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Could someone help with a write up/adjusting this: --Stefan (sertmann) Talk 22:44, 17 October 2009 (EDT)


Every month we feature some of our best guides on the front page of Wikitravel, viewed by hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. That could be your destination! However, this requires you taking the time to carefully construct a complete guide in line with our policies and our tone, but considering the costs of reaching a global audience the size of Wikitravel's through advertisement, it could easily prove more economical, more effective and more fun!

The Colorado hotel Wine Country Inn [1] spent a month building up a guide for its home region, Colorado's Wine Country, which was featured on the front page in August 2009. You can read about his experiences with the process in the related press release here.

Furthermore, as destinations guides grow into well developed articles, they tend to begin attracting a larger number of contributors who update, upgrade and improve the content constantly. As Wikitravel's content is provided under a free license, you can take the new information, reviews, etc. back into your internal information ecology, provided that you don't charge for it.