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Xi Chong is in Guangdong.


Xichong (sometimes written as 西冲 and sometimes written as 西涌) is a beach and a village about 70 kilometers to the east of Shenzhen. It serves a nice weekend getaway from the city of Shenzhen

Get in[edit]

Getting to Xichong from Shenzhen by public transit will likely require more than three hours. The easiest method would be to start at the Cuìzhú (翠竹) subway station in Shenzhen and catch the h92旅游专线 bus for about 60 minutes to Dapeng (大鹏中心①). The e11 bus comes roughly every 30 minutes. In Dapeng you can get the m232 bus to the Hesoucun (鹤薮村) bus stop in Xichong. Keep in mind that m232 only runs a few times in the morning and a few times in the evening.

You can also share a car or a van with other travellers (called 平车) from Shenzhen or from Dapeng. If you want a van from Shenzhen, it is recommended to arrange it in advance. However, at the Dapeng bus station there are normally people offering to drive groups of travellers to Xichong for 20-40元 per person. To arrange a van in advance, you can call Mr. Ou at 135-1038-2969 and speak Chinese with him to arrange your travel.

Get around[edit]

Xichong is quite small and is very walkable. Walking to the beach will cost 13元 which you have to pay at the entryway to the beach area. If you arrange for a surfing lesson from your hotel or hostel it is possible that the staff will take you to the beach on a scooter or a moped, in which case you won't need to pay the 13元.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Surfing lessons with Siargao Surfer Inn. It costs 460元 per person for a two hour lesson. This includes renting one of their surfboards. They generally have one lesson in the morning between 9:00 and 12:00 and one lesson in the afternoon between 15:00 and 17:00. You can also purchase private classes for 680元 per person. You can reserve a class by calling them at 13312998267 (Chinese only).
  • Hang out on the beach. You can rent large sun umbrellas, jet skis, and other fun and useful items.

Buy[edit][add listing]

Flotation devices, swimsuits, and similar toys for the beach are readily available in multiple locations.

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • Chūntián huāhuā nǎichá pù (春甜花花奶茶铺) - Although the name claims that this location focuses on milk tea, they also provide a variety of deserts and a few edible snacks as well, including fried chicken.
  • Xiǎoxióng tiánpǐn céng (小熊甜品层) - A well cute little restaurant focused on desserts which has received good reviews on 13590266335.
  • Barbeque on the beach - just a few meters inland from the beach are various barbeque areas that act as small restaurants for tourists.

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Siargao Surfer Inn (西涌冲浪俱乐部) is a simple hostel that offers surfing lessons. It is located in the village, which is a 10 minutes walk from the beach. The accomodation is quite simple, with linoleum floor and a shower/toilet combination bathroom. 1600 RMB will get you three private surfing lessons and a bed in a shared room for two nights. The dormitory doesn't have many electrical outlets. There is often no one at the reception during the day, as the staff are down at the beach surfing. Fanfan is one of the long-term staff here, and you can contact Fanfan on WeChat by searching for the user ID collec. He can share additional information on prices, how to get there, etc.
  • 深圳老院客栈 - Beds in a shared room from 116, and a private room with a large bed from 296. Address: 深圳 龙岗区 鹤薮村一区290号. Phone: 134-2875-3290.
  • 深圳望晴天民宿 - Private rooms starting at 183, fancier rooms available for 200-400. Address: 深圳龙岗区大鹏新区南澳街道西涌沙岗村78号(2号海滨浴场沙滩入口旁). Phone: 13924650258

Get out[edit]

Arranging a van for eight people from Xichong to the Yíjǐng (怡景) Subway station in Shenzhen should cost around 320 RMB.

You can also take bus number m232 from hesoucun (鹤薮村) to Dapeng, and then the h92旅游专线 bus to Shenzhen. Keep in mind that m232 only runs a few times in the morning and a few times in the evening.