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Woonsocket is a city in Rhode Island along the northern border with Massachusetts.

Get in[edit]

  • TF Green Airport - 2000 Post Road Warwick, RI 02886 Phone: In-State:+1 401-691-2471, Toll-Free: +1 888-268-7222. [10]. This convenient airport is located right in the center of the state in Warwick, Rhode Island. Directions provided on the website are extremely easy to follow. Call toll-free number for more information about upcoming flights.

Get around[edit]

  • RIPTA: Woonsocket Flex Service - Phone: In-State:+1 877-906-3539, or +1 401-784-9500, ext. 220 between the hours of 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday in order to make your reservations. Please call at least 48 hours in advance. RIPTA will pick you up near or directly at your desired location. Driving hours are 6:00 AM - 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

By taxi[edit]

  • Valley Cab Co., Woonsocket, +1 (401) 762-500, This is nothing like the New York City taxi system. If you want or need a cab ride you will have to call the station and then wait probably around 30 or so minutes for the taxi driver to actually show up at your location.

See[edit][add listing]

  • American-French Genealogical Society - 78 Earle St., Phone: +1 401-765-6141, [11]. M 11AM-4PM, Tu 1PM-9PM, Sa (Sep-May) 10AM-4PM. Of interest to genealogists researching family history, this is the premiere resource for French-Canadian family history research.
  • Museum of Work & Culture - 42 S. Main St., Phone: +1 401-769-9675, [12]. This interactive museum presents the compelling and touching story of the French Canadians who left the farms of Quebec for the factories of New England. Illustrating a remarkable cultural preservation story of faith, language and customs, the exhibits recreate the unique Woonsocket labor story of the rise of the Independent Textile Union which grew to dominate every aspect of city life.
  • Woonsocket Harris Public Library - 303 Clinton St., Phone: "+1" 401-769-9044, [13]. MWTh 9AM-9PM, TFS 9AM-5PM. A municipal public library in the city of Woonsocket.

Do[edit][add listing]

  • Autumnfest, (During the first weekend of october), [1]. A free Festival that takes place at the Social Street WWII Memorial Park. An autumn celebration known throughout the state and surrounding areas, held every Columbus Day weekend. People come from all over to enjoy the festivities. The weekend boasts vendors from all over new England selling a variety of items including hats, jewelry, cds, toys, Halloween costume, art, candy, one of a kind novelties and so much more. There is live music and a talent contest that continue throughout the weekend, and a carnival complete with rides and games by the park. There is a strip for foods where you can buy some Woonsocket recipes such as dynamites, and stands where you can buy fall staples like caramel apples. The beer tent is also an autumn fest favorite, with music and various flavors of beer for patrons to try out. The weekend ends on the Monday of Columbus day with one of Rhode Island’s biggest parades and fireworks in the evening. This festival shows the core of the Woonsocket community and is a must see for any fall visitor.  edit
  • Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor Headquarter located on 1 Depot Square,(401) 762 0250. Host tours of the most historical sites in the Blackstone River Valley, including old mills and river passageways. The River itself runs from Worcester, MA to Providence, RI and use to be an important source that powered the Slater Mill in Pawtucket, RI, America’s first successful cotton spinning mill. The Blackstone River Valley was the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. Many of the buildings in Woonsocket use to be functional mills up until the early 1900’s where they were shut down and later transformed into apartment complexes, stores, and restaurants that can be seen today. In Woonsocket alone, there is much history that can be learned. The National Heritage Corridor is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. There is no fee for admission to attend most regular programs offered. If you are someone interested in learning more about the history of Woonsocket, this is a great way to learn and expand your knowledge.
  • Blackstone Valley Bike Path, Front Street, Lincoln, (401) 723-7892, [2]. It is third largest bike path in the state of Rhode Island: 11.6 miles long passing through Woonsocket, North Smithfield, Cumberland, Smithfield, and Lincoln. The bike path is fairly new to Woonsocket, but it is a great place to go for a walk or go bike riding on a nice spring or summer day. Since the bike path follows the Blackstone River closely, one experiences a close approach to nature. The bike path is surrounded by trees, ponds, railroad tracks, the water treatment plant of Woonsocket, and residential buildings. You may have the experience of viewing a deer feeding its baby in the pond and/or other such natural beauty. In the very start of the bike path there is a soccer field open to the public for recreational use. A goal for the Blackstone valley area is to get the bike path to extend over the state and connect to the neighboring state of Massachusetts.  edit
  • Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Centre - 28 Monument Square, Phone: +1 401-762-4545, Fax: +1 401-765-4949, [14]. An intimate, historic theatre built in 1926. When built, no theatre of similar size and class in the country offered musical equipment superior to that of the Stadium. Today, the Stadium Theatre has been full restored to its original grandeur and offers performances by local, regional, and national companies.
  • Hachi Trail, 1 Depot Square, Woonsocket, RI 02895 (starts here), [3]. [Site maintained by Blackstone Valley Tourism Council, RI]. The movie "Hachi: A Dog's Tale" (2009) was filmed largely in Woonsocket, RI. It is the story of a dog whose master, a professor at a nearby university, takes the train to work everyday and the dog waits at the train station for his return every evening. One day, the professor goes to work, but never comes back because he dies while teaching a class at the university. The dog then faithfully comes to the train station every day at the same time, expecting to see his master. He continues this routine until the very last day of his own life. Dog fans would love to visit the places in Woonsocket where scenes of "Hachi" were filmed. Visitors can follow the "Hachi Trail" in order to see these movie locations. Map of Hachi Trail - Click on "Hachi Trail" at the above webpage. Hachi movie locations - Check under "Hachi Trail Facebook" at the webpage. Detailed map of downtown part of the Trail with info on hotels, restaurants and other local attractions at [4] For pictures and additional info, visit Virtual Tourist site [5]  edit

City Parks[edit]

  • Bernon Park Carnation Street. Consists of a playground, large open fields perfect for playing sports and other games, baseball field, basketball court, two tennis courts, and a shed with an indoor restroom. A very large park in the middle of the city with various hiking areas as well.
  • Cass Park 350 Newland Ave This park is directly next to the Woonsocket High school. It is home to a pond that is a favorite local fishing spot and a very large flock of Geese each spring. There is also a small playground area, a secluded stream, tennis and basketball courts as well as space for other sporting events. Also has Skating Rink and Street Hockey Courts.
  • Edna Dunn Memorial Park 131 Mason St. Consist of a 500ft by 700ft grassy field with many sections: playground, courts and open space. The Mason St. side of the park is separated from the road by a 4ft tall stone wall that looks like the wall of China. There are three openings through the stone walls that provide an entrance way for anyone to enter. At the end of the stone wall, there is an open rocky parking lot that fits approximately 20 cars (more if you decide to park on the grass as well). Once in the parking lot, you can see the open field of green grass (summer) where different football and soccer teams in the community practice and play. On the left hand corner of the park, you see a children’s playground consisting of three slides, monkey bars, 4 swings (adults allowed), and 5 backless wooden benches surrounding that area. To the right of the children’s playground, 2 basketball courts surrounded by metal chain fence with 2 door openings. In front of the basketball courts another metal chain fence surrounds a hockey court. On the Asylum St. side, there is another opening for cars to park that is right against the basketball courts. To the right of that, there is a wide space of green grass separating the courts from a baseball field. At night, field spotlights illuminate all the courts and the football/soccer field up until 12am.
  • Globe Park 192 Avenue A Consists of a Tennis Court, Basketball Court, large open fields, duck pond, and the Savannah Smith Memorial Playground. The park is located directly next to an elementary school that shares the same name. There are woods around the back side that are great for hiking and biking as well as beautiful foliage throughout most of the year.
  • River Island Park This is a smaller park, but is actually a state park. The Blackstone River runs directly through it and this park hosts the annual trout release done each spring. Also has a canoe ramp if you would like to try out the river. This park always offers something to do hosting outdoor concerts during the summer months and being converted into a free ice rink in the winter; skates provided.
  • Social Street WWII Memorial Park Social Street. Home of the annual Autumn Fest Celebration this is a large park boasting many WWII memorials, a sandy beach with a small to medium size lake. There are also tennis courts, beautiful garden work, and a bandstand for outdoor concerts.

Buy[edit][add listing]

  • Walnut Hill Plaza Shopping Center, 1500 Diamond Hill Rd, +1 (401) 762-9162 ? 3.2 mi E of Blackstone. Includes stores such as Sears, Game Stop, Olympia Sports, and Burlington Coat Factory.
  • Main Street Shops, The main street shopping area is filled with a variety of stores and shops. The streets are lined with tattoo parlors, restaurants, novelty and pawn shops that sell everything from old VHSs, Prom Dresses, Dishware and antique furniture. There is a game store, a furniture store, a variety of pawn shops, a paintball shop, and an independent clothing store with great prices and fashionable items. Enzo, the clothing store, has a great variety of unique styles and good prices; defiantly check it out! There are also beauty salons and gyms. While walking down the street you will also get to enjoy the artwork showing scenes from historic Woonsocket on the sides of many of the buildings and will pass by various gardens and sitting areas as well as the River Island state park. Overall this street provides a fun shopping experience in the heart of Woonsocket with options to choose from in almost any category.
  • MTR,[15] 372 Social Street, +1 (401) 765-2227, Sun-Mon: Closed, Tues-Thurs: 10-6, Fri: 10-5, Sat: 9-5 MTR is the place to go for all of your motorcycle needs. They have tons of items on display such as bikes, jackets, helmets. They have an excellent parts department also where they can find exactly what you are looking for.

Eat[edit][add listing]

  • The Beef Barn, 4 Greenville Rd North Smithfield, (401)762-9880, [6]. Mon-Sat: 11am-11pm, Sun: 12pm-10pm. If you are looking for a cheap lunch and especially love roast beef this is the place for you. This place is known for their roast beef sandwiches. The second thing on the menu that people always are craving about is their burgers. There burgers are made to order and made with a super soft and soggy bun. I don't know why but it just makes it taste all that much better. cheap.  edit
  • Castle Luncheonette (The Castle), 420 Social Street, (401) 762-5424 ‎. Woonsocket is home to "The Castle" one of Woonsocket landmark restaurants. This place is known for their french fries. These fries are the best in town. The fries use real potatoes and are soft and full of flavor. "The Castle" has endured many hardships such as being flooded in the early 1900's and a few years back experienced a fire. Even with all of that this place is still up and running. The service is great as you are treated like family here. If you are in Woonsocket, this is a must stop place to visit for a great lunch. You can choose to dine in or out with seating indoor and outdoor to experience the sunshine on a nice warm summer day.  edit
  • Chelo's Hometown bar and Grille[16], 490 Clinton Street, Phone: 401-769-6622, Fax: 401-769-6622, Email: [email protected], HOURS Sun 12-9 Mon-Thur 11:30-11:00 Fri 11:00-11:00 Sat 11:30-11:00, chelos is one of the best local places to go and eat. Friendly staff and great tasting food.
  • City Side - 74 South Main St, + 1 401 235 9026, [17] Introduced by River Falls Restaurant, and was newly opened in 2009. Features live bands and DJs nightly. Offers dinner and entertainment 8 pm - 1 am Thursday- Saturday, and 12 pm - 8 pm on Sundays. Dinners include steak, sandwiches and burgers ranging from $8 - $17.
  • Moonlight Restaurant, 32 Rathbun Street, (401) 766-5806, By far this is the best wiener place around. This is always my first pick when it comes to wieners. the staff is super friendly and the service is fast and great. Moonlight is number one when it comes to sanitation.
  • New York Lunch - 8 Main St. (401) 762-9619, Hours vary seasonally. Open late on weekends. This is a casual, place full of Woonsocket character. The restaurant is set up with two rooms, the first being a lunch / breakfast bar and the second having the more traditional restaurant design. The decorations follow an old school diner type theme, with lots of fun road signs and posters on the walls. The staff is friendly and helpful, the regular customers welcoming, as this is a favorite hangout for many. The food that they are most known for are Wieners, (plain or with the Works). A wiener is a food very similar to a hotdog in appearance and taste, but is a little smaller and is actually a type of German Sausage. Some other foods they offer are the typical fried variety and basic sandwiches. A very affordable Woonsocket favorite.
  • River Falls - 74 South Main St, +1 401 235 9026, [18] Northern Rhode Island's #1 Steak and Seafood Restaurant. The restaurant overlooks the Blackstone River and historic Market Square of Woonsocket. Offers dinner only Tuesday through Saturday, and open from 12 pm to 8 pm on Sundays. Dinners include pasta, seafood, pizza and grill. Individual dinners $8 - $20.
  • Vintage, 2 South Main Street, 401-765-1234, [7]. Vintage offers an extensive menu that combines long time favorites with a creative twist. Plays live music every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  edit
  • Ye Olde English Fish and Chips - 25 South Main St, + 1 401 762 3637, Family owned restaurant since 1922 that is operating in its fifth generation. Open 10 am - 6:30 pm on Tuesdays, 10 am -7 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and 9 am - 8 pm on Fridays. Dinners include fish and chips, fried chicken, shrimp and scallops, chowder and clam cakes as well as others ranging from $8 - $15 for an individual meal.

Drink[edit][add listing]

  • Double J Saloon - 541 River Street. Karaoke Thursday nights.
  • Vintage Restaurant, 4 South Main St., +1 (401) 765-1234. The closest up-scale bar to Blackstone Valley residents. Usually attracts a younger crowd on weekend nights.
  • Boilermakers, 81 Allen Street. +1 (401) 762-3656, 7:00 pm to 1:00am everyday. A low key bar and grill with options for all different crowds. They have a good size bar that offers beer, wine, mixed drinks and an awesome Apple Pie shot. The prices are pretty standard bar prices, shots and drinks starting at 4$ and moving up depending on your brand of liquor. The kitchen is stocked to make your standard drinking foods like mozzarella sticks and jalapeño poppers as well as various other appetizers. For entertainment the bar offers a variety of big screen televisions, usually playing a sporting event of some kind and a couple of pool tables. It also happens to be the only bar that I have ever seen that sets up a pong table on occasion, right inside. They do this randomly and unannounced so you’ll just have to stop by and try your luck! It’s fun to play, and helps get to know other patrons, but try to avoid sitting right behind it!

Sleep[edit][add listing]

  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, 194 Fortin Drive, +1 401 769-5000, [8].  editThis hotel is not only a place where you can lay back and sleep. It is also a place where you may swim for a while in the indoor pool and/or work out in the fitness center. Even if you do not have a reservation to any suites, you may reserve the meeting room for a party or a special celebration. There are 5 floors with a total of 88 rooms: 80 which are non-smoking rooms, and 16 suites. A free complimentary breakfast is available from 5am – 11am at their dining hall located near the main entrance of the hotel. Also at the main entrance there are 2 small lobby areas: 1 with a computer room and the other is used as a waiting area, a 24 hour help desk, and the meeting room, which is also available to the public for special occasions. Anyone interested in reserving a room may do so by phone or online. Average nightly rate is $139.
  • Woonsocket Motor Inn, 333 Clinton Street, 401-762-1224 (fax: 401-762-1277), [9]. This is a family owned motel that has been in business for more than 30 years. This motel is unlike traditional motels, where rooms can be accessed outside. Those reserving a room must go into a hallway where there are rooms on both sides of the hallway; similar to a hotel. This structure provides the motel with more privacy for those seeking to pass the night. There are 39 rooms available, each with a phone, cable television, and free internet access. If you are looking for a very cheap get away, this is the place to go. The rates are some of the lowest around, $68 - $72 per night for up to 2 people and additional people are just $4 extra per night.  edit

Get out[edit]

  • Rustic Drive in Movie Theater Route 146. North Smithfield, 401-769-7601, Open seasonally. The movies usually start at 8:00pm. This attraction is just outside the city borders and is a summer favorite of many Northern Rhode islanders. It consists of three large movie screens that each play two movies per night. It is twenty dollars a car for entry, including both of the movies. You drive up, park the car and turn the radio on for a night of summer fun. The movies are always fairly up to date with what is in the theaters and provides far more bang for your buck. Patrons have the option of bringing their own coolers and snacks or buying them at the store in the center of the three screens. Many people choose to arrive an hour or two before hand to socialize with others, play football and other games or to just relax outdoors with friends. The low prices and freedom of this attraction make it a favorite for all age groups. One of the best ways to spend an evening in the Woonsocket area, or in Rhode Island as this is the only drive in movie theater in the state!
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