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This article is intended as a reference for implementing Routebox navigation. New icons created or imported for use in Routeboxes should be added to this list so that others can find them easily.




CR Northern Line.png CR Southern Line.png


Jingguang Railway icon.png Jingha Railway icon.png Jinghu Railway icon.png Jingjiu Railway icon.png
Lanxin Railway icon.png Longhai Railway icon.png Qing-Zang Railway icon.png


Darjeeling Himalayan Railway icon.png


JR Shinkansen Routes[edit]

Akita Shinkansen icon.png Hokuriku Shinkansen Icon.png Joetsu Shinkansen icon.png Kyushu Shinkansen icon.png
Sanyo Shinkansen icon.png Tohoku Shinkansen icon.png Tokaido Shinkansen icon.png Yamagata Shinkansen icon.png

JR Designated Main Lines[edit]

JR Chikuho icon.png JR Chuo icon.png JR Hakodate icon.png JR Hidaka icon.png
JR Hohi icon.png JR Hokuriku icon.png JR Kagoshima icon.png JR Kansai icon.png
JR Kisei icon.png JR Kyudai icon.png JR Muroran icon.png JR Nagasaki icon.png
JR Nemuro icon.png JR Nippo icon.png JR Ou icon.png JR Rumoi icon.png
JR San-in icon.png JR Sanyo icon.png JR Sekihoku icon.png JR Senmo icon.png
JR Shin-etsu icon.png JR Sobu icon.png JR Soya icon.png JR Takayama icon.png
JR Tohoku icon.png JR Tokaido icon.png JR Uetsu icon.png

National routes[edit]

JP-1.png JP-2.png JP-3.png JP-4.png JP-5.png JP-6.png JP-7.png JP-8.png JP-9.png JP-10.png
Akita expwy icon.png Banetsu expwy icon.png Chugoku expwy icon.png Chuo expwy icon.png
Doto expwy icon.png Hachinohe expwy icon.png Hamada expwy icon.png Higashi-Kanto expwy icon.png
Higashi-Kyushu expwy icon.png Higashi-Meihan expwy icon.png Hokkaido expwy icon.png Hokuriku expwy icon.png
Ise expwy icon.png Isewangan expwy icon.png Joshin-etsu expwy icon.png Kan-etsu expwy icon.png
Kinki expwy icon.png Kita-Kanto expwy icon.png Kobe-Awaji-Naruto expwy icon.png Kochi expwy icon.png
Kyushu expwy icon.png Matsue expwy icon.png Matsuyama expwy icon.png Meishin expwy icon.png
Miyazaki expwy icon.png Nagano expwy icon.png Nagasaki expwy icon.png Sasson expwy icon.png
Nishi-Seto expwy icon.png Oita expwy icon.png San-in expwy icon.png Sanyo expwy icon.png
Seto-Chuo expwy icon.png Shin-Meishin expwy icon.png Shin-Tomei expwy icon.png Takamatsu expwy icon.png
Tohoku expwy icon.png Tokai-Hokuriku expwy icon.png Tokai-Kanjo expwy icon.png Tokushima expwy icon.png
Tokyogaikan expwy icon.png Tomei expway icon.png Yamagata expwy icon.png Yonago expwy icon.png

South Korea[edit]



State Railway of Thailand lines[edit]

SRT Eastern Line icon.png SRT Northeastern Line icon.png SRT Northern Line icon.png SRT Southern Line.png
Mae Klong Railway icon.png

National routes[edit]

Thai Highway-1.png Thai Highway-2.png Thai Highway-3.png Thai Highway-4.png


E4.png E6.png E8.png E10.png E12.png E16.png E18.png E20.png E22.png E39.png E45.png E47.png E55.png E75.png E80.PNG E84.PNG
E87.PNG E89.png E90.png E105.png E134.png


Autobahn1.png Autobahn2.png Autobahn3.png Autobahn4.png Autobahn5.png Autobahn6.png Autobahn7.png Autobahn8.png Autobahn9.png Autobahn70.png


NL-A1.png NL-A2.png NL-A4.png NL-A5.png NL-A6.png NL-A7.png NL-A8.png NL-A9.png NL-A10.png NL-A12.png NL-A13.png NL-A15.png NL-A16.png NL-A17.png NL-A18.png NL-A20.png
NL-A22.png NL-A27.png NL-A28.png NL-A29.png NL-A30.png NL-A31.png NL-A32.png NL-A35.png NL-A37.png NL-A44.png NL-A50.png NL-A58.png NL-A59.png NL-A65.png NL-A67.png NL-A73.png
NL-A74.png NL-A76.png NL-A77.png NL-A79.png




See Portuguese Roads in Wikitravel Shared

A4.jpg A27.JPG A28.JPG
IP1.jpg IP9.jpg
N201.jpg N255.jpg


Baikal Amur Mainline Railway icon.png Trans-Siberian Railway icon.png


TR-010.png TR-400.png

North America[edit]


Trans-Canada routes[edit]

TCH 1.png TCH 2.png TCH 7.png TCH 16.png TCH 17.png TCH 69.png TCH 104.png TCH 105.png TCH 106.png TCH 417.png


1A-AB.png MU qeii.png 2-AB.png AB-3.png AB-4.png 14-AB.png 15-AB.png AB-43.png 63-AB.png AB-93.png 216-AB.png

British Columbia[edit]

Bc3.png Bc4.png Bc5.png Bc6.png Bc7.png Bc9.png Bc11.png Bc16.png Bc17.png Bc19.png Bc93.png Bc95.png Bc97.png Bc97a.png Bc97c.png Bc99.png Bc101.png

New Brunswick[edit]


Nova Scotia[edit]



QEW.png ON 11.png ON 61.png On400.png ON-401.png On402.png ON-405.png ON-420.png


A 10.png 200px-Quebec Autoroute 13.svg.png QC-A15.png Que 20.png QC-A35.png Que 40.png QC-A55.png A 85.png QC-117.png Qc132.png QC-133.png Qc185.png QC-223.png


Sk-11.png Sk-39.png


National Highways[edit]

Mexico Federal Highway 1.png Mexican Federal Highway 15.png Mexican Federal Highway 95.png

United States[edit]

See Wikitravel:United States route icons.



National Highways[edit]

Australian National Highway 23.png Australian National Route 31.svg.png Australian National Route M31.svg.png Australian National Route 87.svg.png

National Routes[edit]

Australian Route 1.svg.png (Australian State Route A1.png - Victoria) Australian National Route 23.png (Australian State Route B23.png - Victoria)

Other Routes[edit]

Stuart Highway icon.png

South America[edit]


National Highways[edit]

BR-010.jpg BR-101.png BR-116.png BR-230.png