other unusual places can be observed.

See[edit][add listing]

With breathtaking flower planted fields, Ywar Ngan offers many attractions such as Mya Tha Beik Blue Pond, Taw Kyae waterfall,A-lae-chaung waterfall, Mainmaye mountain(brave mistress mountain),Pada Lin cave, Sin Lae Ye Win cave, rows of eucalyptus tress,Myin Mu Hill.

Mya Tha Beik Blue Pond: Most famous Blue Pond of Ywar Ngan gives magical scenery. Some time, fish can be founded. Legendary says one greedy monk stole emerald oaks of Upcoming Buddha, then suddenly the mountain was burnt, and water are flooded in this pond. The water colour are wonderfully blue. It is 16 miles from Ywar Ngan, Southern Taw Kyae Village .Mya Tha Beik Pagoda is nearly finished now.

Waterfalls Many waterfalls can be found at Ywar Ngan. Of Ywar Ngan famous waterfall is A lae Chaung which is only 17 miles from Ywar Ngan, southern A lae Chaung Village. It has many levels and from the second level view is so wonderful. Daloe Pin or Kyauk kuti watetfall is 12 miles from Ywar Ngan, northern Kyauk Kuti Village.Sin lae Ye Win waterfall is with its cave and 12 miles from Ywar Ngan.

Caves Famous Pada lin Cave and Sin Lae Ye Win cave with waterfall is so adventures Pada lin Cave:It is limestone cave with prehistoric man`s drawings more than 15,000 years ago have also been imagination fragments inspired by National Geographic channels. It was first reported by an international archaeological team in 1937 local geologist U Khin Maung Kyaw re-discovered it arard 1968,and then organized research teams in January 1969 to explore further. The areas has one main cave (site2)and a nearby rack shelter (site1).Site 1 was excavations with 1600 store artifacts an many pieces of bone and red ochre tools. Red orchre paintings of human hands, fish, bulls, bison, deer and other objects were also available. Through analysis of painting patterns and radio carbon dating, it is highly probable that these are from the Palaeolithic to early Neolithic ages left behind by primitive people between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago. Site 2 is a short walk from site one. There are several active glistening speleothem. In some parts, the percolating water dripped from the roofs continues actively, resulting in the close proximity of the ground stalagmites and delicately hanging stalactitic. Paintings are determined by weathering and deposition of calcium carbonate, but their existences are row in serious threats due to vandalism acts in the last decade. It is benished to go inside. Just post from outside shows painting represented two human hands, a fish, bulls, bison, and dear. There is also a figure of the sun between conveying crooked lines showing midday sun appearing between the cave's contour and the ridge of the mountain. The cave was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 1996.This was another pinnacle for an adventurous traveler. Sin Lae Yae Win Cave:It is limestone cave and better going there with guide. Inside the cave, it is too dark that generators have to operate soon. In rainy season, water enters into the cave and must take care of slippery cave floor. Sparkeling Cave walls are main attraction. Mainmaye Mount: Mainmaye mount (bravest mistress Mountain) is only 1 hour drive from Aung Pan. It has worth seeing mountain scenery. It is situated on Ywar Ngan -Taung Gyi Mian road over to Myin kya Doe Village. As it is looks like Mount. Pop, it has many Nats on the stairway. The diary says a glamorous virgin named Nan Aye Kan was going to pick up by king, so she run up to this mountain and dive from it. She become mountain god. Her big image is on the stairway up to the mountain.

Do[edit][add listing]

There are also good treeking places in Ywar Ngan- Rpws of eucalayptus trees and Myint Mu hill and others. Rows of eucalayptus trees: It is worth photoshooting places for all visitors. A way of enchanting scenery throughout three seasons attracts people whenever they get there. Near the trees, there are colorful seasonal flowers planted fields which offers magical landscapes. Myint Mu Hill: It is exciting to go to Ywar Ngan by climbing Myint Mu hill for the look on breathtaking wide and large views of surroundings. In the mid of Nov-Feb,colourful crops planted fields are great for taking photo.

Eat[edit][add listing]

As Ywar Ngan is Danu tradition ,foods are a little differ from Shan Foods.For breakfast, restaurant around Ywar Ngan are Shwe Kin Tin(Shan Noodle), Wint Cherry Teashop, New Day Teashop, Pho Kwar Lay Teashop, Moe Thitsar Teashop.For lunch and traditional snacks, Su Mon kyaw restaurant, Wine yar restaurant, JJ roast. Before or after 5 market day - traditional Ywar Ngan rice made foods are mouth watering. For Dinner, May Thu Kyaw myanmar restaurant, Chan Myae Kaung San Chinese restaurant, Sein Yaung So local restaurant, Shwe Danu Chinese restaurant. As there are no traditional restaurants in town, traditional foods can be ordered by guides.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

When you arrived at Ywar ngan, two famous hotels are Genius and Shwe Gue Gu Hotel. Genius,farm with guest house is on Ywar Ngan, Shan state. Guest House rate is 40000MMK.It has coffee shop. Shwe Gue Gu hotel is on Pyi Hlaing Su Road,Ywar Ngan Township, Shan State. Normal room rate is 5000MMK and guest house rate is 30000MMK.Hotel contact and information detailed can be found at facebook page. Buy: You can buy various shan dry snacks and traditional dress near by shops. Ywar Ngan Coffee is awarded by international award and in 120 villages, 70 villages planted coffee. You can taste and buy coffee.

Get Out[edit]

To leave from Ywar Ngan, from Ywar Ngan to Aung Pan (Taung Gyi) take 15 seated car(2000MMK -4000MMK), as you can get out at any time.

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