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Many of the articles in Wikitravel can benefit from links to Wikipedia articles on the same subject. A Wikitravel article focuses on the issues facing travelers for a destination, but Wikipedia articles can have deeper or broader information on a topic.

Same subject[edit]

To add a link to a Wikipedia article on the same subject as the article title, add a link of the form [[Wikipedia:Article title on Wikipedia]].

The link will not appear in the main text of the article page on Wikitravel, but will instead show up automatically in the section "Other sites/languages" in the left-side navigation box.

Add a Wikipedia link to the very end of an article, to keep the article uncluttered. Avoid adding more than one Wikipedia link; the link you add should be to an article on exactly the same topic.

Different subject[edit]

Links from Wikitravel articles to Wikipedia articles which have a different subject may conflict with the Wikitravel:External links guidelines. They are generally considered "tertiary sources" and should be carefully considered to see if they do indeed meet our guidelines.

The traveller may not be on-line when they read a Wikitravel article, so a link to Wikipedia (or anywhere else) won't be of much use to them while they're off-line. Wikitravel articles should be as complete as possible in and of themselves. Essential information about a topic should be included in the Wikitravel article. This aim means that, even where an in-line link is justified, there must still be at least a summary of the Wikipedia article's topic within our own article.

Consider using an external link of this form [,_1st_Viscount_Nelson Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson (WP article)] which will appear in our article prose like this: Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson (WP article) and complete with the little arrow to give a clear indication that this is an external link.

The alternative style of putting a colon in front of the "WikiPedia", like this: [[:WikiPedia:Article title on Wikipedia]] is strongly deprecated and is not permitted in the Main namespace.

Interlanguage links[edit]

There are many Wikipedias for different languages. Linking to most of them from English-language Wikitravel doesn't make a lot of sense. After all, our target audience are English speakers who won't understand a linked article in Tamil or Estonian.

In addition, don't count on Wikipedia-style interlanguage prefixes to work for links to Wikipedia language versions. We have our own multilanguage sites here at Wikitravel, and fr:Lyon points to the French Wikitravel article about Lyon, not to the French Wikipedia article about Lyon.

If, on a policy page, a personal page or a talk page, you need to link to an article on Tagalog Wikipedia (or something similar), you can make a shortcut using the form [[:wikipedia:language code:title]]. So, the Tagalog article on Spain is at wikipedia:tl:Espanya.


Wikipedia links should appear at the bottom of the article prose section of our page and before links to Open Directory and both before any links to other language versions of Wikitravel (which should be arranged in the alphabetical order of their two-letter language code. This order mimics the order that items are displayed in the left-hand sidebar.

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