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So, I'm trying to make it easier to submit bug reports and note the bugs as fixed. I archived all the "old" bug reports to an archives page. When we move to MediaWiki version 1.4.x or whatever, I'd like to archive this page and then start a fresh one (like Wikitravel:Bug reports 1.4.x) and change the Wikitravel:bug reports redirect. This is kind of how the Wikitravel:logbook works right now.

I think I copied over most of the unfixed bugs from the older page, but if not, please either feel free to copy them over or make a note here and I'll copy it over. --Evan 16:59, 8 Oct 2004 (EDT)

I'm not sure if it wouldn't be better if Wikitravel:Bug reports is the article, and Wikitravel:Bug reports 1.3.5 is redir to it. (or Wikitravel:Bug reports 1.3.10 now).
  1. Should we now start new Wikitravel:Bug reports 1.3.10 from scratch?
  2. We have plenty of double redirects of type Wikitravel talk:Old bug reportsWikitravel:Bug reportsWikitravel:Bug reports 1.3.5. So either:
Especially that most bugs probably will not disappear between releases, so bug reports would have to be copied to new pages. So I would suggest just moving resolved bugs (eg. by new upgrades) to appropriate archives, leaving rest of them. -- JanSlupski 14:30, 10 Feb 2005 (EST)

Thumbnail generation broken[edit]

[Moved from Travellers' pub by Hypatia 18:26, 16 Dec 2004 (EST)]

I tried to upload a picture to Mamallapuram... the picture's there, but the thumbnail generation fails, giving an error message

Warning: stat(): Stat failed for /home/virtual/site30/fst/var/www/html/en/upload/thumb/b/b7/180px-Mamallapuram_bas_relief.jpg (errno=2 - No such file or directory) in /home/virtual/site30/fst/var/www/html/en/includes/Image.php on line 246

Warning: unlink(/home/virtual/site30/fst/var/www/html/en/upload/thumb/b/b7/180px-Mamallapuram_bas_relief.jpg): No such file or directory in /home/virtual/site30/fst/var/www/html/en/includes/Image.php on line 249

This has been reported on Wikitravel:Bug reports 1.3.5. -- Hypatia 13:37, 1 Nov 2004 (EST)

Skin bugs[edit]

Swept in from Pub

Some Wikitravel features have been unusuable for me for about a month now, with enough effect to drive me away. I was hoping it was a temporary bug, but it hasn't gone away. When I logged back in it put my skin preferences at monobook, which I dislike in my first preference of browser, Opera. Okay, I clicked change preferences. It won't take. I want to go back to "Classic" (if that's disabled, how about removing it as an option?); I tried a couple others without luck. I wondered if the problem were browser specific (though it always worked fine for me before), so I tried with Foxfire and IE, with no better results. So I'm stuck with the taskbars not working, doing nothing when I click -- has it been decided to go to JavaScript only or something? Is there a way I can get around it? I've been VERY frustrated. -- Hoping to start contributing again some day, Infrogmation 17:17, 18 Dec 2004 (EST)

Ok, so here's what I understand happened. Wikitravel's Wikimedia software was consuming too much CPU at the old ISP. Evan tried a bunch of strategies to improve matters. In desparation, he turned off all personalizations and other features which cause your browser to talk to the server more that once per page (sort of). Then Wikitravel got kicked off the old ISP and Evan set it up again at the new ISP. I suspect Evan will reenable stuff at some point, or at least try to. But first he needs to finish being on his honeymoon with Maj which should be around the 10th of next month. So considerable patience is needed right now... -- Colin 18:16, 18 Dec 2004 (EST)
Thanks for the info. I'll check back 2nd week in January then. Cheers, -- Infrogmation 21:20, 18 Dec 2004 (EST)
Sorry for the problems. I'll try to get rid of the skin preferences when I get back. --Evan 22:49, 18 Dec 2004 (EST)
Why get rid of them? I prefer Classic too, and having a non-default skin makes it immediately obvious if I've been logged out. -phma 10:44, 3 Jan 2005 (EST)
We had to ditch the different skins to keep the site running. I'd like to make skins available on the client side; there are some tricks to doing it, so that everyone get the same HTML, but cookies make chosen CSS file different. I realize this is somewhat inconvenient for people who are used to customizing their MediaWiki environment. All I can say is: please wait till I'm back in MTL and have time to work on this. --Evan 19:53, 10 Jan 2005 (EST)
ARRGH it's still b40ken~!! The task bar etc DOES NOT WORK FOR ME. I click on links and nothing happens. I keep changing my preferences and nothing happens. I am upset and frustrated. I do a good amount of editing on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. I wish to be contributing to the Wikitravel project as well. Please let's have an interface with a usability at least as good as Wikipedia had a couple of years ago. Is that not possible? Exasperated, -- Infrogmation 16:15, 9 Jan 2005 (EST)
So, a couple of things. First, it's extremely important to realize that the main change to Wikitravel has been to make the interface exactly the same for all users. So, everyone's using the Monobook skin, and everyone gets served exactly the same HTML. This is for performance reasons; our outage in November came about because we were spending too many cycles running PHP scripts. Right now, we don't run a lot of PHP at all.
Second, there are still some bugs in the process. For example, even though everyone's user preferences (for display stuff) are the same, The user preferences page will still show you controls as if you could change the preferences. Also, some items on the task bar that should only be shown if you're logged in (move, watch) or if you're an admin (delete, protect) are or are not shown at the wrong times. (This doesn't mean that those functions are available or unavailable; just that the tabs are shown wrong.)
I think there are some other problems: they're listed on Wikitravel:Bug reports 1.3.5. It's important to me that good contributors have a comfortable environment to work in. I hope you can understand that this is going to take some time, and that perhaps you'll have to do without some customizations that you're used to.
As to usability: which browser are you using, that Wikitravel is so broken on? I've used it on IE and Mozilla on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it works, albeit with the above problems. I did use it on IE with a really old version of Windows, and I got 404 errors with some links. Is that what's happening for you? --Evan 19:53, 10 Jan 2005 (EST)
The worst is none of the "navigation" task bar links work in Opera. Is there any way to use html there? Why not? It'd be nice if I could still use Wikitravel from the computors I prefer (which have my scanner, images etc) and in the browser/s I prefer that seem to work fine for whatever else I do regularly on line. If you're not going to allow custom "skins" or similar preferences anymore, please remove the link to them. Or should I just keep logging in every day, changing my preferences back to how I like them a couple of times, and watch it not work? -- Infrogmation 16:33, 2 Feb 2005 (EST)

Things are still broken, apparently. I took some pix here in New Orleans, but as the "Upload file" is one of the links that does absolutely nothing from my home computor now, I guess I can't share them. Any possibility of making some of those links html compatable, like they are in the skins I can pick but not get? -- Infrogmation 00:11, 26 Mar 2005 (EST)

The upload page is valid XHTML; see the W3 validator for details. However, the CSS in monobook is really hacked-up and broken. It's got all kinds of browser-compatibility issues, and it doesn't validate at all. No wonder Opera chokes on it! I'll see what I can do to fix the CSS. --Evan 15:10, 26 Mar 2005 (EST)

My sidebars do not appear at all. It only happens at home, when I use my Firefox browser (no matter if logged in or not). It works fine with IE and if I use wikitravel from somewhere else (like the library). It is only like this for two or three days now. What is wrong? Can I do something about it?? Please help!!! Fluglotse2000

Image layouts[edit]

Swept in from Pub

What's up with the image layouts. Look e.g. at France and South Korea. The images overlay the menu on the left. --Nzpcmad 13:47, 4 Nov 2004 (EST)

I see nothing wrong on Mozilla, Firebird, or Safari using monobook skins. Which browser and skin are you using? Maybe do a reload too... -- Colin 14:46, 4 Nov 2004 (EST)
IE 6.0.2800.1106... and "Cologne Blue". Have reloaded (Ctrl - F5) and cleared cache - no difference. --Nzpcmad 15:02, 4 Nov 2004 (EST)
Update - when I logout the screen is fine - it's only when I login that I see the problem. I've tried playing around with the preferences but no joy. --Nzpcmad 16:49, 4 Nov 2004 (EST)
Okay. I tried it on my work PC and it happens for IE 6 on XP if my browser is wide enough to attempt to put both maps side-by-side. But if I switch my preference to monobook, it gets all better. (Select preferences, select skin, then select monobook).
I looked at the history of the France article. Stuff worked before User:Bijee converted the page from raw HTML into the new syntax for sticking a picture in. So I'm guessing it's an incompatibility between the Cologne Blue skin and the HTML emitted by the new syntax. At this point I'm beyond my depth other than to say "use monobook instead." -- Colin 20:05, 4 Nov 2004 (EST)
I checked it with computed styles bookmarklet in mozilla. And thinks problem is "Cologne Blue" does not have "clear: right" in the style of the floating DIV
HTML > BODY.ns-0 > DIV#globalWrapper > DIV#column-content > DIV#content > DIV#bodyContent > DIV.thumb tright
clear: right
float: right
"Cologne Blue"
HTML > BODY > DIV#content > DIV#article > DIV.thumb tright
float: right
Rearranged the position of image as work arround (most time). Please check France now. No style clear right is sometimes good and too bad in many other times. So we need to fix Cologne Blue skin. -Bijee 00:45, 8 Nov 2004 (EST)

Wikimedia 1.3.5 bugs and features[edit]

Swept in from Pub

Bugs → Wikitravel:Bug reports 1.3.5 Categories → Wikitravel talk:Categories


  • Links and Wiki markup within image descriptions is now supported (see Off the beaten track in Japan for an example)
  • Attribution. The list of people who've worked on a page is now at the bottom of the page. You can set your real name in the user preferences and that's what'll appear for attribution. This should help people re-using the content to comply with our license. --Evan 14:59, 7 Oct 2004 (EDT)
  • Underlining of links can be turned off in preferences -- elgaard 09:42, 2004 Oct 8 (EDT)

Not enabled[edit]

  • User JavaScript and CSS. These cause two extra hits per page on the database and on the Web server. Relatively few users use the feature, but everyone has to pay for it. I'm going to try to figure out a way to set this up as a user preference, but for now, it's going to be disabled on Wikitravel servers. --Evan 15:48, 7 Oct 2004 (EDT)
  • Database messages. This is a hugely lossy feature unless you have specialized server software. It's off for now, at least. Changes to the language files have to go through me, unfortunately. --Evan 15:48, 7 Oct 2004 (EDT)
  • Editing single sections of an article — could this be enabled? It's quite slow and difficult to edit long articles (like the Pub!) right now. Jpatokal 12:53, 8 Oct 2004 (EDT)
    • That's a user preference -- you can turn it on or off with the Special:Preferences page. It's turned on by default for not-logged-in users. --Evan 13:44, 8 Oct 2004 (EDT) 13:43, 8 Oct 2004 (EDT)

Is there a problem saving preferences?[edit]

Swept in from Pub

For some unkown reason, the Views links (About..Watch) which were tabs on the top of the page :) yesterday decide to move to a list at the left of the page :(. I have attempted to change my settings nnn times, and it keeps reverting, e.g. ignoring checkbox changes, style remains MonoBlock. After a few hours, my Personal tools looks like I am still logged in, but I am not, my edits are labelled with my IP and I have to log in to edit Prefs. I use opera 7, have refreshed the page from the server (avoiding the cache) nnn times, and deleted the 3 wikitravel cookies. Haven't had any other skin other than a grey kinda thing I'm looking at. Getting very :(((( --Richard 2005 jan 20

Yes it is broken. Evan says he will work on this. -- Colin 21:14, 19 Jan 2005 (EST)