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Moved from page by Evan

I believe this WikiNode is too scattered.

Wiki that should be linked as neighbors:

  • Travel guide sites in other languges.
  • Other things very-much like travel guides.
  • Other sites that would likely be of interest to travelers. (Perhaps rock climbing wiki, sports wiki, map wiki, travel law, etc.,.)

Wiki tht probably shouldn't be linked as neighbors:

  • the Symbol Project wiki - very tangential, very fringe - if you're going to do something like this, it would probably be Wiki Travel linking to a Maps wiki linking to a Public Symbols wiki linking to the Symbol Project
  • consumerium - one day, people interested in learning about travel will want to visit consumerium, but that day isn't today - what would be better, would be a "global shopper wiki," for people who like to buy things around the globe, and then link both Wiki Travel and consumerium to THAT wiki
  • visual wiki - same reason as symbol project wiki
  • Wikipedia, Switch wiki, book reviews - these should be linked from the wiki nodes wiki; We can't be putting all these universally applicable wiki on every single wiki node in the world; there will be more and more useful utility wiki; no point in listing them all everywhere

We have two problems right now:

  • Foreign languge wiki: We don't know foreign languages, so we can't write wikinodes very well for them.
  • Non-existant wiki: While you'd like to link to say, a wiki about maps, from the travel wiki, or travel law, you can't realisticly do it, because those wiki don't exist yet.