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Wikitravel:Tourist bureau Expedition

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The Tourism Bureau Expedition is a Wikitravel Expedition to explore how Wikitravel can cooperate with convention and visitor bureaus.


A collaborative agreement to cooperate by improving Wikitravel guides and highlighting the unique attractions in a destination between Wikitravel and tourism bureaus could prove to mutually benefical by inviting tourism bureaus to participate in the Wikitravel community by helping develop Wikitravel guides for the respective region the bureau belongs to. In turn Wikitravel provides a zero-cost distribution system for tourism bureaus to provide correct and up-to-date information to the entire world.

The Tourism Bureau Expedition will help to create well-informed tourist information professionals who are respectful of our goals and culture and can become productive members of our community.


  • To identify and list informations and materials needed in Wikitravel guides.
  • To determine for each project what we can offer and what we can use.
  • To approach tourism bureaus and communicate with them.
  • To execute cooperation plans.

Best practices for tourism professionals[edit]

These are some proposed ideas for tourism professionals; maybe they can be incorporated into a Wikitravel:Welcome, tourism professionals.

  • Plan ahead
  • Introduce the site at a staff meeting
  • Have all staff members sign in as users, so you can track their contributions and encourage participation
  • Have staff members organized in a group in some way (How can we do this? A Group: namespace?)
  • Concentrate on stuff we need for Wikitravel (see Wikitravel:Help wanted)
  • Factor communication, collaboration and community into your plans and ask for help with training staff to use and edit Wikitravel
  • Read our policies and guidelines

Community practice[edit]

Some things we may want to do to help out students:

  • Treat staff members of tourism bureaus with the same respect we'd give to any new contributors
  • Encourage tourism professionals to use best practices; point them to the appropriate pages
  • Create spaces for tourism professional/Wikitravel community interaction (How? Where?)