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Yazd is a city in central Iran and the capital of the Yazd province. It is an ancient city dating back to the Sassanian Period (224-651 AD).

Get in[edit]

Yazd is located midway between Isfahan and Kerman, 689 km (427 miles) south east of Tehran. Yazd is well connected to the rest of the country by planes, trains and buses.

By bus[edit]

From the bus station {GPS 31°52'37.5"N, 054°17'04.0"E}, take a local bus (the bus stop is by a little white hut on the highway in front of the main bus station) to the local bus station, then another to the bazaar. This is in the centre of town; from here you can find your hotel. Recently there are many touts around the bus station. They present themselves are ordinary taxi drivers, but work on a commission basis for the many hotels in Yazd. Some offer you a lift without money and drive you to the hotel where they anticipate most commission. Make sure to make clear, you only accept free transportation without obligations (Jan 2017)

  • From Shiraz: several companies, several departures a day around 6h, VIP ticket around 15-20 kTomans. Prices vary. Tourists are overcharged and tricked into paying double the prices given here (Jan 2017).
  • From Tehran: several companies, several departures a day from 7PM, usually takes around 9 or 10 hours. VIP ticket around IRR 450,000

By plane[edit]

There are international flights to Dubai and Damascus and daily flights to Tehran.

Get around[edit]

By foot[edit]

Most places in the old town are within easy walking distance from each other.

By bus[edit]

Local buses are also available. A single trip costs 5,000 rials. [Sep 2017]

By taxi[edit]

Taxis are inexpensive, if you can agree about a local price, but many try to overcharge tourists. Motorcycle taxis are another fast and cheap way to move around the city but -as in the case of car taxis- make sure to settle on a price beforehand. Recently there have been cases of taxi drivers, who hassle passengers by at the end of the trip demanding more money than was agreed. One even kept the doors locked and refused to let me go.

You can also use apps such as Tap30 and Snapp if you have an Iranian sim card. They work just like Uber and you can pay with cash.

Driver guide[edit]

Some people may prefer to find the best services in each city to have a pleasant and memorable time. A knowledgeable and communicative local guide can help you to reach this goal.

See[edit][add listing]

Amir Chakhmakh Complex
Zia iah school
A view of historical area in Yazd
  • Masjid-e Jame (Friday Mosque), dating back to the fourteenth century, is well worth a visit. It is an example of finest Persian mosaics and excellent architecture. Its minarets are the highest in the country. Admire it at night when it is lit up. {GPS 31°54'03.7"N, 054°22'08.5"E}
  • Atashkadeh is the Zoroastrian fire temple. The fire on the inside has supposedly been burning since 470 AD. Entrance is 80.000 rials [Jan 2017], visiting hours 8.00-11.45 and 16.00-19.00. [Jan 2017] {GPS 31°52'52.3"N, 054°22'22.3"E}
  • Yazd Tower of silence (Zoroastrian's Dakhmeh) - the name tower is misleading as they consist of huge circular walls on top of two hills, within those the dead were left to be picked clean by the vultures. This is done in accordance with Zoroastrian belief. However, the towers are not in use anymore and open to the public. A quiet, serene place. The modern Zoroastrian cemetery is just there as well. Entrance for those who can't pass as Iranian: 150.000 rial [Sep 2017]. To get there using public transport, you can take the bus going south on Imam Khomeini from the bus stop across the street of Amir Chakhmaq Complex. Get down on the last stop, end of the line at an interchange terminal, and then from there ask people for another bus going to "Dakhme" (pronounced like German "Dach"), might need to wait a bit and be sure that the people will tell the bus driver to drop you on the correct bus stop, bus tickets should be 5.000 rial each [Sep 2017]. Once you are off the bus, it's a corner of a 4-way intersection and you go right, you will see the towers, its a 10-minute walk [Sep 2017]. One option is bus line 436 (Farsi numerals only); you should get off at the intersection just south of Yazd university, then walk west, towards the mountains. {GPS 31°49'30.8"N, 054°21'32.6"E}
  • Yazd Water Museum lots of interesting information about the Canat water distribution system. Entrance fee 150.000 rial [Jan 2017]. Visiting time 8.00-19.30. {GPS 31°53'42.2"N, 054°22'06.2"E}
  • Yazd Market Square's Clock
  • The cistern of Fatemeh-ye-Golshan
  • Amir Chakhmakh complex, a breathtaking construction and a must-see. Visitors can climb to the top. Not possible most of the time (Jan 2017) {GPS 31°53'37.3"N, 054°22'10.2"E}
  • Amir Chakmakh mosque, not to be confused with the complex of the same name, but nearby and easily visited when visiting the more famous complex.
  • Hazireh mosque
  • water reservoir with its four badgirs (wind towers)
  • Khan-e-Lari, a historical house , Its ground area is 1,700 meters and its foundation is 1200 square meters and is considered one of the largest historical houses.The house of Larry houses six houses with a desert house architecture. The house has two large courtyards and a small courtyard with a number of verandahs, a hall, a room and a head and octagon.
  • Alexanders prison, which was neither built by Alexander the Great nor a prison, but a 15th-century domed school which is quite an interesting sight with a cafe in the 'prison room'. Often guides tell you the deep well in the middle of its courtyard was built by Alexander the Great and was used as a dungeon, but this seems doubtful. Entrance fee 150.000 rials [Jan 2017]. Not worth the money - just a shopping center.
  • Tomb of the 12 imams which dates back to the early 11th century, has inscriptions inside bear the names of the twelve Shiite Imams, though none are actually buried here. It is now badly deteriorated.
  • Madrasse-e-Kamalieh
  • Bogeh-ye Seyed Rokamdin mosque
  • Dowlat Abad Gardens with a building with a beautiful large wind catcher (badgir), built in the 1960s. There is a fruit tree garden best visited in early summer. Has oranges, grapes, pomegranates and wheat. According to some, the wind catcher is the tallest in the world (33m). Entrance fee [as of Jan. 2016]: Iranians: 30,000 rial, foreigners (Kharejis): 150,000 rial.
  • Markar square. This square is geographically located at the center of Iran, you can see it on the way {31.88N 54.36E}  edit
  • Rafieian's Old House (250 years Old), Walking way from Jame mosque to alexander Prison, +983536208699, [1]. 8.30 AM. to 8 PM.. Rafieian's old house is one of the most beautiful examples of Iranian Traditional Architecture. It has best roof view in Yazd. some thing that make the roof Unique between others, is expert guides that explain you every thing. 4000 T.  edit
  • Tourist library, Shah abolghasem Park, on the way from Jame mosque to alexander prison (Fahadan,Shah abolghasem park), +983536208699, +989901628917 (), [2]. 9:00 to 21:00. Tourist information office is plenty of maps and helpful staff ,Manager Mohsen Rafieian is member of guide association in Iran.  edit

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Take a day trip to Kharanaq (must visit place - one of the last remaining mud cities of Iran), Chak Chak (a plgrimage center for Zoroastrians, rather underwhelming) and Narin Castle, Meybod (probably the oldest bulding in Iran, dating back to atleast 2000 BC). Usually visited together, these places take around 7 or 8 hours including travel. The Tourist Information office near coin museum offers this tour for IRR 1,850,000 per car.
  • Take an evening trip to the lake (Jafar's Pond) in the nearby desert (highly recommended). There you can walk in the desert to the lake, go dune bashing, ride quad bikes and/or camel. All inclusive, it is about IRR 1,450,000. The Tourist Information office near coin museum offers this tour, as does a small office located between the Silk Road Gallery and Cafe Irani. The latter office's personnel & guides are so friendly.
  • Walk around in the historic neighborhoods and relax in the parks.
  • Hike up in the beautiful mountains of Yazd and enjoy a spectacular view of the city.
  • Chill in the city's cafes and chat with local Iranians. Most likely, they will be very interested in talking with you.
  • Take a free Persian language class at the Vaziri Museum, next to the Jame Mosque entry. The teacher is very friendly and speaks good English. He can teach you some very helpful basic Farsi words and phrases. He can also guide you through the museum and has great insights on Iranian culture. (Entry to the museum is very cheap at 15'000 Rials.)
  • Varzesh-e Pahlavani, (near Amir Chaqmaq Square). 18:30. Watch the fascinating performance of Persian ancient "heroic sport" which is a combination of martial arts, strength training and aerobic to the rhythm of traditional Persian singing and drumming. The sports centre (which alone is a fascinating building) is located in one of the side streets near Amir Chaqmaq Square. Ask around and everybody will show you the direction. It's a popular show among tourists and the rooms fills up with them so come earlier to secure a place. If you're into this kind of performances / sport, come even earlier (at 5pm) to watch the warm-up without any other tourists present 40000.  edit
  • Traditional Persian Night (A Journey into Persian Life), Kohan Hotel, Yazd, Iran (Near to the Museum of Coin and Anthropology, Alley 40, Imam Street, Yazd, Iran), +98 935 935 7123 (), [3]. 07:00 PM - 10:00 PM. If you are interested in experiencing Persian culture, customs, traditions, literature and music, take your time to go to this event.
    A view of Traditional Persian Night
    You will get familiar with some of the customs associated with the Iranian night gathering. Welcome drink, Persian storytelling, live Persian classical music (the Setar playing), fresh fruits, Yazdi cake with bitter orange blossom tea, narrating Persian anecdotes, and a three course dinner are included in this nightly event. It is held in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. Reservations are necessary and sufficient bookings are required for the event to be held.
    Adult: 25 USD (Child 5-12 yrs: 23 USD). (31.904379,54.372041) edit
  • Traditional Hamam (Mirza Reza Traditional Hamam), (it's located and well indicate in the old town, 'near' Alexander prison). Get a good scrub and massage at the Mirza Reza Traditional Hamam. One of the few hamams not being used as restaurants or museums. The price was 70.000 Toman. The experience and cleanness you feel afterwards is definitely worth it.  edit

Buy[edit][add listing]

Iran's most famous snacks, nougat and cashews are available. Yazd is very famous in Iran for its various handicrafts, such as carpet, silk fabrics, cashemers and also for its pastries. If you are looking for Persian carpets at reasonable prices, there are many Persian carpets to choose from at the bazaar.

  • Desert Handicrafts (Amin Salehi), Exit door of Alexander Prison (Fahadan Neighbourhood). 8-21. (Persian Carpet, Kelim, Beautiful Tiles,) edit

Eat[edit][add listing]

Tourists say old-fashioned Persian Restaurants are the best way to go if you want a friendlier and more cultural atmosphere. Many restaurants serve the standard Iranian kebab. There are a few international restaurants in Yazd which serve Italian, Indian, Arabian and Mexican food. Typical of hot towns, most places are closed after 4 PM, so make sure you grab your lunch on time.

The traditional restaurants and tea house of Kohan Hotel serve various Iranian traditional dishes such as fessenjun, gheimeh as well as some European and Indian dishes. It has a nice atmosphere and is located near the Alexander Prison.

The Haji Khalifeh confectionery shop located at the the Amir Chaqmaq square is famous for their sweets, especially the baghlava. But be prepared to wait a bit as the place is usually crowded.

The Cafe inside the Dolat Abad Garden serves a very cooling herbal drink (looks like clear water) that comes in two flavours. Recommended.

  • Amir Chaqmaq square. For best shish kebabs in town go to Amir Chaqmaq square. In the passage below the mosque there is a number of filled-with-locals kebab eateries where you can have a piece from 16k rials (kidneys, livers, hearts) up to 35k rials (lamb) served with a complimentary bread and onion. Superb taste and interesting local experience.  edit
  • library drink (rose water), Shah Abolghasem park, Tourist library coffee shop (on the way from Jame mosque to alexander prison), +989901628917. 9-19.  edit

Drink[edit][add listing]

For typical drinks available in Iran, see Iran#Drink

  • Friend's House, No.44, Shah Abolghasem Alley, Seyyed Gole Sorkh St., +98 913 854 7478, [4]. A Cosy little Bistro located in an ancient courtyard. Homemade dishes, fresh juice and local drinks is served. Best known for its amazing coffee, made by Bialetti Moka express. 4-6 € for a lunch or dinner.  edit

Sleep[edit][add listing]

There are many decent hotels to choose from. A number of traditional houses have been recently converted into atmospheric hotels. Some are good and others not so much. Many of them offer clean comfortable rooms encircling peaceful central courtyards where you can eat, drink tea or puff away on a ghalyan while gazing at the sky. If you've been slumming it through questionable mosafekhanehs until Yazd, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Prices go up and down all the time. So bargain, especially if you find a place where few people are staying. Prices of hotels listed in the Lonely Planet guide are usually double of what you pay at similar places that are not listed.


  • Badgir Hostel, No3, Shirgholami Ali, Shahid Rajaei Street, Yazd, Iran, +983536276769 (), [5]. checkin: anytime; checkout: 12. Lovely hostel in a great corner of Yazd, with wonderful staff. It has: 24 hours reception, free buffet style breakfast, free wifi, towels available, AC and heater provided, 6 shared toilets and 6 shared bathrooms, private traditional room (ground beds), private double rooms. Female dorm: 10USD, mixed dorm: 10USD, distance to old city: 15 minutes by walking. Note: you can always pass by on your way to the Dowlat-Abad garden to share some tea and talk with us (just search: Badgir Hostel in google maps) 10$.  edit
  • '''Yazd Hostel Oasis''', Imam St. (No.33 , Hoseynian Alley, Imam St.), +98 930 615 9300, [6]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. Oasis Hostel is located in the center of YAZD’s Old Town. The beautifully restored historic building has a classic central courtyard garden with a basin, cooling the atmosphere in YAZD hot climate. It is used as a community area. Like most historic houses, it offers a variety of rooms on three basement levels. These “SARDABS” are well tempered throughout the year. A “QANAT” even supplies rooms and courtyards with fresh water basins. Breakfast is included and delicious lunch and dinner are optionally available. Free tea & coffee is of course served at all times. Most of YAZD’s major sights are within walking distance of the hostel, including the beautiful Masjed Jameh Mosque, the Amir Chakhmaq Hosseinieh or the Mausoleum of Saint Sayyed Roknaddin.  edit
  • Yazd Hostel, Yazd Hostel, Towards Alexander's Prison, After Vaght-o-Sa'at Sq, Masjid Jame St, Yazd, +989133522985 (), [7]. checkin: anytime; checkout: 12. Yazd hotels are distinct in Iran's accommodation sector because of their unique architecture. Some of them are fabulous old houses with gardens and beautiful yards. Yazd's traditional hotels offer their guests an experience of going back in history and feeling the atmosphere of the ancient Iranian life-style in a desert city. Don't worry if your budget doesn't meet the requirements of staying in a luxury hotel. 10€. (31.902207,54.370437) edit
  • 711 Guesthouse, No 58 Malmir (43) Alley, Emam Khomeini Street, Yazd (Near Jameh Mosque and Clock Tower), +98 9132514061. Newly opened in April 2017. This is a traditional house turned into hostels, with alibaba-cave-feeling dorm rooms. Right in the middle of Yazd old town. The runner (Flora and Mohammad) are speaking very well English and Chinese. Breakfast is generous. Spacious shower. 10USD dorm / 30USD double / 40USD triple.  edit
  • Dalane Behesht Hotel (Dalane-Behesht Hotel), No2; 34 Alley,Emam Street, Yazd (400 meters away from the Jameh Mosque), +989103335575 (), [8]. A friendly backpackers hostel with a choice of dorm (cheapest in town) or private rooms. Free buffet style breakfast. Free wifi. 24-hours reception. Friendly manager and staff who speak English. Free tea. There is a nice court yard with tables as well as with Persian seats. There is also a good view from the roof. Laundry service available. It is possible to cook in the kitchen. Dorm bed: $6; Single: $10-$12; Double: $20-$25; Triple: $30-$35. (31'45'02.5,054'22'1p.4) edit
  • Silver Traditional Guesthouse (Silver Guest House), Silver Guesthouse in Yazd, Sigari Alley, Towards Yazdi Pahlavan Zurkhaneh, Fahadan Neighborhood, Imam St, Yazd, (), [9]. Friendly staff, the lively traditional Yard, and even the small size of the place has contributed to this difference. As for the rooms, they have been set and furnished in a traditional style. All have private bathrooms inside. There is buffet breakfast as well as Wi-Fi internet whose costs are included in the guesthouse’s rooms prices. Dorm bed: $10; Single: $55; Double: $65; Triple: $85.  edit
  • Friendly House, (near Jameh Mosque street), 0913522985 (). .Double room 45$ Established in 2016. Private rooms surrounding lovely courtyard. 5 bed dorm downstairs. Breakfast included. Staff not friendly. Taxi takes you to this hotel and said "it's the most cheaper of the city" and when you say that you want to check another one the staff becomes very unpleasant. From $10 for dorm.  edit
  • Orient Hotel, Masjed-e-Jaameeh str.,6th Alley (Just look up the alleyways off the street at the end close to the mosque, you'll see the sign.), [10]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 11:00. From the owners of Silk Road Hotel, which is on the other side of the street. The price of the rooms are all same as the Silk Road Hotel. It is especially tailored to the needs of families and group travelers. Has a glass deck on the second floor with nice panoramas of the city, and the beautiful Jame' Mosque, and a background of desert and mountains. To book your room at the Orient hotel, it is best to call or email the Silk Road Hotel. Good hotel, nice central courtyard. Showers have good pressure and water is hot. You can eat lunch and dinner here. Single: $15; Double: $20; Triple: $25.  edit
  • Silk Road Hotel ([email protected]), No 5 Taleh Khakestary Alley, Jame Mosque Street, Yazd (100 meters away from the Jameh Mosque), +98 351 6252730, [11]. A friendly backpackers hostel style hotel with a choice of dorm or private rooms. Free buffet style breakfast. Free wifi (though not great quality). A lot of Iranian and international people stay here. Wide range of foods and drinks, including plenty of well-marked vegetarian options. Friendly manager who speaks English. Laundry service available - price per garment. Book exchange. Cooking and Farsi classes advertised on website, but unconfirmed. Dorm bed: $15; Single: $20; Double: $60; Triple: $40. (31'45'02.5,054'22'12.4) edit
  • Kourosh Hotel, (100 meters from Alexander prison with structure antiquity 400 years), +9835-36203560-70 (), [12].  editKourosh Hotel, with quite traditional architecture and equipment is equipped with modern amenities, locating in the historical house of Najafi Yazdi at the middle of traditional context of the city. Rooms are equipped with the full service and staffs are also ready to serve you as well as possible. In addition, Wi-Fi and breakfast are free!
  • Ali Baba Traditional Hotel, (50 meters from Jame Mosque on Masjed Jamea Street), +983536208690 (), [13]. dbl 50.  editAli Baba Traditional Hotel, traditional architecture and courtyard equipped with modern amenities. Free Wifi and breakfast!
  • Kalout Hostel, (Near Jame Mosque and Oriental Hotel), +989122194540 (). checkout: 11. Very well located, Free Wifi and breakfast dbl 25usd dorm 300.000 rials.  edit
  • Kohan Hotel, (100 metres from Alexander's Prison), 6212485 (fax: 621 0393), [14]. Is a little pricier and difficult to find, but also worth the effort. They also have a beautiful courtyard restaurant, a underground qanat room (water management system) to explore, and good views of the old city can be had from the roof. The hotel is family run, and also there is a tourist information office, a young man,who speaks wonderfully perfect German, English and a little Spanish, he gives you complete information about Yazd and other cities of Iran, time table of buses,air planes and trains. Various tour programs of Yazd is also offered; camel riding, overnight in desert, bike riding in desert as well as adventurous tours in all Iran. From $28.  edit
  • Yazd Backpack Hostel ([email protected]), Amirchaghmaq square, Yazd (Left side of the square, big red sign), +98(0)9135205100 - Sajjad, [15]. A new backpackers hostel with brand new single and double rooms with AC/heater and very comfy beds on a perfect location. Nice traditional breakfast included, tasty vegetarian meals/dinners available for a very reasonable price. Free wifi and tea. Reception from 8am to 12 am (call Sajjad if coming out of these hours, he lives here). Ask him to book a taxi from the bus station to the hotel (100.000 rials) this way you avoid being hassled by drivers trying to take you to other hostels. Sajjad is a very Friendly manager and speaks very good English. He was a tour guide for years, so he can organize all sort of tours (even sand dune skiing and mountain trekking!) or simply provide any information you might need. There is a nice terrace where you can have tea or smoke shisha, and a roof with an amazing view of the city. Laundry service available. Kitchen available for cooking. You can book or make enquiries via whatsapp. Single: €15; Double: €25; (updated feb 2017).  edit
  • Yazd RestUp Hostel, Iranshahr St. (Saadi Alley, Hashemkhan Alley, Iranshahr St, Yazd), +98 912 151 0861 (), [16]. Right in the middle of the historic center, close to the main mosque (Jame Mosque). This family run hostel is situated inside an early 17th century traditional house which was once owned by the Saraf Yazdi family. It comes complete with a traditional yard with cooling basin (and there's even a few gold fish swimming in it). From the rooftop you have an amazing view over the city and the surrounding mountains. On the roof there also is an old wind-catcher, but unfortunately it is not in use anymore. The hostel contains triple rooms (45 euro), double rooms (36 euro), private rooms (22 euro) and dormitory beds (15 euro) which are all situated around the yard. Western and traditional toilets. Shower facilities are brand new. The rooms are basic but clean. Breakfast is included and lunch and dinner are optionally available. Free tea & coffee is served at all times. Most of YAZD’s major sights are within walking distance of the hostel, including the beautiful Masjed Jameh Mosque, the Amir Chakhmaq square or bazaar.  edit
  • Hotel Toranj, No. 3, Islami Alley, Hosseinian Alley, Imam St., Yazd, Iran, +98 35 3620 9981, Whatsapp: +98 913 519 9195, [17]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. Hotel Toranj is located in the center of the old town. The rooms are comfy and most of the rooms have central yard view. Free WiFi and buffet breakfast are provided and the coffee shop with its roof view is very atmospheric. The staff are very professional and have good knowledge of English. Single: $35 Double: $55 Triple: $70. (31.903203,54.371021) edit


  • Hotel Dad, #214, 10th Farvardin Ave, +98-351-6229400 (, fax: +98 351 6229449), [18]. Hotel Dad is an 80-year old hotel in the old center of town, with a traditional style, and 54 rooms. Swimming pool with poolside service and a sauna and jacuzzi. It has both a traditional Iranian and international restaurants, along with a coffee shop. Single: $70; Double: $110; Triple: $165.  edit
  • Laleh hotel, basij blv. (fron of Golshan watering place , Basij blv, Yazd), +98 9130352000 (), [19]. Laleh hotel (ancient complex of Golshan) belongs to Ghajar (Qajar) period. This building was used to be a residential complex before 1978. The renovation started in 2001 and after 3 years its usage was changed to a traditional hotel.Laleh hotel with exceptional location, next to the ”Golshan” historical water reservoir and is at the heart of the historical area.single room 49euro, double rooms 75euro, triple rooms 89euro .the room are clean and they served free the in Cafe and laleh hotel has restaurant,and it's in a middle of old Town of Yazd ,each pard Zorastian people live there  edit

Outside of Yazd[edit]

  • Farvardinn Desert Inn, 30km south east of Yazd en-rout to Bafq, Fahraj-Yazd (There are local buses to Fahraj every hour on the hour from the local bus station. A taxi costs US$5. The hotel is about 100m to the left of the main street.)Across the old Fortress of Fahraj village), +98(0)9133524723, [20]. checkin: flexible; checkout: flexible. This is a new guesthouse/hostel close to Yazd, that is right on the Dasht-e-Lud desert. The owner, Masoud, speaks excellent English and a little French, is very nice and very knowledgeable about the area. This hotel offers comfortable beds, a full buffet breakfast, new bathrooms, WiFi, kitchen facilities, dinner with a local family, and camel-riding courses. This hotel is great for both backpackers and traditional travellers looking for a trekking base or an authentic place to relax. There is a bus and train booking service for minimal commission. Tours: From 1-12 days - day tours to surrounding villages from an experienced guide, camel-riding courses, nomad tours from Yazd to Shiraz, one day hikes to Mt. Shirkuh (up to 4100m), or a tour of your choosing can be arranged. Camping: $4; Dorm bed: $7; Double: $25.  edit
  • Nartitee Ecolodge, Khayam alley, RahatAbad Street, Kookabiye Bridge, Taft, Yazd ("There), +98(35)32622853, [21]. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. The home not only welcomes you but makes your travel goals happen. An experience lies in every corner of the home that invites you. Nartitee is overflowing with history and character and also proudly cherishing a 2500 year-old culture. The home has a taste of fire and smells of fresh bread. Here, the pomegranate and tamarind trees are in rhyme and sing a song and dance with wind. Here, everything is communicating with nature. You are encouraged to reconnect with nature too. $15 for each person; bed&breakfast;.  edit
  • Attar Eco Lodge, No.13, Mashayekh alley, Imam str, Meybod, Yazd (There are local buses to Meybod every 20 minutes from Imam Hossein and Bahonar square and its cost 2500 Rials which is about 0.75 US $), +983532327324. checkin: 14:00; checkout: 12:00. Visit and stay in a traditionally-decorated domicile, Attar, which is located in the heart of the desert. This hotel provides an appropriate atmosphere allowing guests to experience how the ancient people would live. Additionally, guests can have the chance to experience once-in-a-lifetime solace in a 7000-year-old city-- famous for its pottery and ceramics industry along with national tourist attractions. 30$ for bedrooms with 2 bed per night, 10$ for each extra person:breakfast is included.10$ for each person per night for floor bedrooms:breakfast is included.  edit


Many doctors (including specialists) are concentrated in the area around the Kouche Bakhordaar street (coordinates: 31.889739 N, 54.365910 E). Their names and specialties are written in blue-on-white boards in Persian, very little international info available.

A pharmacy is situated nearby but it and many others are closed in the early afternoon (12 am - 4 pm), so plan accordingly. Alternatively, ask a taxi driver for an open one, there are some and most of them should know.

Get out[edit]

inside a wind catcher
  • Town of Varzaneh is undoubtedly the best desert town of Isfahan province. Having the most accessible desert of Iran ,which is 12 km southeast of town. Being close to salt lake and Gavkhooni wetland, makes Varzaneh a must-stop spot for travelers between Isfahan and Yazd. You may visit Varzaneh page for more information about desert, accommodation, and other historical attractions. The town itself has many ancient structures, including Pigeon house, Jameh Mosque, Kohneh (old) bridge, caravansary, camel-mill and a lot more. In addition, most of housewives are weaving carpets. 1000-yeaer-old Ghoortan citadel are also in Varzaneh district. Varzaneh is famous as town of white pigeons, as women are wearing white chadors since many centuries ago, keeping the traditional of pre-islamic religion Zoroastrianism, though all the people are currently Muslim. To reach Varzaneh from Kashan, the best way is to go Isfahan, and then there are many daily buses to reach there, taking 1h30 minutes. Varzaneh is reachable by regular buses (once an hour) from Jey Terminal in Isfahan. You would pay US$1 and it takes 1:30 min to reach there. Taxis are also available in front of Jey Terminal.
  • Meymand — population 60 in summer, 130 in winter, continuously occupied for more than 3,000 years
  • Na’in is located on north of Yazd. It's a small and quiet town at the edge of desert. however it's a desert city but it's not looks like Yazd. there are monuments and landscapes quite different from other desert cities. to get there try Buses depart for Esfahan and ask driver to get you off in Na’in
  • Toudeshk-Cho is 3 hours by bus, on the way to Esfahan. It is a very, quaint traditional desert village and it is easy to get to from the bus terminal. It is well known among backpackers as the location of the Tak-Taku Homestay (details on the Toudeshk-Cho page or call Mohammad on +98 913 365 4420).
  • If you feel like visiting a place more cultural and beautiful, the ancient city of Isfahan is near Yazd.
  • Kavir National Park. The magnificent Iranian deserts embrace all those who are interested in adventurous journey or trekking across the intact beautiful nature. The desert vividly signifies the diverse and colourful features of the Iranian terrain. The white vast salt flats, the golden dunes as well as the striking mounds in bright green, yellow and red create a marvellous spectrum of spectacular colours for day travellers in the desert. Undoubtedly, the desert's night does surpass all expectations and further displays an spectacle of appealing stars--appearing so temptingly real and near.

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