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I moved this page from the main namespace, since it probably doesn't belong there. --Evan 19:11, 20 Dec 2003 (PST)

Yeah - thanks a lot. Ronline also uploaded a two files, one with a .php and one with a .txt extension. You can delete them since they're an exact copy of the LanguageRo locale. Snitz 23:14, 20 Dec 2003 (PST)

Really close

So, I had some problems installing with the language file that was here, so I tried merging it with the one that came with MediaWiki 1.1.0. That's working -- go ahead and peek if you want -- but I need a couple of things translated:

  • "gnunote" and "copyrightwarning" both need to refer to the Attribution-ShareAlike license rather than the GNU Free Documentation License.
  • "Pagina principală" makes for a crummy home-page URL. Is there another phrase we can use for the main page, which doesn't have any non-ASCII characters in it? I need to know the word so I can fudge up Apache to point to it.

That's about it. Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with the way the site looks now, and we can start making whatever announcements we have to. Thanks to everyone who's worked so hard on this. --Evan 23:39, 26 Dec 2003 (PST)

I'll modify the file to reflect the ShareAlike license, but concerning Pagina principală, there isn't really another word with ASCII-range characters. There's Acasă, which means home, but that also has a Unicode character. But, if already redirects to Pagina principală, then it's OK, since in Wikipedia we'd have that too. I'll talk to the other contributors about this too. Thanks, Ronline
OK - basically - I've modified the GNU License with the ShareAlike licence, however, under "gnunote", there needs to be an address specified (URL) - what should it be? - Ronline