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I was inspired by recent contributions by tourism office reps and the media buzz around the launch of Digital Universe to put out this draft article about the role of experts in Wikitravel. I hope to express that we welcome the input of experts in many fields, that they can expect a modicum of respectful treatment (which I think should be the norm for all Wikitravellers), and that we hope they contribute what they know. On the flipside, I asked that they remember that this is a collaborative site, that they should be prepared to explain themselves and not appeal to authority, and that there is no quid pro quo for contribution. I also wanted to make it clear that this is primarily a "non-expert" wiki, and that's probably as it should be.

Please feel free to edit and modify; if there's more discussion that needs to go on here, let's have it. --Evan 13:40, 22 Dec 2005 (EST)