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Cities and towns of Akita

Yurihonjo (由利本荘市) is a city in southern Akita Prefecture. As of April 2021, Yurihonjo had a population of approximately 73,500 people.


Yurihonjo was formed in 2005 by the merger of several towns: Chokai, Higashi Yuri, Nishime, Iwaki, Honjo, Yashima, and Yuri. However, the former towns are still largely oriented around themselves. And since Yurihonjo is very large in terms of area, people living in the SE may know little about people living in the NW, for example. Honjo (本荘) is in the west of Yurihonjo. To the south of Honjo is Nishime (西目). To the north of Honjo are Matsugasaki (松ヶ崎), Kameda (亀田), and Iwaki (岩城). Ouchi (大内) is NE of Honjo. Higashi Yuri (東由利) is east of Honjo. In the SE are Yuri (由利), Yashima (矢島), and Chokai (鳥海). Chokai is composed of three villages, Kawauchi (川内), Hitane, (直根), and Jinego (笹子).


Honjo, located at the heart of Yurihonjo, is a city surrounded by hills ("Dewa-kyuryo"), plateaus ("Yuri-hara") and the sea. It is believed that the area of Honjo was under the sea about 1,000,000 years ago and that its higher zones started gradually emerging some 500,000 years later. By 3000 B.C., some large villages had been formed at the foot of the Dewa-kyuryo.

The name Yuri appeared for the first time in "Azumakagami", a book written around 1200. The Yuri clan was a powerful family who governed Nikaho, Yashima, Koyoshi and other neighboring districts. Their territories, however, were confiscated by the government in 1213, and for the following 400 years up to 12 clans ruled over the area together. In the early 17th century, the area was disputed between the government and the local clans. It finally became the property of the Rokugo clan from Ibaraki in 1623 and remained so for about 250 years.

There once was a castle in Honjo, located on the site of today's Honjo Park. As a matter of fact, the old way of writing Honjo, 本城, means "main castle". However this castle can no longer be seen as it was burnt down in 1868 by the members of the Rokugo clan themselves at the end of their reign.

On April 1, 1889, the district officially gained the name "Honjo Town". On March 31, 1954, the town merged with the villages of Koyoshi, Otomo, Ishizawa, Minami-utetsu, Kita-utetsu and Matsugazaki. Then, on March 22, 2005, Honjo Town merged again with 7 other small towns of the area to become "Yurihonjo City".


Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) 3 3 7 14 18 23 26 29 24 18 12 6
Nightly lows (°C) -3 -3 0 5 10 15 19 21 16 9 4 0
Precipitation (mm) 114 92 93 118 123 128 178 181 178 161 184 164

Source: SG MSN Weather [28].

July is the rainy season, with regular afternoon showers. The spring and summer before and after that have less rain, and are therefore good for outdoor activities. In November, cold weather thunder storms are said to mark the end of fall and the beginning of hatahata (a local fish) season. In the winter, the coastal areas of Yurihonjo get a little snow, and the inland areas get a lot, which makes for good skiing and snowboarding.

Get in[edit]

Depending where you're going, a car is probably your best bet.

By car[edit]

Within Akita, cars are the most convenient way to get around. Route 7 connects Honjo with Akita to the north, by way of Iwaki, and Nikaho to the south, by way of Nishime. Route 105 connects Honjo to Daisen in the NE, by way of Ouchi. Route 107 connects Honjo to Ugo and Yokote in the east, by way of Higashi Yuri. Route 108 connects Honjo to Yuzawa in the SE, by way of Yuri, Yashima and Chokai. There are several small roads through the mountains, but some of them are seasonal or are closed for long-term repairs, so ask someone locally and check. In the winter, the roads can be snowy and icy, and the mountain areas — Chokai, for example — get tons of snow.

By train[edit]

The nearest shinkansen stations are the Komachi Shinkansen in Akita or Omagari, and the Tsubasa Shinkansen in Shinjo, northern Yamagata Predecture. Both of these shinkansen lines go to Tokyo. There are many daily trains going north and south out of Honjo. There is also a private train line that goes from Ugohonjo Station to Yashima, by way of Yuri. See Hyperdia for train schedules.

  • Ugohonjo Station (羽後本荘駅 Ugohonjō-eki), 85-1 Nishibonten, 018-422-0221. The main train station in Yurihonjo. (39.386591,140.05723) edit
  • Yashima Station (矢島駅 Yashima-eki), Hazaka, Nanokamachi, Yashima (2 blocks SW of the Yashima Police Station, and well-signed), 018-456-2036. 5:30AM-9:10PM. The terminus of the Yuri Kogen Railway. This station has a large sitting area and a computer with free internet. (39.230356,140.138858) edit
  • Yuri Kogen Railway (由利高原鉄道 Yurikōgen tetsudō), Hazaka 21-2, Nanokamachi, Yashima, 018-456-2736 (, fax: 018-456-2850), [1]. This railway runs from Ugohonjo Station to Yashima by way of Yuri. Trains leave around once an hour; see the website for the schedule.  edit

By bus[edit]

Night buses go from Tokyo to Yurihonjo. Several bus companies offer this service. Check the websites or ask at the bus station for more information.

  • Ugokotsu Bus Station (羽後交通), Sakanamachi 45 (Half a block west of Hotel Iris.), 018-424-2440 (), [2]. Night buses go to and from Tokyo. There are other bus routes to various places in Akita, as well. (39.391313,140.041263) edit
  • JR Bus Tohoku (ジェアールバス東北), 018-424-2440 (Ugokotsu Station), 024-534-2011 (JR Bus Tohoku office), [3]. The line connecting Honjo and Tokyo is called "Chokai Dream". Passengers can board at Ugohonjo Station, Ugokotsu Bus Station, and several other locations in the area.  edit
  • Orion Bus (オリオンバス), 0570-00-2020, [4]. Runs nightly buses connecting Honjo and Tokyo.  edit

Get around[edit]

Towns in Yurihonjo

In Honjo itself, biking and walking are feasible. There are a few buses each day connecting outlying towns. Iwaki, Nishime, Yuri, and Yashima can be reached by train from Honjo. Taxis and daiko are available, but they're very expensive for outlying areas. Traveling by car is convenient, and parking is rarely a problem.

By bus[edit]

There are several daily buses connecting Honjo to Higashi-Yuri. Buses also go from Honjo to Yashima several times a day, continuing to Kawauchi and Jinego in Chokai. Though there are buses going from Honjo to Iwaki and Nikaho, the train is probably more convenient. The train station has timetables for local buses.

  • Yurihonjo Transportation (由利本荘市公共交通情報), [5]. Bus listings for Yurihonjo.  edit

See[edit][add listing]

  • Akata Giant Buddha (赤田大仏 Akata daibutsu), Uwadaomote 115, Akata (On Route 69, several kilometers south of the rest area in Ouchi.), 018-422-1349‎, [6]. A large Buddha statue. Free. (39.428091,140.103051) edit
  • Honjo Culture Hall (本荘文化会館 Honjō bunkakaikan), Mikuramachi 30, Honjo (1 block west of Max Valu and 1 block SW of the large pink hospital), 018-422-3033‎. This building is the only large auditorium in Yurihonjo. It hosts many kinds of shows, such as dance shows, concerts, and karaoke contests. (39.391048,140.048687) edit
  • Honjo Park (本荘公園 Honjō kōen), Honjo. Have a picnic. In April or May, watch cherry blossoms in the park. (39.384766,140.04752) edit
  • Hottai Waterfall (法体の滝 Hottai no taki), Momoyake, Chokai (Follow road signs from Yashima or Kawauchi.), 018-457-2207‎. A large waterfall with picnic and camping area and restaurant in Momoyake, Hitane, Chokai. There is also a 2km hiking trail. The facilities are closed in winter, and the road is not plowed. However, the road is plowed in Momoyake until the last 2km, so one can easily walk in on snowshoes. (39.108138,140.156084) edit
  • Iwaki Local History Museum (岩城歴史民俗資料館 Iwaki rekishi minzoku shiryōkan), Tamachi 41, Kamedamachi, Kameda, Iwaki (From Honjo, go several kilometers north, and then turn east towards Kameda. There's a large tower that's visible from afar.), 018-472-2048‎. This reconstructed village has some museum buildings with old clothes, weapons, scrolls, and, oddly, biology research. There are also some reconstructed buildings, as well as old looms and blacksmith tools. Next to the reconstructed village there's a large tower, surrounded by a small moat. There's a restaurant and gift shop on the first floor, and the top floor has nice views of Kameda. No English is spoken, but the ticket window has an English language handout that describes each of the buildings. If the employees have time, they can demonstrate how some of the tools are used. ¥400 for adults. (39.500522,140.083891) edit
  • One Thousand Jizō (千体地蔵 Sentai jizō), (From the Ouchi Rest Area, take Rte 107 east a few hundred meters, then turn north on Rte 69 and follow it for several km. There are 2 parking lots and a small shop at the road, and the statues are just up the hill.). See a thousand small statues on a path by the road. (39.46367,140.09623) edit

Do[edit][add listing]


  • Chokai Ballpark (鳥海球場 Chōkai kyū-jō), Nishino 108, Kami-Kawauchi (From Honjo, Take Rte 108 10 km past Yashima. Find a traffic light and about 100m after that, turn right. The ballpark is on the right after 50m.), 018-457-2881‎. This ballpark hosts youth and adult baseball games. (39.180768,140.197295) edit
  • Chokai Snowmobile Land (鳥海高原南由利原スノーモービルランド), (On the Chokai Plateau.), 018-453-2126. Dec-Mar Wed-Sun 10AM-4PM. A snowmobile training and recreation area. Instructors can teach beginners, including children. Reservations necessary.  edit
  • Hotel Foresta Chokai (フォレスタ鳥海), 8-45 Okuyamamae, Sarukura (Follow signs from Yashima or Kawauchi.), 018-458-2888, [7]. Onsen and hotel on the base of Mt. Chokai. There are indoor and outdoor baths. Bring your own towel for bathing. ¥400. (39.174333,140.117856) edit
  • Mt. Chokai (鳥海山 Chōkai-san), (Follow Japanese road signs from Yashima.). Climb Mt. Chokai from the Haraikawa Trailhead near Yashima. It takes around 4 hours to reach the summit, or 8 hours round trip. The mountain is 2236 meters high. Hiking is free. To stay overnight at the summit lodge, you need to make reservations and pay. (39.131248,140.069203) edit
  • Mt. Hinoto (丁岳 Hinoto-dake), (Take Rte 108 to Jinego in Chokai. At the traffic light, turn west. Follow the road perhaps 15km to the trail head. Signs in Japanese.). Road closed in winter. A round trip climb up and down Mt. Hinoto takes around 5 hours. Get supplies in Jinego before going to the trail head. For a few kilometers leading to the trail head, the road is unpaved. The mountain is 1,145 meters high. Free. (39.031969,140.219686) edit
  • Noyake Onsen (野宅温泉), Noyake 14, Kami-Jinego (Take Rte 70 SE from the Jinego Rest Area on Rte 108. It's north of the road after perhaps 6km.), 018-459ー2336. (39.0937,140.2560) edit
  • Okojoland Ski Area (オコジョランドスキー場 Okojorando suki-jō), Okuyamamae 3-11, Sarukura (In Momoyake, Hitane, near Chokaiso.), 018-458-2932‎. Sun-Thu 9AM-4PM; Fri-Sat 9AM-4PM, 5PM-9PM; restaurant 11AM-8PM. Small ski area in Momoyake, Chokai. 1 chair lift (2 person). Ski rentals available. There's a restaurant and a large free-use room in the warming house. Adult day pass ¥2200; adult 4 hour ticket ¥1100. (39.168309,140.126487) edit
  • Shisuikan (紫水館), Kubo 193, Fushimi (From Momoya on Rte 108, drive 200m towards Yuzawa. Turn left and follow the road for 300m until it runs into the Shisuikan.), 018-457-3020. This community center often hosts public events, such as guest speakers and concerts. (39.191113,140.191432) edit
  • Yunosawa Onsen (湯の沢温泉), Yunosawa 52, Sarukura (Near Okojoland Ski Area in Sarukura, Hitane.), 018-458-2188‎. This onsen is part of Hotel Masaka. It makes a nice stop after skiing at Okojoland Ski Area. ¥500 for adults. (39.169434,140.130491) edit


  • Kizakura Onsen Yurari (黄桜温泉・湯楽里), Hatakeda 28, Oikata (At the Higashiyuri Rest Area), 018-469-2611, [8]. 9AM-9PM daily; closed 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, or the following day if a national holiday. This is a large onsen. It has relaxing areas, baths, and an attached restaurant. ¥350. (39.301156,140.285397) edit


  • Honjo Library (由利本荘市立本荘図書館), Mikuramachi 30 (2 blocks SW of Daiichi Hospital, next door to Honjo Kominkan and Honjo Bunkakaikan.), 018-422-4900‎. M-F 9AM-6PM, Sa-Su 9AM-5PM, closed 3rd Sunday of the month, closed last day of the month (or preceding Friday). Largest library in Yurihonjo. Some English books are available, but most of these are in a storage room in back, so ask for help. (39.390706,140.048424) edit
  • Kofuen Sumo Ring (風園相撲場), (SW of Honjo Park on top of the hill.), 018-424-6287. This is an outdoor sumo practice ring, open for all to use. Contact the Honjo Board of Education (number above) for more information. ¥200 per hour. (39.383162,140.043046) edit
  • Koryu Gakushu Center (交流学習センター), Kami-Ōno 16 (Across the street from Pachinko 21.), ‎018-424-4344‎. This public building has a small public library, as well as a gym and kitchen. Private groups often reserve the gym or kitchen and use them for various events. This building was formerly called the Koiki Koryu Center (広域交流センター). (39.375699,140.063356) edit
  • Pine Spa Onsen (ぱいんすぱ新山), Tajiri 30-12, Ishiwaki (Just south of Yuri Technical High School.), 018-428-1661‎‎. 9AM-9PM, closed the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, as well as Dec 27-28. This onsen opened in 2005. adults ¥400, ¥300 after 6PM. (39.403147,140.025445) edit
  • Tsurumai Kaikan (鶴舞会館‎), Kawarayachi 1 (200m west of the swimming pool near City Hall.), 018-424-2911‎. This community center has large and small rooms that can be reserved for various community events. (39.38596,140.045756) edit
  • Tsurumai Onsen (鶴舞温泉), Nishikobitomachi 23-1 (South of the Lawson by Honjo Park.), 018-423-7227‎. 8AM-9:30PM, closed 1st/3rd Fri of every month & Dec 29-30. This is a popular onsen in central Honjo with a scenic location by a pond. ¥300-500. (39.381852,140.047088) edit
  • Yurihonjo Softball Ground (ソフトボール場), (3km south of the expressway's Honjo entrance ramp.), 018-424-3966‎. This softball ground hosts youth and adult tournaments. (39.3544,140.0737) edit


  • Hamanasu Family Bowling (はまなすファミリーボウル‎), Shinmichishita 1112-1, Numata (Next to the Nishime Rest Area), 018-433-4710‎. A bowling alley with around 14 lanes, open until late. (39.36317,140.014186) edit
  • Nishime Kominkan Seagull (西目公民館シーガル), Shinmichishita 2-533, Numata (From Nishime Station, go 1 block north and 1 block west.), 018-433-2315‎. This community center has a medium-sized auditorium. It often hosts community events like dance recitals and art exhibits. (39.347864,140.015224) edit
  • Nishime Yukkoland (にしめ湯っ娘ランド), Shinmichishita 1112-1, Numata (On Route 7, just behind the Nishime Rest Area, next to Max Valu.), 018-433-4422‎, [9]. 24 hours. This bath house is part of a hotel. It's one of the only 24-hour bath houses in Yurihonjo. The building is not noteworthy, but on the other hand, it's clean, and the bath is large. There's a large bath, a small mineral bath, a sauna, and an outdoor sitting area. Massages are available. 3 hours in bath for ¥500. (39.363066,140.014186) edit


  • Yurihonjo Sogo Gymnasium (由利本荘市総合体育館; Yurihonjō sōgō taiikukan), Nishigoe 62, Iwaya (In front of the rest area in Ouchi.), 018-462-0501‎. This large public gymnasium hosts a variety of sports tournaments. There is also a weight room with treadmills. Most events are free to watch; the weight room costs a few hundred yen per visit. (39.441913,140.087844) edit
  • Nagasaka Ski Area (長坂スキー場), 長坂大霜38-3 (Just off Route 105 near Ouchi Junior High School.), 018-466-2526. A small ski area with one t-bar and one slope. Open for day and night skiing. (39.454288,140.176642) edit


  • Cycling Terminal Yamayuri (サイクリングターミナルやまゆり), 360 Minami Yurihara, Nishisawa (Take Rte 32 to the Yuri Plateau. This building is just east of the junction with Rte 287.), 018-453-3055‎. This building has a tourist information center, a small gift shop, a small restaurant, public restrooms and vending machines, and maps. There may be bicycles for rent, as well. The annual Chokai Marathon running race starts and ends here. Closed in winter. (39.237738,140.068367) edit
  • Hanadate Milsey Dairy (花立牧場工房ミルジー Hanadate bokujō kōbō milsey), 60 Hanadate, Jōnai (On Rte 32 at the Hanadate area of the Chokai Plateau.), 018-455-2605. Apr-Nov 10AM-5:30PM. This dairy has tasty milk and ice cream. Offers hands-on tours. (39.211042,140.09366) edit
  • Yashima Nishinkan/Kominkan (日新館・矢島公民館), 64-1 Hazaka, Nanokamachi (Between the train station and Lawson.), 018-456-2203. 9AM-5PM daily, closed the 3rd Sunday of each month, closed Dec 29-Jan 3. Community center with library and small auditorium. There is free internet access in the library. (39.231594,140.139396) edit
  • Yashima Ski Area (鳥海高原矢島スキー場 Yashima suki-jō), 6 Chōhoda, Arasawa (Take Rte 108 to Yashima and follow road signs.), 018-456-2182, [10]. 9AM-9PM. Ski area in Yashima. Ski and snowboard rentals available. Small gear shop. Two restaurants. Two ski lifts (4 person and 2 person). Adult day pass for ¥2600. (39.191173,140.091646) edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

The best shopping in Yurihonjo is in Honjo itself. If Honjo doesn't have what you want, go to Akita. If you're shopping in one of the outlying areas, there are often interesting gifts at the rest area shops.


  • A-Coop (Aコープ鳥海), 109-1 Sakaidai, Kami-Jinego (At the traffic light on Highway 108 in Jinego.), 018-459-2861‎. 9AM-7PM. Grocery store. Also sells local alcohol. (39.108248,140.290786) edit
  • Conbini Sato (コンビニ佐藤), 9-1 Ichinotsubo, Shimo-Jinego (On Rte 108 in Jinego.), 018-459-2211‎. 6AM-9PM. Convenience store. Sells fresh fruit, local gifts, and post cards. (39.131892,140.275078) edit
  • Hottoin Chokai (ほっといん直売所), Sakaidai 100, Kami-Jinego (At the Jinego Rest Area on Rte 108). 9AM-5PM. Sells fresh and canned vegetables and gifts for tourists, such as postcards and t-shirts. (39.109561,140.291593) edit
  • Sairando (菜らんど), Kubo 146-1, Fushimi (At the Kawauchi Rest Area on Rte 108.), 018-457-3797‎. Sells fresh and canned vegetables and gifts for tourists such as postcards and t-shirts. In-season vegetables may be cheaper than at local grocery stores. (39.18876,140.18847) edit
  • Daily Yamazaki (Yショップ・鳥海店), Yamanoshita 166-1, Shimo-Kawauchi (On Rte 108 in Kawauchi), 018-457-2440‎. The only convenience store in Kawauchi. (39.200311,140.190007) edit


  • Mingei Saito (民芸さいとう), Uraozakimachi 1-21 (two traffic lights west from Ugohonjo Station), 018-422-1182‎, [11]. Mon-Sat 8:30AM-6:30PM, Sun 9:30AM-6:30PM, closed 1st & 3rd Wed of each month. Sells crafts, food and drink from the region. For example, the shop sells many lacquer dishes and containers made in Akita, as well as local brands of sake and kiritanpo. (39.387103,140.050900) edit
  • Saison Fugetsu (セゾンふうげつ本荘店), Nakabonten 1-4 (Between Bulldog and K's Denki on Rte 105, several blocks north of the Rte 108 interchange.), 018-423-7288. 9:30AM-7PM, closed 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month. Dessert store. Sells pieces and entire cakes, cream puffs, and other sweets. (39.381234,140.060282) edit


  • Nishime Rest Area (道の駅にしめ‎), Shinmichishita 1112, Numata (On Rte 7 in northern Nishime, 10 min south of Honjo.), 0184-33-4260‎. This rest area has a restaurant, gift shop, vending machines, and a large parking area. The gift shop has a large selection of local and regional foods, t-shirts, and crafts. (39.362857,140.014532) edit


  • Saison Fugetsu (風月堂), Shimo-Yamadera 61, Nanokamachi, 018-456-2354. Dessert store. Sells pieces and entire cakes, cream puffs, and other sweets. (39.228805,140.140706) edit
  • Lawson Station (ローソン・由利本荘矢島店), Magaribuchi 181, Nanokamachi (SE side of Rte 108.), 018-427-5633. 24 hours. Convenience store with ATM. For late night shopping, people from Yashima and Chokai go here, because it's the only option. (39.234405,140.139534) edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

Akita Prefecture is famous for kiritanpo, a sort of grilled rice cake. In October and November, the local hatahata fish is quite popular. Though unfortunately these foods are only served at a few restaurants around town, they can be purchased at many gift shops. Yurihonjo itself is known for several brands of sake (Japanese rice wine), such as Dewanofuji (出羽の富士) and Tenju SHUZO (天寿酒造, [29]). Sake is served at bars and sold at many convenience and grocery stores.


  • Chihiro (ちひろ), (At the traffic light on Rte 108 in Jinego.). By reservation. Many kinds of Japanese food available. Can host private parties. (39.1081,140.291239) edit
  • Chokaiso (鳥海荘), 103-1 Yunosawa, Sarukura (Near Okojoland Ski Area in Sarukura, Hitane.), 018-458-2065‎, [12]. This hotel and onsen has a restaurant with a standard Japanese menu and tasty katsudon. Large rooms may be reserved for enkais. ¥600-1200 for lunch. (39.168199,140.133373) edit
  • Hottoin Restaurant (ほっといん鳥海レストラン), 100 Sakaidai, Kami-Jinego (At the Jinego Rest Area on Highway 108.). 11AM-5PM. Ramen, soba, and rice bowl dishes available. ¥500-1000. (39.109561,140.291593) edit
  • Momoya (そば処ももや), 135-3 Kubo, Fushimi (At the Kawauchi Rest Area on Highway 108.), 018-457-3800‎. Specializes in soba. Ramen and udon also available. ¥500-1000. (39.188594,140.188806) edit
  • Yokocho (横丁), 73-5 (Across from the Town Hall in Kawauchi.), 018-457-2663‎. Ramen restaurant. ¥500-1200. (39.194522,140.191252) edit


  • Angel Bakery (パンハウスエンゼル), 117-2 Iwabuchishita (200m west of Daiichi Hospital.), 018-423-3130. Tu-Su 8AM-6:30PM. This bakery makes and sells sells pastries, bread, coffee, and sandwiches. It's the only place in Honjo that sells Russian-style bread. The shop has some tables for customers who want to eat there. (39.392673,140.050189) edit
  • Cake Kobo Furian Nakamura (ケーキ工房フリアンナカムラ), 118 Yazuma, Kawaguchi (On Rte 105, go north across the river, turn right at the first light, and the shop is just before the train tracks on your left.), 018-424-1001. A cake and dessert shop. Also serves coffee and has magazines and a sitting area. Desserts ¥200-400. (39.396082,140.063158) edit
  • Chinese Restaurant Saikan (中華料理菜館), Shinwa Building, Kami-Shōbuzaki, Kawaguchi (On Highway 105 at the SE corner of the traffic light just north of the Koyoshi River.), 018-422-7778. This Chinese restaurant has tasty seafood dishes. ¥800-1200 for main dishes. (39.396675,140.059706) edit
  • Chiyogiku (千代菊), 316-1 Mizubayashi (Just west of McDonald's.), ‎‎018-423-4419‎. The special is toromi ramen, and the tanmen is also quite good. Seats 24. (39.386616,140.034932) edit
  • Daimatsu (大松), 285-2 Ōkuwamachi (50m east of the stoplight by Honjo High School.), ‎018-424-3039‎. A nice fish and sushi restaurant. Rooms can be reserved for enkais. Specializes in fried dishes, such as fish curry. ¥1000-3000. (39.378068,140.04583) edit
  • Gobando (五番堂昭和音酒場), 20-8 Kyūjinchō (50m NE of the main Honjo Post Office.), 018-444-8204. This izakaya serves standard fare. On Saturdays once or twice a month, it has open mic night for local bands. (39.3891625,140.0433853) edit
  • Ichikoma (いちこま‎), 47 Iwabuchishita (East across the street from the Max Valu near the large pink hospital in Honjo.), 018-422-7586‎. Th-Tu. This small udon shop has three tables and a counter. It serves many kinds of udon, and also oden. The shop is owned by a young couple, and their udon is quite good. (39.391796,140.052364) edit
  • Ichiyoshi (一よし 料亭), 15 Sakanamachi (From the north door of Hotel Iris, go west 200 meters, and it's through a large gate on your left.), 018-422-0144‎. A traditional Japanese restaurant where you sit and eat on tatami mats. Specializes in fish. Reservations required. (39.39098,140.040847) edit
  • Kind Grill (カインドグリル), 36 Iwabuchishita (A half block south of the large pink hospital and a half block north of Max Valu.), 018-423-2980‎‎. A very nice steak restaurant. There are only 3 tables, so reservations are required. Main dishes ¥1000-3000. (39.391415,140.051506) edit
  • Kinkaku (中国料理キンカク), 430-14 Mizubayashi (From the Docomo Store on Rte 107, go a block SW.), 018-424-0705. Open for lunch. A Chinese-style restaurant serving gyoza, rice dishes, and soup. ¥300-1000 for lunch. (39.385291,140.035933) edit
  • Kichijo Shuka (吉祥酒家), 51 Iwabuchishita (Between Max Valu and Daiichi Hospital on the west side of the street.), 018-444-8644. This small Chinese restaurant has tasty lunch sets and large portions. ¥600. (39.39168,140.051809) edit
  • Koyo (紅葉), 1-103 Hanabatamachi, 018-422-5049. A small ramen restaurant. (39.38473,140.05552) edit
  • Masadon (政どん), 1-7 Taniyamakoji, 018-422-5387. This izakaya's special is half of a small chicken, deep fried. The chicken sells out, so it's best to call in advance and reserve a portion. Because the chicken is greasy and tasty, this is a good location for drinking after dinner.  edit
  • Oyaji Ramen (ラーメンおやじ本荘店), Yahata Bldg, 246-1 Kawaguchi Hachimanmae (Near Yuri High School, across from Max Valu.), 018-423-5657‎‎‎. Serves several kinds of ramen and tasty gyoza. Buy food tickets at the vending machine before sitting down. ¥500-1200. (39.399488,140.060507) edit
  • Ozono Ryokan (小園旅館), Nakamachi 16 (One block north of the Honjo Post Office and one block south of the police station, on the NE corner.), 018-4 22-3333‎. This ryokan is often reserved for large enkais and used for formal dinners. The food is delicious. Reservations required. (39.390144,140.04369) edit
  • Pizza 10-4 (ピザ・テン・フォー本荘店), Aizu Bldg, 39-4 Iwabuchishita (A block south of the large pink hospital, across the street from Max Valu.), 018-423-5567‎‎. A delivery or carry out pizza place. Features a selection of seafood pizzas, along with a few meat and vegetarian options. (39.391394,140.052278) edit
  • Ramen Ichiban Hoshi (ラーメンいちばん星), 89-2 Tsurunuma (On Rte 107 2 blocks east of McDonalds.), 018-424-1239. The house specialties are miso ramen and tonkotsu ramen. (39.3861,140.041) edit
  • Ramen Menmaru (ラーメンめん丸本荘店), 424-5 Mizubayashi (On Rte 107 across from Docomo), 018-423-4413. This ramen shop is centrally located and open fairly late. Its specials are assorted spicy ramen dishes. Also, the gyoza is quite good. ¥500-1000. (39.386219,140.037221) edit
  • Rin (鉄板ダイニング凛 Teppan dainingu rin), 8-2 Kobitomachi (Several blocks SW of the Rte 107 B-Gal.), 018-424-0322, [13]. 11AM-10PM. This restaurant has a large grill on which they cook their food. The menu is large, with an emphasis on okonomiyaki and steak. (39.378408,140.052018) edit
  • SamaSama, 91 Yachimachi, 018-423-0795, [14]. M-Sa 5PM-11PM. This restaurant has very good pizza, among other things. (39.385564,140.054408) edit
  • Tsurusenkameman (鶴千亀万), 137 Iwabuchishita (Between the Bunkakaikan and Max Valu.), 018-422-7794, [15]. 5PM-midnight. A modern izakaya. ¥3000-4000. (39.390287,140.050364) edit
  • Warabeuta (わらべ唄 お好み焼), Hanabatamachi 2-68-1 (From Honjo Station, go west. It's on the NE corner at the traffic light.), 018-424-4868‎. 11:30AM-2PM, 5PM-10PM, closed on Mondays. An okonomiyaki restaurant. If you don't know how to cook okonomiyaki, the staff can help you learn. (39.387389,140.055674) edit
  • Yoshinoya (吉野家), Ichibanzeki 155-1, 018-428-4300, [16]. 5AM-11PM. This rice bowl shop is a good stop for people who arrive early in the morning when all other restaurants are closed. ¥400-900. (39.378829,140.058265) edit
  • Yu (ゆう), #3 Ricchi Building, Iwabuchishita 117-6 (100m west of Daiichi Hospital, just east of Angel Bakery.), 018-423-2868. This Japanese izakaya serves traditional Akita fare, among other things. In particular, it often serves doburoku, a local sake variant. Reservations recommended. (39.392592,140.050543) edit
  • Zanmai (三昧), Iwabuchishita 37 (In Honjo, half a block south of Daiichi Hospital, on the west side of the street.), 018-428-4311, [17]. 5PM-midnight, closed around New Years Eve and New Years Day. This is a large izakaya that serves standard izakaya fare, with a slight emphasis on sushi. ¥2000-3000, a la carte prices vary. (39.391427,140.051742) edit


  • Restaurant Quebec (レストランケベック), Shintsurugata 192-43, Iwakiuchimichigawa (Located at the north end of the Iwaki Rest Area.), 018-462-6288. Closed Tuesday. This Quebec-themed restaurant has various foreign food. Its pizza is fairly tasty, compared with normal Japanese pizza. (39.543227,140.053035) edit


  • Ibuki (うどん工房いぶき), Hamayama 6-1, Deto (From Nishime Junior High School on Route 7, go a block north and two blocks west.), 018-433-3537. 11AM-2PM, closed Monday. This small shop has some of the best udon in Nishime. It also has blueberry and sesame soft-serve ice cream. ¥600-900. (39.344867,140.004852) edit
  • Keijiro (鶏次楼), Shinmichishita 2-15, Numata (From the Nishime Post Office, go 2 and a half blocks SW, staying left at the Y junction. The restaurant is on the left. There is a gravel parking lot in front of the restaurant.), 018-433-3944. F-W 11AM-2PM, 5PM-9PM. This restaurant and izakaya serves various Japanese food, such as ramen, soba, and katsudon. It also serves kiritanpo, a famous Akita dish. Main dishes for ¥500-900. (39.344114,140.012078) edit
  • Kohraku (幸楽), Shinmichishita 2-637, Numata (On the west side of Route 7, about 2 blocks south of Nishime High School.), 018-433-2333 (fax: 018-433-4427). 11AM-8PM. This Chinese restaurant has eat in and take out options. (39.346095,140.012056) edit


Yashima is known for toranokonomanju, a striped red bean pastry, which is sold at dessert shops and grocery stores.

  • Daikokuya (大黒屋‎), Yamadera 15-7, Nanokamachi (Across from the shrine near Sasaya Electronics.), 018-456-2604. This ramen shop is run by a former pupil of Yebisuya Ramen. (39.228025,140.138643) edit
  • Donpei (どん平), Magaribuchi 1-12, Nanokamachi (Between Yashima Station and Lawson.), 018-456-2644‎. Soba restaurant. ¥600-1200. (39.231173,140.141017) edit
  • Izakaya Gatten (居酒屋我っ店), Okawabara 109-2, Motomachi (Next to the Yashima Fire Station.), 018-456-2888 ‎. This is a fairly large izakaya. It serves pizza, fried food, and other standard fare. (39.231314,140.147339) edit
  • Koya (こうや), Magi 41, Motomachi (Across from Yashima Max Valu), 018-455-4431‎. Serves ramen, omelet-rice, and other Japanese food. ¥600-1,200. (39.227138,140.148656) edit
  • Kuro (九龍 中華料理), Aibadate 149-5, Motomachi (200m south from Max Valu), 018-455-2321‎‎. Serves ramen and other Japanese dishes. (39.225478,140.147177) edit
  • Sakae Shokudo (栄食堂), Magi 210-1, Motomachi (From Max Valu, exit the parking lot and turn left on the side street. This restaurant is about 300m down the road on the left.), 018-456-2609. This small restaurant serving standard Japanese fare has been around for decades, and the menu has grown in length over time. Regular customers recommend the tonkatsu, friend shrimp, and chili shrimp. A regular size dish here is the equivalent of a large dish at nearby restaurants. ¥500-900. (39.228542,140.147175) edit
  • Takabe Shokudo (多賀部食堂), Hazaka 21-6, Nanokamachi (Between Yashima Station and the nearby JA Bank.), 018-455-2563. This eatery's special is the yakiniku bento. ¥500-1000. (39.229623,140.138801) edit
  • Uogashi (魚河岸寿し), Kumanodō 31-13, Nanokamachi (From Saison Fugetsu, cross the bridge over the stream and turn left onto a narrow street. Go straight for 100m and it's on the left.), 018-456-2008. 6PM-10PM. Sushi restaurant. (39.23010931,140.14154628) edit
  • Yebisuya Ramen (ゑびすやラーメン), Tsukidate 146-1, Jōnai (On Rte 108 near Lawson.), 018-455-3555‎. Yebisu-style ramen. The store specialty is ginger (shoga) ramen. ¥500-1000. (39.235990,140.138098) edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

In Honjo, there are many small snack bars. The outlying communities have fewer bars. There are no real dance clubs in Yurihonjo — try Akita for dancing.


  • Oku (恩来), (In Hitane, a 200m walk from Chokaiso. It is also walking distance from Hotel Masaka.). This is a small snack bar with karaoke. It is the only snack bar in Hitane.  edit
  • Snack Lotus (スナックロータス), Kawazoe 75, Fushimi (Between Barber Onuma and the clinic in Fushimi. Near the Chokai Town Office.), 018-457-2028. A snack bar in central Fushimi, Kawauchi. This bar has an reasonable liquor collection, as well as karaoke. (39.1935,140.1914) edit
  • Time (タイム), (At the Jinego stoplight, take Rte 70 towards Noyake. It's on the right after about 300m). A small snack bar in central Jinego. It seats maybe 30 people and has karaoke. This is the only bar in Jinego. (39.106679,140.291357) edit


  • The Castaways - Casual Bar (キャスタウェイズ), Dai 3 Ricchi Building 1F, Iwabuchishita 117-6 (By the river, just west of the large pink hospital.), 018-423-4783, [18]. 7:30PM-2:30AM, Closed Mon. A small bar with karaoke. Seats 5-6 groups, or around 30 people. There's no seating charge, and reservations can be made for large groups. ¥300-500 per drink. (39.392586,140.050548) edit
  • Cha Cha Cha (ちゃちゃちゃ炉端), Tamachi 74 (Between the Honjo Post Office and the Honjo Police Station, beyind Ozono Ryokan.), 018-422-3326‎. (39.390156,140.043889) edit
  • Silk (シルク), Hanabatamachi 4-3 (From Ugohonjo Station, go one light west and one light south. Or, from B-Gal, go one light north. Silk is on the west side of the road.), 018-424-3487. This is a fairly large bar with darts, a pool table, a few gaming machines, and a sitting area. (39.38445,140.05470) edit
  • Socket (ソケット), 2nd Floor, #3 Ricchi Building, Iwabuchishita 117-6 (Just west of Daiichi Hospital, next to Castaway's. On the 2nd floor.), 018-422-0088. This is a rather large bar with darts and karaoke. Drinks are fairly cheap. (39.392598,140.050549) edit


  • Partner Snack (パートナー スナック), Nanokamachi 1-11 (Between Yashima Station and Fugetsu, on the north side of the street.), 018-455-3651‎. (39.229345,140.140388) edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

Business hotels are best found in Honjo. Ryokans can be found throughout Yurihonjo, though for a ryokan you'll want to have reservations or arrive early in the day. In a pinch, a car traveler could sleep in the car at any of the rest areas — this is quite common in northern Japan. If you're thinking of sleeping in your car after a night of drinking, please make sure you're completely alcohol-free in the morning, because the police may see your car in the evening and watch for it in the morning. Additionally, there are a few love hotels that could be used, but regular hotels are comparable in price, so it's not a great option.


  • Chokai Ohira Campground (鳥海大平キャンプ場), (From the Jinego Rest Area, take Rte 70 SE. At a T-junction, Rte 70 turns N, but don't follow it - keep going straight. After about 5km, the pavement turns to gravel, and the campground is about 3km farther.). This isolated campground itself is not very scenic, but it is near the trail head for Hinoto Dake (丁岳), a good day hike. It has one toilet building, a small area for dish washing, a covered eating area, and a light. There is no resident caretaker. The road and campground are closed in winter. Free. (39.069818,140.230103) edit
  • Chokaiso (鳥海荘), Yunosawa 103-1, Sarukura (Near Okojoland Ski Area in Sarukura, Hitane.), 018-458-2065‎ (fax: 0184 58-2007), [19]. checkin: 4PM; checkout: 10AM. Hotel and onsen. Single room with two meals for ¥8200. (39.168199,140.133373) edit
  • Hotel Foresta Chokai (フォレスタ鳥海), Okuyamamae 8-45, Sarukura (Follow signs from Yashima or Kawauchi.), 018-458-2888, [20]. Hotel and onsen on the base of Mt. Chokai. There is a restaurant, a cafe, and a gift shop. It's about 10 minutes by car to Yashima Ski Area. ¥10,000/night.  edit
  • Hotel Masaka (ホテルまさか), Yunosawa 52, Sarukura (Near Okojoland Ski Area in Sarukura, Hitane.), 018-458-2188‎. Hotel Masaka hosts overnight guests and large enkais. Yunosawa Onsen is part of this hotel. 1 night and 2 meals for ¥8400. (39.169434,140.130491) edit
  • Kikuchi Ryokan (菊地旅館), Shimono 108, Kami-Jinego (50m NE of the Jinego Post Office, on the west side of the street), 018-459-2006. (39.10516,140.29082) edit


  • Anraku Onsen (安楽温泉), Ōdzutsumishita 4 (Follow signs to Honjo High School. At the traffic light in front of the high school, go SE for several hundred meters. It's on the right.), 018-422-0637‎, [21]. Hotel and onsen. ¥8000-10,000 for 2 meals + 1 night. (39.374527,140.044932) edit
  • Honjo Grand Hotel (本荘グランドホテル), Iwabuchishita 254 (Just south of Daiichi Hospital and just north of the library.), 018-423-4511‎, [22]. checkin: 4PM; checkout: 10AM. Upscale hotel in central Honjo. Single room for ¥6200. (39.392140,140.049180) edit
  • Honjo Marina Auto Campground (本荘マリーナオートキャンプ場), Tajiri 32-8, Ishiwaki (On Rte 7 north of the big bridge in Honjo, go west at the traffic light between Honda Cars and Lawson. The campground is on the right after several kilometers.), 018-424-0400‎. 4-person site for ¥3000. (39.391889,140.017619) edit
  • Honjo Station Hotel (本荘ステーションホテル), Hanabatamachi 1-29 (Just SW of Ugohonjo Station. When you exit Ugohonjo Station, look diagonally to the left.), 018-427-2530‎, [23]. This hotel is convenient for travelers without a car. Single for ¥5000. (39.386160,140.056395) edit
  • Hotel Iris (ホテルアイリス), Sakanamachi 5 (From Honjo Post Office, go one block north and one block west. The hotel is a tall building that's easy to see.), 018-424-5115‎, [24]. checkin: 2PM. Upscale hotel in central Honjo. There is a restaurant. Single room for ¥7800. (39.390681,140.042015) edit
  • Route Inn Hotel (ホテル ルートイン 由利本荘), 50 Idojiri (At the junction of Rte 7 and Rte 107 in Honjo.), 018-428-0001, [25]. checkin: 3PM; checkout: 10AM. This hotel has a convenient location for people traveling by car. Single for ¥6500. (39.386101,140.031457) edit
  • Sanboen Campground (三望苑キャンプ場), 81 Toriya, Ōya (From Shinzan Elementary School in northern Honjo, take a small road slightly east to Shinzan Park, and then go several kilometers north. The campground is on the east side of the road.), 018-423-2617‎. This campground has tent spaces and a large cabin (with electricity, running water, and kitchen) for rent. There is also a playground and zip line. (39.417464,140.049891) edit


  • Nishime Yukkoland (にしめ湯っ娘ランド), 1112-1 Shinmichishita, Numata (On Route 7, just behind the Nishime Rest Area, next to Max Valu.), 018-433-4422‎, [26]. This 24-hour hotel and onsen is designed for people on the move. It's clean, inexpensive, and located on the street. 1 night 2 meals for ¥6000, without meals for ¥4500. (39.363066,140.014186) edit


  • Ōgoya Family Land (大小屋ファミリーランド), 4-13 Ishimori, Iwanomezawa (Located in Ōuchi.), 018-467-2313, [27]. checkin: 5PM; checkout: 9:30AM. This facility has a lodge, some sporting equipment, and a campground. Camping is free; cheaper lodges for ¥3000 (in total); more expensive lodges for ¥7000 (in total). (39.386914,140.191212) edit


  • Chokai Plateau Hanadate Campground (鳥海高原花立牧場), 63 Hanadate, Jōnai (From Yashima, take Rte 32 towards the ski area. Just before the ski area, turn right and stay on Rte 32. At the intersection with Rte 58, turn right and stay on Rte 32 again. The campground is on the right after about 2 km), 018-455-2929. checkin: 3PM; checkout: 10PM. This campground has both tent sites, with tarps or tents for rent if desired, and cabins. The scenic area has a nice view of Mt. Chokai. ¥11,000-15,000 for a 5-person cabin, camping for ¥300 per person. (39.215655,140.091573) edit
  • Nishiki Ryokan (錦旅館), 52 Tanakamachi (Just east of the Yashima Post Office, several km west of the Aramachi stoplight on Rte 108), 018-456-2452‎. This ryokan can be used for lodging or for enkais. Reservations may be necessary. (39.228603,140.135392) edit
  • Use Plateau Hotel (ユースプラトー), 96 Hanadate, Jōnai (Near Milsey Dairy on the Chokai Plateau.), 018-455-2929. This hotel and neighboring youth hostel are located on the foothills of Mt. Chokai. A sports complex and a horseback riding area are located nearby. The youth hostel has rooms that sleep 5 people. Single ¥3500, shared room ¥2900, dinner ¥1600, breakfast ¥800, bath for nonguests ¥300, youth hostel bed ¥2700. (39.204996,140.089931) edit
  • Yuri Plateau Auto Campground (由利高原オートキャンプ場), 437 Minami Yurihara, Nishisawa (On Rte 32, just east of the Cycling Terminal and Rte 287 junction.), 018-453-2055. This campground has camp sites and cabins. It also has a nice view of Mt. Chokai. (39.240065,140.063292) edit


For the latest info on events, happenings, and things to see and do, see the page of the Yurihonjo Tourism Association (由利本荘市観光協会, Yurihonjo Kankō Kyōkai).

Get out[edit]

  • Akita — City in the middle of some of Japan's most pristine nature.
  • Lake Tazawa and the Oga Peninsula are both a two-hours drive from Honjo.
  • Tsuruoka — Take a day trip to NW Yamagata Prefecture.
  • Dewa Sanzan — There is nice day hiking at these sacred mountains, 2 hours from Honjo.
  • Yamagata Prefecture is accessible by train or car.

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