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So, somewhat outside the spirit that this page is supposed to encourage, I removed an appended ", man!" from the end of the article. I didn't really grok what it was about, and it felt a wee bit insulting -- as if "Plunge forward" is a lot of hippy-dippy bullshit. Maybe that wasn't the intention -- maybe it was.

I think it might be a fair criticism, though, even if it is kind of sideways. I've tried to make Plunge forward an antidote to the daunting and rigid structure in the Manual of style, and really encourage people to contribute. Some folks have seemed intimidated by the structure, and I wanted to say, hey, go ahead, do what you want, someone else will clean up the mess. It might be a little too cheerleaderish, though. --Evan 16:54, 28 Jan 2004 (EST)

I am all for editing, but I am concerned about how we honor the Creative Commons license. I went ahead and boldly edited Pikes Peak today, but is it enough for "attibution" for MediaWiki to store the diffs between Karen Johnson's original and my edits? <>< tbc

Yes, absolutely. I'm working on some tools to add on-page attribution blocks to articles, but the history listings are fine for now. We have to give attribution as best we can, and with wiki, we give attribution through history. --Evan 18:19, 1 Jun 2004 (EDT)

more info[edit]

Needs to tell some interesting facts.

Haraz named after Arabic word "Mahruz" i.e. the protected A Small sect, the Ismaili community still visable living in the region with tradition tracing back to the Fatimin dynesty. Culture carried over to India, the present seat of the da'awa. Natural Mild Narcotic Amphetamine stimulant Qat trees on steep slopes are being replaced back to traditional coffee trees by locals adhering to directive from the da'awa

Suggest someone more skilled than I create a disambiguation page so that queries can also reach a page for the Caribbean island of the same name.

Anyone know what this means?


Is this phrase idiomatic? One may plunge in, and one may lunge forward and press forward, but not plunge forward.

--What, haven't you ever seen anyone jump off a cliff before? Or a diving board? If you don't plunge somewhat forward at least, you whack your head before you hit water. I'm still not sure how this exactly applies to Wikitravel though.--

I would perhaps say "dive in"? However, the article explains what is meant by "plunge forward" so I'm not sure this is a big deal 18:43, 31 March 2012 (EDT)
I rather like "dive in." But changing this would be too much hassle—it is linked in too many user talk pages! --Peter Talk 19:18, 31 March 2012 (EDT)