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General feature suggestions[edit]

Moved from travellers' pub by Evan

I am currently taking a break from doing php-programming on websites in South America. naturally i was struck by the brilliant idea of logging travels, images, tips & maps etc on a website for other travelers to use & collaborate on. great to see a project already underway. I have a few comments/questions, if there is another section better for commetnts, plz let me know.

Glad you like the idea. This is probably the best place for general comments about the site.

how much does MediaWiki support mark-up? I think there would be a huge benefit from using specialised markup to edit wiki pages. right now i an am looking at editing bolivias page & i see alot of nasty attributes and html-specific trash. IMHO it would be cool to use just simple, wikitravel-specific markup (i.e. <population>, <warning>, <pub>, <location>) in the edit pages, this markup can be converted on-the-fly to whatever nasty html you(we) need to display, but the source information is highly organized & very clean markup.

I agree that this would probably be useful. The quickbar hoohaw in country pages can be a little intimidating, and I for one want to get rid of it ASAP (see avoid HTML for why). There's an enhancement proposal for MediaWiki to add field-value pairs, which I think will do what you're saying. It probably won't happen till the next version of MediaWiki comes out, though.

also the possibility of a mozilla client which would work directly with the markup would be cool, wiki-travellers could have a runable-binary on a cd whiuch they could pop into their computer and use, possibly doing things like map-editing in cafes etc.

Oh, man. Yeah, that'd be seriously cool. We have an Offline Reader Expedition to start working on this stuff, but it's not too far off the ground yet. I think the offline editing stuff isn't really a big part of MediaWiki yet, because offline access is less important for Wikipedia than it would be for Wikitravel.

anyway just a few thoughts, kudos on the effort & i think u will see me around.

OK just had a bit more of a look around & i see Wiki markup is the standard, not html, but some of the comments still stand & there probably would be a benefit from using more specific markup than normal wiki has. --Blackisha

All agreed. Thanks for your indepth comments. If you're really interested, and familiar with PHP, we could probably use some help adding Wikitravel-specific features to MediaWiki. Most of the work on MediaWiki is coordinated through the wikitech-l mailing list, which would be a good place to start getting involved. --Evan 10:47, 8 Dec 2003 (PST)

OK, can i start an expedition or suchlike to brainstorm some of the ideas i have so that youse can see more clearly what my ideas are & whether i am smoking crack or not? Probably WikiTravelMarkup Expedition id say, or just WikiTravelMarkup.

Automated pretty weather reports[edit]

Moved from travellers' pub by Ryan

Now this would be nice to add: WeatherChecker. It's GPL and used on WikiNews... only catch is, it requires Microsoft .NET to run (eww). Jpatokal 05:13, 25 Mar 2005 (EST)

Wow -- WeatherBot is offering to do the dirty work offsite, so they just upload the updated images! I'll set up a test page or two and see if we can get this working. Jpatokal 13:38, 25 Mar 2005 (EST)