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Wikitravel:Use italics for emphasis

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When you're writing prose, it's sometimes necessary to emphasize a term to mirror its emphasis in spoken English. To emphasize a term, use italics.


  • It is extremely dangerous to drive on Mexican highways at night.
  • Don't wait until later to report the incident; contact your consulate or embassy immediately.
  • It's not important to pack everything you can think of. What is important is that you pack what you need, and add to your baggage only the minimum of extra weight.

As a rule of thumb, use boldface to address readers who are skimming an article; use italics to address readers who are reading your prose word by word.

Italics can also be used for proper names, and non-English expressions, that are probably unfamiliar to the reader.

  • Many of these can be found in the small shops in the SoFo area. Examples are Nakkna, Jenny Hellström, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair and The Stray Boys.
  • In December, many restaurants offer a julbord ("Christmas buffet"), a variation of the classic Swedish smörgåsbord with traditional seasonal dishes such as ham, pickled herring, lutfisk (stockfish from cod or ling, prepared with lye) (...)

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