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World's Carnival Celebrations

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World's Carnival Celebrations

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Check out these spectacular carnival celebrations!


Belgium Caribbean Croatia
Carnival of Binche: This Carnival of Binche has been known as a "Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" listed by UNESCO. This carnival reflects heavily on the European heritage and the costumes are to be regulated so that participants can only wear them on Shrove Tuesday. They also cannot leave the Binche city limits wearing the costume.
Caribbean Carnvial: This Carnival originated from France, as well as several themes that have originated from Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. Now it has it's own style that makes very unique, and it is based on folklore, culture, tradition and religion.
Rijecki Carnival: The carnival motto is "Be whoever you want to be." Starting from January 17th until March 5th, in Rijeka, Croatians will be celebrating, singing, dancing and enjoying wine. There will be a truck carrying a giant vat, flames of infernal fire blaze, armed devils with pitchforks and folklore inspired costumes. You may also hear loud bell ringing, but don't be alarmed because it is rang to chase away the spirits of winter.
Greece India Netherlands
Patras Carnival: This large carnival has more than 160 years of history and it is an event that includes hunting of hidden treasure, balls and parades. It usually starts on Saturday evening with the parade of carnival groups and then floats on Sunday, and ends with the ritual burning of king carnival at St. Nikolaos street.
Intruz: In Goa, this carnival is celebrated for three days and nights. It first started out with the Portuguese in 1961, but now there are more of an Indian influenced activities. Fireworks are used to wake the gods. People often dump buckets of colored water on observers so it is advised to not wear anything valuable at this event.
Carnival in the Netherlands: In the Netherlands Carnival (in dutch: carnaval) is celebrated in the whole country, but the main carnival areas are in the southern provinces (Limburg and Brabant). One of the main traditions during carnival is having a “Prince Carnaval”, who is elected and will get a symbolic key to the city/village from the Mayor, who hands over his “power” for the 3 days during carnival. In many area´s there are carnival parades with beautifully decorated wagons.

New Orleans, USA Portugal Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mardi Gras: On March 4th this year, Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday is the main highlight of the carnival in New Orleans. It is joined by the cradle of jazz that often has "erotic undertones." This biggest parade is down St. Charles ave.
Parade in Loulé, Portugal: In Portugal Carnival is celebrated all over the country, with fabulous parades in the main cities, usually with a Portuguese celebrity leading the parades. Loulé (in the Algarve) is know nationally and internationally for having one of the best carnival parade. Each year there is a different theme.
Christ Wrings His Hands: Rio carnival traditions date back to 1641 and now it is considered to be the world's largest carnival. In 2012, they attracted more than 850,000 tourists. This year, the carnival will start from Feb 28, until March 4. The event is a celebration of local music- specifically frevo(means "to boil") dance evolved from capoeira.
Switzerland Uruguay Venice, Italy
Carnival of Basel: In Basel, Switzerland, this carnival is known to start a week late compared to other carnivals. There are confetti being thrown everywhere by riders on floats, so you may have to prepare yourself to be covered in confetti if you decide to visit. Bands and musicians travel through Basel's street with 9ft high lanterns, which are made from wood and canvas.

Murgas: In Montevideo, Uruguay, there's a carnival that represents both Spanish and African roots. Performances fill up the streets with the sound of drums, and there are also competition within drum groups.

Flower Parade: Theme changes every year and new elected king adopts a different name. Every Sunday starting from February 14th until March 4th, there will be parades that will last all day and night, accompanied by various performances by musicians. Also, in the Promenade des Anglais, you will be able to see a beautiful flower battle.

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