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Special pages are pages that provide a range of information about the information Wikitravel contains. Through these pages you can quickly find most of the information in Wikitravel, identify problems, locate users, see statistics and even find out what is missing!


  • Create an account or log in - To log in.
  • Log out - To log out.
  • Preferences - To change user options.
  • My watchlist - To manage the watching of particular articles. (Articles are highlighted in the recent changes list if you are a logged on user.)
  • Recent changes - To see a list of articles that have changed recently.
  • Upload file - To upload images.
  • Image list - Lists images.
  • User list - Lists all users alphabetically.
  • Admins list - Lists all administrators alphabetically.
  • Statistics - Gives the essential statistics like number of pages and edits.
  • Random page - Like closing your eyes turning around three times, throwing a dart at a map of the world then opening your eyes to see where you are - can be enlightening.
  • Orphaned pages - Pages that are lost, lonely and need to be helped to join back into the crowd of linked pages. You cannot find them any other way as no pages link to them. Commonly caused by their links being deleted or someone following a bad link, creating a page then changing the link name.
  • Uncategorized pages - Wikitravel does not use categories at present.
  • Unused images - Images that do not appear on a page.
  • Wanted pages - Pages that one or more articles link to but have not been written yet.
  • Short pages - Pages ranked by the number of characters, from smallest to largest. Gives an indication of how complete a page might be and where work is needed, but only an indication.
  • Long pages - Pages ranked by the number of characters, from largest to smallest. Gives an indication of pages that may be complete or even too big, but only an indication.
  • New pages - Pages ranked from newest to oldest. New pages are often incomplete.
  • Oldest pages - Pages ranked from oldest to newest. Old pages are sometimes out of date.
  • Dead-end pages - Pages that do not link to any other pages. Commonly caused by someone creating a page without linking the page to any other article because they didn't know how to.
    • Tip: Use [[Article name]] to add a link to the page called Article name.
  • All pages - Pages listed alphabetically.
  • List of blocked IP addresses and usernames - For those who are very anti-social.
  • Maintenance page - For bad spelling, missing language links, broken links, links pointing where they shouldn't.
  • Book sources - Because not everything is online. Have the ISBN ready and you can see who might have a copy of a book for sale - if its in print.
  • Categories - Wikitravel does not use categories at present.
  • Export pages - Allows you to export pages as XML. Just type the titles of the articles you want into the box, one title per line. You can even use a URL link to see the XML version of a page.
  • Version - Mediawiki software version.
  • All system messages - All the messages you ever wanted to see, and some you didn't.
  • My page - User page
  • <mytalkpage> - User talk page
  • <userloginout> - Log out or log in
  • <<mycontributions> - User contributions