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Downloadable icons for linking[edit]

I am wondering if it would be possible and preferred to have downloadable icons or buttons for promoting Wikitravel on websites. Just as Firexox is doing on his Spread Firefox website. I would love to put a nice icon on my blogsite, however prepared icons would be better. bujatt 13:47, 16 May 2005 (EDT)

Lists versus recommendations[edit]

I just had a great trip to San Francisco with a "Let's Go California" guidebook. In addition to just listing interesting things to do, they have a little thumbs-up logo by those exceptional things that deserve special mention, and they give the establishment a decal to put on their door. What would it take for wikitravel to have a similar recommendation system? Presumably it would require some kind of a vote, although I suppose we could seed it with suggestions from dead-tree guidebooks.

If such a system became effective, the next step would be to send out decals, which could be effective advertising of wikitravel.

(Over four years of using that guidebook, I've found the thumbs-up recommendations to be a great help, the best being a hostel overlooking Salzburg for €12 a night.) —BenFrantzDale 23:31, 18 Mar 2005 (EST)

I think I'd find that more useful if there were a way to correlate it with something else that I might be interested in. Thumbs up or down doesn't mean much to me unless I know who's making the recommendation and why; I could go my whole life without ever going back to downtown Juneau for instance, while a very good friend of mine goes absolutely gaga over that whole "tourist district cruise ship owned jewelry stores" experience.
Similarly, I think any visit to San Francisco isn't complete without five bucks dropped at the Musee Mechanique [1], and maybe wandering down to The Castro and seeing who's cruising, dropping in at A Different Light [2], maybe take in a drag show, but there are people I'd recommend one of those to, and people I'd recommend another, and people to whom I'd not even suggest that the latter exists.
Dan Lyke 14:36, 15 Nov 2005 (PST)

About promoting Wikitravel[edit]

I am wondering if it would be possible and preferred to have prepared icons or buttons for promoting Wikitravel on other websites. Just as Firexox is doing on his Spread Firefox website. I would love to put a nice icon on my blogsite, however downloadable icons would be better. bujatt 03:45, 16 May 2005 (EDT)


Swept in from the Pub:

I am interested in buying a wikitravel branded piece of clothing for when I next go backpacking. However there appears to be no link on Wikitravel to anything like this. Therefore,

1) Could we create an easily found page directing people to the merchandise (they have 25 products with the Wikitavel logo on it) at:

2) Is there anywhere else that sells merchandise related to Wikitravel, if so, could that be listed too.

Thanks, Witty lama 07:33, 18 April 2006 (EDT)

I think people buying Wikitravel merchandise would like to know that the profits go to help Wikitravel, and alas, the commercial/financial/legal backend for this is not yet ready. (This also explains why there's no Donate button anywhere on the site.) Evan & co are working on this but it'll be some time until things are finalized, so I think the "official" merchandise link will have to wait -- in the meantime, plunge forward, make your own or contribute designs! (Time for a Wikitravel:T-shirt design contest?) Jpatokal 08:13, 18 April 2006 (EDT)
I put up the CafePress "store" (zero profit) hoping to get the merchandising started. So I think it is time to start the T-shirt contest now so we can have an official T-shirt before summer. Or a T-shirt of the year contest every spring. I do not know how to set up the financial backend, but it is important just to make Wikitravel more visible on wikitravellers. --elgaard 10:33, 18 April 2006 (EDT)