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Wikitravel:Use boldface to call out important topics

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When you're writing paragraphs about important terms or phrases, use boldface to highlight those words or groups of words. Readers who are skimming an article will be able to find paragraphs that interest them without reading each and every word. They can then read the full paragraph in detail, if they're interested.


  • One of the main activities in Vermont during the winter is skiing. Ski resorts are open from Thanksgiving weekend through Memorial Day.
  • There are many taquerias in the Mission district, serving up burritos made to order. This Mexican dish has become a San Francisco specialty.
  • At all Bangkok sites and attractions, be on the lookout for scam artists. A frequent scam is to convince tourists that the site is closed for a "Buddhist holiday", and try to get them to come to a store or market instead.

Note that writing with all-capital letters is frowned upon; on the internet this is considered shouting, which is rude.

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