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Some of the articles in Wikitravel can benefit from links to Wiktionary articles. A Wiktionary article focuses on aim to include not only the definition of a word, but also enough information to really understand it. Thus etymologies, pronunciations, sample quotations, synonyms, antonyms and translations are included.

Different subject[edit]

Links from Wikitravel articles to Wiktionary articles which have a different subject may conflict with the Wikitravel:External links guidelines. They are generally considered "tertiary sources" and should be carefully considered to see if they do indeed meet our guidelines.

The traveller may not be on-line when they read a Wikitravel article, so a link to Wiktionary (or anywhere else) won't be of much use to them while they're off-line. Wikitravel articles should be as complete as possible in and of themselves. Essential information about a topic should be included in the Wikitravel article.

Consider using an external link of this form [ Oceania (Wiktionary article)] which will appear in our article prose like this: Oceania (Wiktionary article) and complete with the little arrow to give a clear indication that this is an external link.

The alternative style of putting a colon in front of the "Wiktionary", like this: [[:Wiktionary:Article title on Wiktionary]] is strongly deprecated and is not permitted in the main namespace.

Interlanguage links[edit]

There are many Wiktionaries for different languages. Linking to most of them from English-language Wikitravel doesn't make a lot of sense. After all, our target audience are English speakers who won't understand a linked article in Tamil or Estonian.

In addition, don't count on Wiktionary-style interlanguage prefixes to work for links to Wiktionary language versions.

If, on a policy page, a personal page or a talk page, you need to link to an article on Tagalog Wiktionary (or something similar), you can make a shortcut using the form [[:wiktionary:language code:title]]. So, the Tagalog article on Spain is at Wiktionary:tl:Espanya.